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Lily Beetle.


I was on lily beetle patrol yesterday and found 6. I knock them off into a yellow tumbler before dispatching them. I was surprised when one flew off the ground as I tipped it out. I didn’t know they could fly.

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I wonder if they are related to ladybirds - they fly off in just the same way.

7 Jun, 2014


I've never seen them fly, either, Homebird. Oh dear - they are obviously more mobile than I thought ...

7 Jun, 2014


I wondered that too Steragram. It didn't fly far and luckily for me it landed where I could see it Melchi.

7 Jun, 2014


hi there i noticed your blog, they only fly short distances it is best to remove them from the garden as you would know.
If you know of anyone with a infestation of them (which i know you do not have and iam sure will never have) RHS
would be happy if it can be reported to them.
thank you for blog i did not think to look out for the Lily Beetle :-) that was a good reminder for me.

7 Jun, 2014


That's interesting Marybells and thank you.

7 Jun, 2014


welcome, thank you too...

7 Jun, 2014


I am so lucky I have lots of lillies and they never seem damaged by this creature. My nemesis is slugs.

7 Jun, 2014


I check mine over a lot, something I've noticed again this year is the fact that they seem to stick to the same pot and leave the others alone, now thats good I know but wonder if anyone else has found they have a preference..

7 Jun, 2014


My 2 troughs both get visits from the scarlet devil, but fingers x I haven't seen any for a few weeks..the lull before the storm no doubt..

7 Jun, 2014


I hope it flew away from your garden.
We've never had them here until now, but I've seen two this year :(

8 Jun, 2014


I have to admit never seen one fly.......they dont get the chance here lol

16 Jun, 2014


My lilies are all in a pretty poor state, despite daily beetle hunts. I remove all I find. Three lilies in one pot were bitten off as they emerged - looks like mouse damage, certainly not beetle. I am also besieged by slugs and snails this year - the downside of a mild winter - it's the worst for many years. I lost all but three of my cosmos when I planted them out (there were thirty). Oh well... Several petunias have been reduced to leafless stalks as well.

17 Jun, 2014


Awww! How annoying Melchi, the snails have been a real pain this year. I'm afraid I've had to resort to pellets because all but 4 of my Dahlias were nibbled off at ground level and the survivors have lacy leaves. I've given up with some of the Hostas. It's good that you don't get lily beetle where you Drc...slugs and snails are enough to contend with..
Lincs I have found the lily beetles mainly on one plant in the border too. Just 2 on the ones in a planter. All the others are left alone...touching wood here that I haven't spoken too soon. I haven't seen any more lately.
Hoping you have seen the last of them too Hywell and Nanjo.
Lol Dd, mine didn't after I found out they could....

19 Jun, 2014


Lots of lily beetle in the South. I have given up on lilies because of them, and Vine Weevils in pots. They climb, fly, abseil. Haven't tried their swimming abilities yet. The larvae are disgustingly camouflaged as poo!
I believe they prefer warm conditions. I have only seen/disposed of 2 so far this year, on my Snake-head Fritillaries, and they like Polygonatums. Death to the little blighters!

20 Jun, 2014


That's a shame Siris, thankfully I haven't seen any more. I got a lot of satisfaction from squishing them after I stopped feeling so repulsed by the thought of doing it....

21 Jun, 2014

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