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Our walk around Hodsock Priory.


The snow is fast disappearing here (thank goodness) and this weekend was the opening of the Hodsock Snowdrop walks. It was lovely and sunny after an early lunch so we decided to wrap up warm and head off to the Priory.
We haven’t managed to go for a couple of years and I was looking forward to seeing the carpet of snowdrops again.
The entrance to the garden and snowdrop walk was extremely sludgy so we were glad we had our stout boots on. As we walked towards the wooded area a little Robin hopped down in front of us and we had a little He seemed very tame and didn’t mind in the slightest having his picture taken…

We asked him to be our guide if we paid him in seeds and worms. He agreed readily and off we went…

Along this path there were winter flowering Honeysuckle bushes. I couldn’t find a scent but that might have been because my nose was frozen, it was a bitter cold wind along this section of the gardens.

Around the corner we came upon a bed of Hellebores just beginning to flower.

Across the bridge we entered the formal gardens, but there wasn’t much to see this early in the season.

The lake looked nice..

I thought the last time we visited there were Gunnera by the waterside but today we saw these instead.

Walking further round there was this bed of snowdrops and ?Aconites.

It was a bit disappointing this visit as there were very few plants named where as last time all the different snowdrops and other plants were named.

These were named in a small bed by the house wall..

We headed back to the tea room from here.

T took this photo of the lake with a wierd setting on his camera, I think it looks lovely..

Then it was time to head for home so we paid our guide and he flew up into the tree above my head (can you spot him?)

…and off we went, promising to go back in a few weeks when the main flush of snowdrops are out and there is more to see.
It looks as though they have changed a lot of things since we last went and I must say, I liked it much better as it was before. It’s not as natural as it used to be and there are very few plants named.. Never mind I did enjoy the walk and it did us good to get out in the fresh air but next time I will remember my hat……
Goodbye Master Robin..see you again soon.

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The snowdrops look nice when they're naturalised like that, don't they :o)
The grounds seem very pretty, especially on a sunny day.
Very kind of Mr Robin to be your guide ;o))

1 Feb, 2015


Looks like a really interesting place to walk - I have just googled it to find out where it is -South Yorkshire so we shall look out for it when we are up that way - friendly little robin too!

1 Feb, 2015


They need a few more weeks before they are out in force Hywell, but it was lovely to see them today. It was a bitter cold wind though but apparently it's forcast to be colder tomorrow and throughout this week so glad we went today. The Robin was so tame.
Jane it's about 4 miles from Worksop, Nottinghamshire and about 4 miles from the A1.

1 Feb, 2015


Hi Sheila, that robin really does look as if he's having a conversation with you, it's been a lovely day here too, but very cold, Derek.

1 Feb, 2015


It will be even nicer next time you go, and perhaps the gardeners will have got the plant labels out as well! Good tea room?

1 Feb, 2015


I love the early flowers and to see so many snowdrops must have been a real treat.
Love the photos with water as the main feature.

1 Feb, 2015


Now thats a carpet of 'snow' I like!
lovely to seethem under the trees like that and with the aconites
Thanks Homebird.....lovely walk from indoors ☺

2 Feb, 2015


Thank you for the walk, it is great to have your little Robin as a guide who can show you all the secret spots . Like your second last photo it was spectacular with the reflection in the water. I can see you enjoyed your walk in the last photo.

2 Feb, 2015


Lovely blog... thanks for sharing your pics and happy day out. :o)

2 Feb, 2015


Phew!!That was a nice walk Hb.....need a cup of hot chocolate after that.:-))

2 Feb, 2015


A super Blog HB. Your little guide certainly took you some lovely views. It's lovely to walk in the winter sunshine isn't it, then back home for a warming drink. I think you'll find many more snowdrops next time you visit. Surely they aren't daffodils in the 7 th shot before the last? If so, they're impatient to be in flower.

2 Feb, 2015


Lovely! Thank you for sharing😊

2 Feb, 2015


Glad you braved the cold,Sheila,and enjoyed your lovely walk..The Hall looks to be a nice place to visit.Is it open to the public? Your photo's give hope,of what is yet to appear..Love your little guide too..I would have followed you round,if you had kept me well fed..not with seeds though ! :o)x

2 Feb, 2015


I enjoyed the walk and meeting your friendly guide. It looks a lovely place to visit, even in the cold :)

2 Feb, 2015


I enjoyed my walk and the little guide was very handsome, thankyou H'bird for sharing your lovely photo's....

3 Feb, 2015


Amazing how these small birds generate enough heat to survive at night , from the scraps of food they get at this time of year.
I have a new large print edition library book - its wonderful - strongly recommend.
' Wild hares and humming birds' The Natural History of an English village by Stephen Moss ISBN 978-1-4713-3262-3
if you want to order it.
I am loving every page.

3 Feb, 2015


It was a lovely walk. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for sharing.

5 Feb, 2015


Thanks for coming along everyone. It was bitterly cold but quite invigorating. I certainly felt the benefit of the heating when we got The tea room had always been in the house before but a purpose built cafe/ restaurant has been built in the grounds. I wasn't impressed but there were several people in there.
They were early Daffodils Waddy. They are very early for around here. There weren't any plant labels so couldn't see what they were called.
I don't know if the house is open now, it never was before and I couldn't see any reference to it on the website Bloomer.
Master Robin was happy with the crumbled up biscuit and cake from the bottom of my bag. (A remnant from the children's walk last week) Thinks.... must clean that bag out.!!! T said we could survive for a week on the contents of that bag!. He is Exagerating...
It's bitterly cold here still but most of the snow is gone. It's really frosty though this morning. I hope you are all keeping safe and warm.

6 Feb, 2015

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