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A few more plants and shrubs coming into flower.


It’s great to walk round the garden and see new flowers coming out isn’t it. This morning we prepared the planting holes for the climbing hydrangea and rose I bought last year to cover the old cherry tree trunk. T dug down and sawed off the roots he came across so I could give the plants a good start. At last they are in. There are flower buds developing on the Hydrangea and I hope they don’t drop off because I have moved it from it’s pot.

It’s been lovely to see some clouds in the sky today….never thought I would hear myself saying that!!! but it’s good to be shot of the horrible grey fog. T’s just washing the sand off the car for the second time this week. There was a really thick layer of it.
I had a look around the garden while he was doing that and took a few photo’s of the plants that have just come into flower…
The Marsh Marigold is looking nice on the pond shelf, and the Water Hawthorn (Aponogeton) scent is beautiful as you walk past.

The Clematis on the garage roof are just starting to flower. They aren’t doing as well as they normally do. Probably due to the severe beating they took in the awful winds we had.

The trees on the front are looking splendid I think though and they got the same beating…

I’ve not seen the elephants ears flowering so well for years either.

The Quince I thought had died in the snowy winter we had has come back and is flowering it’s socks off again.

In the back garden I found the small yellow flowering Ribes I bought last year. I was surprised to see it has a few flowers on it and it’s only about a foot tall. I can’t wait to see what it’s like when its as big as the pink and red ones.

I don’t remember seeing any white daffs in the garden last year but they are very welcome to stay and breed like rabbits if they want..

The dainty Cowslips are so sweet..

The Hyacinths around the garden are looking so pretty and smell so nice, I really like this white one.

The Kerria is doing it’s usual thing..

There are a few Snowflake, Leucojum vernum out..

The Cytisus Racemosus will look beautiful when all its flowers are open, and it will have a lovely scent. I put it behind the garden swing so we could sit and enjoy the perfume.

The buds are just opening on this Cytisus x praecox ‘allgold’.

I’m really pleased with the wallflowers this year and with the Hyacinths, bless them, struggling to reach up above the foliage growing around them.

These are the first anaemonies to flower.

and these aren’t far behind..

There aren’t many of these Bridal Crown Daffs left since the children were here last weekend. They picked so many of the daffs and brought them in for me….:o) They decided to pretty up the big pot on the flat lawn too with some Tete a Tete daffs and some grape Hyacinths. Strangely enough they still look quite good a week later…

and they found a better use for the potting tray…..

What a great colour this prickly Berberis Thunbergii is at this time of year. It has very pretty tiny white and pink flowers later on. I like it much better since we moved it further back in the border. Now it can’t grab me as I walk past with the lawn mower…..Ha,Ha.

Last years wallflowers are flowering well again. I meant to clear this border but didn’t get around to doing it. They add a bit of colour up there though.

The Euphorbia I bought last year to help fill out the very top of the garden seems to have settled in well.The tree surgeon made a really good job of trimming back the Sycamore tree that shed an awful lot of shade in that area.

I planted the Hydrangea that my daughter bought me for Mothers Day. It’s a nice sturdy plant and should do well near the summer house.

I took seed from the Eryngium Blue Hobbit when I cut it down last autumn and sowed them. I was amazed how many germinated and I now have about 50 small plants. My daughter had these thistle flowers and white roses in her wedding bouquet and Gareth wore one in his buttonhole. I thought she would like some plants for her garden. Didn’t think there would be this many.!! I have bought seed over the years since they got married but have never got the resulting seedlings to settle in the garden.

These are some of the Fuchsia cuttings I have overwintered in the greenhouse. I thought I would risk a few out in the coldframe. I nipped the tips out yesterday to make them bush out a bit.

I decided to move this Camelia from the pot it’s been in for about 3 years and done nothing, and put it into the garden and let it take it’s chances. It’ll have to sink or swim now…no more babying it.

I’ve also potted up the lily bulbs the children gave to me for Mothers Day.

Back in the conservatory the plant that my sister gave me for Christmas is going to flower again. The leaves still have the silver sprinkles I must give it a wash…
and these are the other plants the children gave me for Mothers day.

..and that’s about it now.
I have looked at all the photos you have all been putting on and I see I am way behind a lot of you but hopefully catching up. Another week and fingers crossed I shall have the first tulips open. Something I’m really looking forward too.

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I enjoyed your blog. Your water hawthorn is beautiful. I've had mine a couple of years but still small, hope it grows big like yours :)

5 Apr, 2014


Everything looks great - the pond is beautiful.

One of my sons gave me a hydrangea in full bloom for Mothers' Day. It is still indoors, but I intend to plant it out later. It is labelled as a house plant, but surely it will be ok in the garden?

5 Apr, 2014


A very spring like garden HB - those wall flowers are looking wonderful. I'll bet you are really pleased you didn't touch them.
You got some lovely gifts for mother's day - may they all be happy in your garden. I hope the Camellia enjoys it's new home.

5 Apr, 2014


Your photos just confirm what a wonderful time of year this is.
So much is happening in your pretty garden to give you lots of joy I am sure - especially now the smog has gone!

5 Apr, 2014


Lovely blog Hb, and a colourful garden.I've just bought yellow ribes... hope it looks as good as yours, on small yet :-)

5 Apr, 2014


Hb - this a lovely Springtime blog ... your old Cherry tree trunk is going to look wonderful smothered in the Rose and Hydrangea ... I have the pretty yellow Marsh Marigold too, alongside many Tadpoles swimming around the pond! You've reminded me to look at the Cytisus ... I have 'Alba' so the flowers are white ... off to check if it's in bud now! :o)

6 Apr, 2014


Lovely blog Hb your garden looks lovely and so much colour,love the water hawthorn very pretty, I have the yellow currant,my original plant has become a bit shaded out by a large tree but last year I spotted something growing among the hedge and low and behold it was quite a large plant the birds must have ate the berries and left me a present :-)

6 Apr, 2014


Absolutely beautiful. No flowers in my garden at the moment, as my garden is rather small and I prefer to have plenty of colour in the summer months only, when the weather is good enough for me to sit outside and enjoy them close.

6 Apr, 2014


Homebird, you are what I would call a real gardener, It looks wonderful, neat full of colour slips all ready, well done H/B. Thank you for showing me around.

6 Apr, 2014


Love your pond plants your garden is flowering lovely your tulip tree is great.

6 Apr, 2014


Nice garden Homebird. I love your Kerria Japonica and the row of Bergenias in front. You got lots of nice plants for Mother's Day. Our Mother's Day in Canada is in May and a trip to Garden Center is already scheduled.

7 Apr, 2014


Thanks so much for taking a look round my garden everyone. I'm getting a bit excited as the tulip heads are just beginning to colour up. Won't be long now til there is a mass of reds, oranges and yellows in the garden. I only have the common garden tulips but I love it when they are all out.

7 Apr, 2014


Nothing wrong with that Hb.....They're all lovely when in flower, just wish they'de last longer!!

7 Apr, 2014


What a fantastic selection of plants HB a true Spring garden, every county the plants flower at different times, so it is great to see what is flowering and where....and when, looking forward to seeing your tulips now...

8 Apr, 2014

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