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October garden.


I am waiting to put the garden to bed for the winter but it doesn’t seem to want to go yet. Just like the grandchildren after a late treat, still bursting with energy….lol. The treat my garden had must have been the short Indian summer. (The very short Indian Summer…lol) anyway I get to enjoy it for a few more weeks. It will be brass monkey weather soon enough. Lots of digging up and potting up will keep me warm though. Here’s what I still have in flower…
First up are all the Dahlias that started late but have outdone themselves lately.

Then there are the sunflowers that the birds brought me. They have been brilliant and I’m sure wouldn’t have grown half as well if I had set them…

The roses are having a last flush.

Thank goodness the anemone plants I bought as tiny plugs last autumn have put on a bit of growth and some are even flowering…

I love the leaves on these Cyclamen.. Most of them were from seed that Brian sent to me a few years ago. They seemed to take ages to germinate, at least 12 months, but aren’t they worth waiting for?

My Aster is trying hard to give me a few flowers. It’s not a very big plant so you can’t really expect it to have many on. The other one is even smaller but there’s a few on it too.

There’s a couple of nice flowers on a Geum ..

…and the Chrysanths have lots of buds on but only this one has open flowers. I hope the rest get a move on…

My Acer is fab u lous.

The seed I bought for mixed yellow flowers was so slow to germinate I almost gave up on them and if we hadn’t been away so much this summer, I would have dug the border over and found some plants to put in. As it happens there are a few Nasturtians, poppy and marigolds popping up now! They do make the skinny border beside the side steps a bit more cheerful.

They look nice with the yellow primula I have in there.
Now it’s turning quite cold I expect everything will slow down and finish soon. There are a couple of Helebore on the verge of flowering. They think it’s winter already….I did too today. Brrr…
Isn’t it lovely to have some plants flowering still. I will leave you with one last look at the Cosmos, which have been fantastic this summer. So cheap and cheerful. Plenty of seed saved for next year.
Oh! While I remember, have any of you ever grown Tulips from seed. I want to try the seed I collected from those miniature tulips I have in the dried flower vase.

Happy gardening Folks and don’t overdo the leaf raking out there.

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I did one barrow of leaves using the rake but today I got the lawn mower out instead!

Your garden looks wonderful, so much to still enjoy. Your dahlias are doing so well, ours were very late too. I love to see the tiny cyclamen, so pretty and yet so tough!

Hope it stays like this for ages!

13 Oct, 2015


Wouldn't it be great if it did stay nice until February, then warmed up a bit. I can't believe it's dark by 7.30 now. The lawns are growing like mad still aren't they but the trees are losing leaves fast here, all except the copper beech. It very tiring raking them up isn't it. Our leaf Hoover blew up last year and we haven't replaced it yet, we really must get another one. The raking is a

13 Oct, 2015


Great to see so many flowers Homebird. I have been busy cutting back any dying leaves today but there is still a lot of life out there in the garden. Enjoy it while we can I think.

13 Oct, 2015


Wow still so many flowers in bloom, wonderful, it certainly shortens the winter, all our dahlias are packed away for the winter, they were not very good, we were not here to deadhead them! even the trees have not turned!! so not many leaves as yet!

13 Oct, 2015


So much colour Homebird, your anemones are lovely and the leaves on the cyclamen are stunning so many different patterns!!

14 Oct, 2015


Lovely photos you still have a wonderful display of plants enjoy!

14 Oct, 2015


Love the colour in your garden. Just moved my white Anemone, it is now smaller than when I bought it and never flowered. The only plant to have dropped all its leaves is my Actinidia kolomikta. Chopped my Geraniums back and they are resprouting. Still lovely and sunny today, so not complaining.

14 Oct, 2015


You still have lots of colour lets hope they keep blooming for some time to come we must enjoy them while we can !

14 Oct, 2015


Lovely colours still did you grow your Dahlias from seed? if so do they produce tubers I have still a lovely display of them which I grew from seed and was wondering if they are worth saving or just growing from seed next year.

14 Oct, 2015


How lovely your garden looks.

So many things have been enticed by the lovely sun we've had! Poor things will be flattened by the first frost... I thought my tomatoes were one of the poorest crops ever, and imagined I'd have lots of jars of green tomato chutney to give away. But no - they've all ripened and it's turned out to be one of the best years! And the grass is going mad, I can hardly keep up with it. But the leaves are beginning to fall in earnest now...

14 Oct, 2015


My dahlia's seemed very slow at first but like yours are now making up for it, you have lots of colour Homebird and although you say you were away a lot your garden hasn't suffered has it, I like all your yellows up the steps, they really stand out and the birds did well with your sunflowers, that chrysanth is gorgeous, I'm hoping I have that colour, I am still waiting for mine as they have only just started to form their buds but they have grown huge this year, have to agree that clearing the leaves is hard work so mine often get cleaned up with the mower, trouble with cheating and doing it that way is the fact that it then doesn't get added to my leaf mould mesh...

14 Oct, 2015


I love that cream and peachy rose! Your dahlias are great - can't keep them here as they get eaten as fast as they grow. Its great that the flowers are lasting so well this year - we even have a few Helianthemums in bud! Fingers crossed they have the chance to open. You've a lovely lot of cyclamen - the leaves are so beautiful even without the flowers.

15 Oct, 2015


Amazing daliahs Hywel. I grew my first one this year already addicted...

18 Oct, 2015


Only just seen this, Hb. What a gorgeous colourful display you still have to enjoy. Your dahlias are so healthy looking & not at all munched, I hate when we get that first frost that turns them to mush overnight.
I love the cyclamens & their silver patterned leaves. I bought a packet of seed once, got 8 seeds in it & as you said it took forever, only one germinated but it made a big clump over the years, then I moved & forgot to take it with me.
I could almost smell that lovely peachy pink rose. The acer is so striking & your cinerarea still looks fresh, is it Silver Dust?

19 Oct, 2015


Lovely display of colour. The flowers have been blooming for a long time this year. Our Lavenders have only just finished flowering. We've put the Dahlia tubers in the greenhouse now to overwinter them.

17 Nov, 2015


The Dahlias have finished now because I haven't had chance to do any dead heading lately. I will dig them up after the first frost. There's only the cyclamen, the odd poppy, Asters and Chrysanths flowering now. Oh! And the odd rose and the Fuchsias are still going strong. The garden got going late but has done well to keep going so long.

19 Nov, 2015


I bought a few cyclamen to brighten up the pots HB but last year I planted out the cyclamen from the pots into the flowerbeds and they are growing again so that's good.

20 Nov, 2015


They are so cheerful aren't they Linda.

22 Nov, 2015

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