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At the beginning of May in the garden.


Every day is bringing something special to the garden now. There is so much pleasure to be had in our gardens isn’t there. I can’t wait to get back to mine every week to see what’s newly popped up or out. I am glad I started to plant perenials and shrubs every year so that I don’t have the trouble of sowing and growing hundreds of annual seeds. I can just concentrate on sowing a few of my favourite annuals. As the tulips begin to fade, the shrubs and Clematis are taking over the job of providing lots of colour for me. There are flowers out that are nearly a month earlier than last year.
I want to show you what is making me so happy….
Firstly all the clematis…

This was supposed to be Bill Mackenzie but it obviously isn’t …lol

but this Clematis White Abundance certainly lives up to it’s name..

The C. Tetrarose is making a start and the C. Nellie Moser, that is growing in with it, won’t be long before it is open too.

I need to pluck up the courage to chop it back later in the year, as it is taking over the patio and there is an awful lot of bare wood inside it.
I am lucky to get any flowers from this C. Macropetala var Macropetala as it was really beaten about by the winds we had the other month.

The Weigela are bursting into flower now and looking quite pretty…

The Cystus x Praecox Allgold looks brilliant with the Dicentras I think.

and the golden yellow of the Cytisus racemosus (Canary Broom) really shines out….

These white bells like the shelter beneath the Cytisus.. The more I try to dig these out, the more I find growing!! Even though I totally remove their leaves after the bells die off, they come back just as strong next year.

I have just a few of the blue ones about the garden….

The Skimmia are flowering well too.

The Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum) are about a month early this year. It’s a pity the sawfly get this group each year. The ones further up the garden are never touched….famous last words..!!

I love this yellow Rhodi.

and tucked beside it is the Paeony that Bjs sent to me 3 yrs ago and it’s got a flower almost open…

The tiny white flowers on this have a lovely sweet scent this year that I hadn’t noticed before.

I was surprised to see this Peony flowering between another Hydrangea and the Skeeter’s Broom..

It’ll be a cutting from one of the other peonies. I do find that cuttings root well and grow quickly from them. I must remember to take some more for my daughters garden this year.

I put crushed, baked, egg shells around the base of this Hosta and they seem to be affording it some protection from the s and g’s. The others aren’t looking too bad yet so I will sprinkle the rest of the shells around these too. Anything is worth a try I think.

..and it’s lovely to see the bearded Iris coming in to flower.

This plant is looking a bit leggy so I will have to try and cut it back a bit later on. I do love the blue of it’s flowers though.

The Dianthus will give me loads of flowers right through until the winter. I wouldn’t like to be without these lovely plants. My daughter bought me 6 more for Easter which I have growing on ready for planting out soon.

The Christmas tree has produced loads of cones this spring and it’s going to look brilliant when they turn the lovely blue colour soon.

These grow like weeds in my garden and I am always digging them out but they have pretty flowers and I leave some in for a while.

This Huechera ‘Sweet tea’ is looking nice and colourful now. They were all very bedraggled looking earlier on but are begining to produce their lovely colours now..

The label on this English Laurel ‘otto Luyken’ says it should flower in November/December but comes out in April/May in my garden!!!

The Lilac are flowering better than they have for a few years.

The Geums are coming into flower at last and should give loads of pleasure right through until the winter.

I find this Spirea ‘Bridal Wreath’ fascinating. T says it looks like a waterfall. I look forward to it flowering like this every spring. It really shines in this normally dull corner in the garden.

and finally just a few photo’s of the areas around the garden that I am so happy to see.

I am so glad we got this area right at the top of the garden sorted last year and planted up with lots of shrubs and plants. They seem to be filling out nicely. It was just a dump for garden fires for the past 30 years!!!

Thank you for taking a look around. It’s going to be a brilliant summer and autumn in our gardens this year isn’t it.

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Lovely blog Hb. I can't wait to go home from work now :o)

2 May, 2014


Wonderful photos all your plants are looking really good enjoyed the look around your lovely garden :-)

2 May, 2014


wow it is such a beautiful garden, love all those plants, but that next to last picture of your window and clematis is beautiful just beautiful :O)

2 May, 2014


Thank you so much Kidsgran, Olive and Annella, you are very kind. It looks like it's going to be a nice weekend weather wise. Fingers crossed we can all get some time to potter and relax in the gardens. I really do have to cut that clematis back that is round the kitchen window. The stems out of the ground are thicker than my wrist. I need to get advice on how far I can cut it back without killing it off.

2 May, 2014


Lovely blog HB. I'm not surprised you're happy!

2 May, 2014


So much to look at, not at all surprised you are a happy bunny, really lovely HB all the hard work has paid off...

2 May, 2014


Its all very pretty. That White abundance is gorgeous - not surprised you can't wait to get out to see it all.

2 May, 2014


I think spring is the best time of year in a garden. You have so many lovely plants :o)

3 May, 2014


Thanks everyone. It's great to see everything growing like crazy. Spring is a lovely time Hywel, after waiting for what seems like forever, for signs of warmer weather and some bright colour to appear in the garden, everything suddenly bursts into growth. Nearly all the trees have foliage now.

4 May, 2014


Yes, I think they're early this year. The Mayflower is also out already :)

5 May, 2014


I really enjoyed viewing your garden Hb - you have a lovely selection of Clematis. :o)

6 May, 2014


Your garden is so full of different flowering shrubs and flowers. It's beautiful HB. Thanks for sharing with us.

9 May, 2014


Thank Shirley and Linda. It looks like the blues and purples are taking over from the yellows and reds now. It fascinates me how the change in colour changes the look and feel of the whole garden.

9 May, 2014


Same here purples pinks and blues.

10 May, 2014

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