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In the garden on the 29th December 2015 for my records.


The weather continues to be unseasonably mild, it’s been 14c today with wall to wall sunshine. While the children were at the pantomime I took the opportunity, when I went to take the washing in from the line, to saunter around the garden to see what I could find.
Here is what I found in and under the leaves I haven’t cleared from the borders….
A flower on the Fuchsia. I must put it into the greenhouse soon for the winter. It would normally have been in there for over a month.

A single flower too on this dianthus with a couple more buds.

The bright yellow primula and a few red and white ones scattered around the garden.

The Cyclamen reflowering…..

The wallflowers think it’s May!!!

I haven’t had flowers forming or out on the Helebores this early.

! The e/175883/main/image.jpg!

There are loads of bright red berries on this extremely prickly Berberis.

And. This Clianthus Correa Dusky Bells is starting to open its buds.

Clematis Jinglebells and Freckles are beginning to flower more and more.

It’s nice to see some Grape Hiacynths flowering… and the purple flowers of the Mallow..

This marigold was a nice surprise…

A couple of flowers on the Oxalis..

And another couple on this cistus incanus creticus

In the pond the Water hawthorn is flowering well

And then the sun was setting and the light fading so I had to take the washing in. It was nearly dry, good enough to iron anyway. ?
I had enjoyed my wonder around the garden today. The days seem to be pulling out slowly now, thank goodness. It was light until 4.45. I’m sure it was dark at 4.15 last week. Soon be springing into a new gardening year…can’t wait…

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Looks very much like spring to me Homebird.

29 Dec, 2015


Nice to see so many lovely flowers in your garden, the water hawthorn flowering is very unusual at this time of year isn't it, its a spooky winter, I wonder how long we will get away with it.

29 Dec, 2015


The weather is so unusual. Sadly the people up north are paying for our mild winter in the floods. My daughters village in East Ridings has had a flood alert because of the river Aire. She walked over to the wall along it and although the river is very high it's not up the wall. There's a very wide grassed area either side of the river which takes a lot of the excess water. She had been planning what to move upstairs first if the worst came to the worst. Gareth suggested the PS3.....!!!

29 Dec, 2015


Its tragic for the people in the north, isnt it. So sad. I hope your daughter doesnt get it Homebird.

29 Dec, 2015


Incredible isn't it? We had a lovely long walk today and I had to take off my gloves, hat and even my coat! It is really strange. I noticed that one of my Dianthus plants has recently produced a new stem of flower buds in a's so weird. If it weren't for the shortness of the daylight I'm sure lots of the plants would still be flowering. It has been unsettling me lately, but I've decided to just enjoy it while it lasts....after all, it could change very suddenly next month. OH was at daughter's new house today cutting the grass! Incredible! My water Hawthorn has also continued to flower, which was a lovely surprise. Nothing looks dead really...only the bare trees give away the season.

29 Dec, 2015


It really is mild for late December - I have just looked back on blogs from December 2014 and saw frost/sleet/snow in some GoY members gardens!

We have had just one frosty morning recently - after a downpour of rain early this afternoon there were two beautiful rainbows. I dug up and re-sited a small shrub - only needed a fleece top in the sunshine.

Hellebores and Primroses are in flower - buds on a Lilac shrub - crazy really!

29 Dec, 2015


It is crazy. My magnolia has buds galore on it. I do hope they don't get spoiled before they are ready to open next spring. On the plus side I only found one daffodil in bud. The rest are only about 4-8 inch tall. I really don't know what will be in flower when the daffodils should be if they are flowered and gone over. What next? Tulips in February??? I agree, it's only the bare trees that remind us that it's supposed to be winter. I looked at the web site you left a link to Karen. Nothing's new really is it. I wonder if we will get loads of snow in spring! I really don't want a long wet summer like the one we had a few years ago. It's funny but I've always said I want the temps to stay around 10c then warm up in April....I'm not so sure now. Lol.
Airmin village next to Shelley's is on Amber alert from the river Aire. Fingers crossed the land around there can absorb it all.
Lawn mowing in December...!! Better than snow

29 Dec, 2015


Well, yes, there is that although I wouldn't mind some proper snow tbh. It is very beautiful, and when it snows it's often lovely and clear with blue skies, which is what we need at this time of year. The air was thick with midges today.....I'd rather have snowflakes. But hey! I said I wasn't going to moan about it. I hope and pray that there are no more disastrous floods this winter......:(

29 Dec, 2015


Hope your daughter will be ok, Hb.
As for the flowers, unseasonable as they are, they brighten dull days. Wonder about the weather come spring.

30 Dec, 2015


We have had many a winter like this in the past, having moved from the Midlands we found it most strange, to be cutting the lawn in December, a few years ago several GOY members posted photos of their gardens on Christmas Day, very enlightening it was too.......but then we we were not having all the rain, just very mild weather......then it changed in 2010 to a proper winter with snow!! which caught us out, and we lost many of our tender all very topsy turvey.....

30 Dec, 2015


Thats you mention it DD! In 2009 it was so mild, and everyone was saying it would continue...and then 2010. We never know what we will get. Its always been like that. You never 2016 we might not get a single storm!

30 Dec, 2015


The sight of so many plants flowering is so cheering, HB isn't it? I also have flowerings which are all topsy turvy. My magnolia has big fat buds while primulas, hellebores and spring bulbs are well on their way. However, the amount of rain we've received here has left so much distruction behind I'm careful not to be too complacent. For some, having a nice garden is the last thing on their mind.

30 Dec, 2015


You can see why us brits are renowned for talking about the weather but we are constantly bemused by it.
I have daffodils up and Bluebells but no snowdrops, very odd.

30 Dec, 2015


I thought it was to be really cold this year but perhaps it will hit our poor gardens in the coming months.

30 Dec, 2015


It's wonderful to see so many flowers in mid winter. I wish every year was like this :)
(except for the floods of course !)

30 Dec, 2015


It was only 5.5c this morning here. A crisp edge to the wind and much, much colder than its been recently. It's been lovely and sunny again though today. As I mentioned on Sbgs blog, our fish are asking to be fed again so the pond water must be above 8c. I will pop a thermometer in to check it. I noticed the pond marigold leaves are re growing. Much too early.
I prefer the mild weather too Hywel.....stay like this until April and then warm up a bit for a proper summer. I hope the jet stream stays up north this year.
It's not good news for those in the flood areas. It's sounds like they had even more to contend with last night.

31 Dec, 2015


I always think of December as a mild month with the worst of the weather coming in Jan - Feb. It's been awfully wet here for what seems like ages with rain almost daily which is unusual for East Anglia, but it never manages to dry up enough to do anything much in the garden.
Attempts to dig anywhere just leave claggy soil on the spade & do more harm than good.
I am so longing to get cracking out there but will have to learn patience.

4 Jan, 2016

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