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Dianthus in my garden.


I am steadily collecting what I think is a good selection of Dianthus. I love them because they are all so pretty and flower from late spring all the way through to the frosts. Here are the ones I have collected so far that are in flower.

Grans Favourite, an old favourite ….

Haytor Rock…a lovely clean white with a very pale yellow centre ….

Showgirl…. Lovely white with a maroon centre…

Dancing queen…

Waterloo Sunset….

Passion…..a shorter variety to 25cm…


Indian Pink….


Doris….another old favourite….

Coral Reef…another shorter variety…

I bought 4 more plants this year but they are just settling in to the garden and will hopefully flower in about a month. I’ve forgotten what they look like so it will be nice to find out later..
And last but not least is this lovely single one which was a gift from Cinders 2 yrs ago which is spreading and flowering really well this year.

It’s the only single one I have managed to grow well in my garden out of half a dozen or so that I have bought over the years. I’m so pleased with it. I don’t know it’s name though, I must ask Cinders if she knows it.
Off course I just couldn’t be without my Dianthus barbatus ( Sweet Williams) such a lovely mix of colours every year….

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Hi Shiela, nice collection there, Derek.

16 Jun, 2014


I agree. I was so excited when I saw the title of your blog. As you know, I've started my own little collection just this year. I was interested in your difficulty with the singles. I'll see how I get on with my own singles..hopefully they will be ok. I have to say, I don't think they are the easiest of flowers to photograph, so well done! I love the one that has an orangey tinge to it...Dianna I think. And Sweet Williams....wonderful! I have some little plug plants of a creamy/yellowy coloured one that I bought from Hayloft...If it flowers I'll put up a pic for you! :)

16 Jun, 2014


Thanks Derek. I'm just waiting for the new ones to flower.

Thanks, I hope your creamy/ yellow one does well for you Karen. I am looking for some more in yellows and oranges. I have those colours in the carnations I have but not in the dianthus. I've been looking again on Allwoods site where I got my Carnations but there's only one yellow Dianthus. I'll keep looking. :o)

16 Jun, 2014


A super collection - all look very healthy HB.

16 Jun, 2014


Just put a collage of some of ours on HB cheated because I was too tired to label them have some lovely ones, similar to ours but with different names, we also have two lots in pots outside the conservatory, and the perfume when you step outside the door......just divine.
Love sweet william have not grown any for years though..

16 Jun, 2014


Super collection there HB. I think I like Fizzy and Doris best. But then they're all pretty.

17 Jun, 2014


You've got a nice lot haven't you ... :o) I love them because of their scent, and Sweet Williams are one of my very favourite flowers too :)

17 Jun, 2014


A nice collection, think I feel an addiction coming on here. Dianthus would suit soil that dries out very quickly, me thinks.

20 Jun, 2014


Thanks everyone. I'm really chuffed with how many blooms there are on them already this year. I've taken at least 5 large bunches off them to give to family and friends this past week. I have put a couple of Heuchera flower stems in with them too as they looked as good as Gypsophila I thought.
They don't like there feet wet Siris and mine flower best in quite dry poor soil. They were very poor flowering in the year we had all that rain.

21 Jun, 2014


What a lovely collection Homebird, I only have Doris which I bought because it was my mother-in-laws name and it has a wonderful clovey smell, looks like a few more wouldn`t go amiss.

22 Jun, 2014


I'm still looking for a yellow one. I really don't think there is one......yet! Maybe the name should give me a clue...pinks. Lol

22 Jun, 2014


Hb ... there is Dianthus knappii 'Yellow Harmony' ... personally I think it looks un-natural!

26 Jun, 2014

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