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At the begining of the New Year in the garden.


The weather has been uncommonly mild so far this winter. It’s been awfully wet and windy though. I took a look around the garden between Christmas day and the New Year to see if there had been much damage done in the strong winds. Luckily I found everything intact and surprisingly there were a few flowers and berries hanging about. This week I managed photo’s of these few….
The Pieris are flowering again, it’s only a couple of months since they flowered last.

There are lots of berries on the Sarcococca.

…and on the black grass.

I can’t believe how long these geraniums are lasting outside. They look better than the cuttings I took and have in the greenhouse…lol

I keep cutting these Dianthus for the house… they are doing really well and have been in flower since last May.

This little Fuchsia hasn’t given up yet either…

The old Primroses are adding some much needed colour to the dull borders…

I found this little gem sheltering behind the silvery leaves of this Cineraria Silver dust..

Not long before these Hellebore open their flowers.

Plenty of berries left on the Cotoneaster for the birds..

I love this small shrub, Viburnum Tinus It has flowered sporadically all through the year.

I really must cut this Bowles Mauve back soon….

Can you believe this Geum bravely flowering and more buds to open!!

It’s lovely to see these colourful shrubs too..

..the Hydrangea with new and old flowers and foliage…

What are these Chrysanths doing out after Christmas??

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found this Paeonia from Brian putting on growth already. I’ve moved it to the cold greenhouse for safety.

I started back at my daughter’s grandchild minding and was pleased to see so many buds on this lovely shrub, for the moment I have a memory block on it’s name. I don’t get any better for keeping I’m afraid……

Well that’s just about all there is to see. Thankfully we haven’t had the cold and snow that they are having in America. Fingers crossed we don’t…..Happy New Year Everyone and may it be the best you’ve had for health, wealth and happiness….and of course the best gardening year ever. xx

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The colour in your garden is fantastic,H.bird..and such an added bonus for the time of year..whatever gets thrown at us in the coming months,you have had lots more pleasure this Bowles Mauve,Lavender,and a Hebe are still flowering too..strange how they all happen to be purple..?

8 Jan, 2014


Happy New Year to you too...

That shrub you said you could not remember it's name..could it be a camellia?

Your garden looks amazingly beautiful, tidy and so much going on in it. I went for a walk out there today too, so much going on out there, was thinking...the garden and I have not rested at all this winter. I have been feeling restless this winter, can't get my mind off the garden. I just want to be out there. Have been out just walking about everyday, I can't believe the tulips are peeking out already, I have some buds open on my spring flowering trees, I just can't wait!

8 Jan, 2014


your garden is looking very restful in those winter colours :-)

8 Jan, 2014


Incredible - what a collection of colourful plants to enjoy even in January.
It would be impossible to tell that these pictures were taken in January unless you had told us!!! How wonderful.

8 Jan, 2014


Hi Shiela, a happy new year to you and your family too.
Glad to see you back on here, I was beginning to get a bit worried with you not posting since november.
Are you sure you live in the uk, I have some of the plants you have, but mine are well gone, except the bowles mauve, that's always flowering, and I think I would agree with Michaela about that shrub being a Cammelia, it will be about another 3 months before mine flowers, Derek.

8 Jan, 2014


What a lovely blog! You certainly have some lovely plants growing and thriving. They really made me smile :-)

8 Jan, 2014


I can't believe what you've still got flowering HB - it must be quite a treat looking at those flowers.
I agree re Camellia too.
I noticed my paonies are putting on a lot of growth too but not quite that much!

8 Jan, 2014


what a lovely blog. the plants are really doing well aren't they. Lets hope we don't get a truly harsh winter or spring.

8 Jan, 2014


Looking good Hb..I'm soo surprised to find how widespread this mild winter is. How has your winter been so far Scottish?

8 Jan, 2014


You've got some lovely flowers and shrubs there HB. Fingers crosses we don't get a harsh spring like last year. By the way, I have to agree with the consensus it's a Camellia you were searching the name of.

8 Jan, 2014


it must be a first to have all those summer flowers in January! Very cheering to see them all.

8 Jan, 2014


Thanks everyone. Yes it's a camellia. Won't be long before I'm calling the grandchildren by the wrong names, then I really will be like my grandma.....!!! Isn't it strange how the mind can go blank sometimes on the simplest names. (Well mine
It's been awful for many with the flooding this winter so I feel extremely lucky.
Thank you Derek, it's been a bit frantic here for the past few months with the childminding, parents poorly and T developing angina and having to have all the tests and hospital appointments. I haven't been able to spend much time on here, but I knew it'll still be here when I could get a minute. Thankfully both parents are better and more independent of me and Ts improved in leaps and bounds with the medications. Ship load of pills comes to It feels like I've done more nursing this last few months than I did before I
Fingers crossed the spring will come early, bright and mild.

9 Jan, 2014


Hi Shiela, sorry to hear that, but glad they're now feeling a lot better, best wishes to you all, Derek.

9 Jan, 2014


Sorry to hear you have had such a challenging time, Hb. I hope things continue to pick up for you now. Roll on Spring ;-)

9 Jan, 2014


Thank you Homebird :o) Your garden is doing well for mid winter. It's amazing how mild it is, and I hope it remains that way (but without the storms lol)
Your shrub that you can't remember is a Camellia ... but maybe someone has told you already :o) I often forget names of plants, and people too lol

10 Jan, 2014


Thanks Derek I hope you and yours are keeping well. Everything's fine now Mel, I noticed tonight it didn't get dark quite as early as it has been. Good sign we are moving nicely towards spring. I am planning to get some dead heading done Hywel and some branches sawn this weekend as T says it's forecast to be dry and bright. I always feel tired but good after I've had a decent day in the garden.

10 Jan, 2014


It's the fresh air ...
Sunny tomorrow apparently :o) Good luck !

10 Jan, 2014



10 Jan, 2014


Sorry to hear you've had some challenging times already this year Hb ... but what a lot of colour you have in your garden ... does you a power of good to walk around and see what is thriving ... take care ... :o)

15 Jan, 2014


Thanks Shirley....:o))

25 Jan, 2014

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