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Latter half of May in my garden...


At the rate plants are coming into flower now, there won’t be anything left to see come the middle of June….Everything seems to be rushing to get their blooms open, I can’t keep pace. For instance the clematis in the corner bed on the patio has never flowered this early, it usually waits until the paeony has dropped it’s petals.

This Clematis is enormous this year. It was singled flowered last year, the centre looks so crowded this year.

Nelly Moser is looking particularly large, fresh and colourful.

…and the poppies are starting to open their buds to reveal their gorgeous bright red petals.

It’s the first time this Weigela has flowered and I love it’s delicate pink flowers.

It’s a nice coincidence that this Aquilegia is the same colour and is growing up right beside it….

..and the Rhododendron is coming into flower too.

It’s the second year for these Digitalis Dalmatian Peach and they are doubling up well.

The delicate Alliums are starting to open. They don’t seem to spread much in my garden.

There are some yellow ones somewhere but They haven’t shown themselves yet.
This Lupin was a gift last year and I was delighted to see it was a blue one. I only had the pink/red ones.

I will stop prattling on now and just whizz through the rest of the flowers open so far…..

I think that’s about it for now. I do hope I find a few more waiting until the summer and Autumn. If not I will just have to beg, borrow or pinch some annuals to see me through to the winter….get ready, I may come knocking at your door with the begging bucket…..

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Very beautiful, I love all the flowers!

22 May, 2014


Lol Hb. if you come knocking I might not have much left either, I agree everything seems to be in a hurry this season, I want it all to slow down !

22 May, 2014


Lovely pics.Hb, know what you mean, might be in the same boat as you lol!

23 May, 2014


I guess its the mild wet winter, spring was already esrly then the recent heat just forced them on!
enjoy it while it lasts.......abit of judicious pruning may just possibly bring s second flush of some?

I know it doesn't sound much by comparison but......I have a little green earliest record ready to eat is 1st july and it was only 21st may when I spotted excited !

23 May, 2014


Oh!wow, Pam, a tomato formed already! There are only a couple of flowers on mine. Who is going to get that first one? I remember when the children were young and I grew my first tomatoes we cut the first red one in four so we all tried a bit. Lol.
Me too Bamboo. I just sent for 30 Chrisanth plug plants on special offer. Goodness knows where I will put them all if they all grow ok.
It seemed like a long winter to me Grandmage and Gralew, then suddenly it dived straight into summer. :o)
I was thinking that I would have to get the hosepipe out this week as the soil was looking cracked and dry but it's rained so much this last 3 days it's muddy now. It's 'proper' growing weather though.

23 May, 2014


Your garden is indeed looking lovely, HB. I love the digitalis and am mad about clematis. Yours are looking great. Alliums are a favourite too, but mine, like yours never seem to spread too easily. Your garden is quite a bit ahead of mine in many ways, although some of the roses have started early here.

23 May, 2014


Its only a bush one, they are usually the earliest, at the moment you would just get a sniff!
about fingernail size I suppose, new to me so don't know how bigbthey grow...

23 May, 2014


You're right. Everything is in a rush this year. It's nice to see them though :o)

23 May, 2014


Very attractive. What is the plant in the final picture? Such a bright pink.

30 May, 2014


The combination in the last but one pic of white rose, little blue forget me nots and the nearly black aquiligeas is just magic. What a beautiful garden you have. There is a lot here that's going straight onto my wishlist. Gorgeous peach foxgloves.

1 Jun, 2014


Inverglen the pink flowering plant is oxalis.
Thanks T bear, Hywel, and Resi for your lovely comments.

1 Jun, 2014


Your garden is a picture HB. I have enjoyed viewing it, Thankyou.

7 Jun, 2014


Hi Feverfew, thank you.

9 Jun, 2014

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