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The garden at the beginning of October this year.


We have been away from home for much of the last 4 weeks and the garden has been taking care of itself. I must say it’s done a great job of it too. I don’t know why I have always worried about it going to pot if I leave it for more than a few days. This time away has proved to me that it will wait to be tended until I get around to it. :o) We bought a motorhome at the beginning of September. I know it was a bit late in the season but we had been considering it for ages and I don’t know why we dithered so long. I can’t get enough of it and we have been all over the place since we got it.
Apart from popping home for a couple of days to check the mail, pick the tomatoes and cucumbers from the greenhouse, (where the automatic watering system my daughter bought for me last year has worked really well) pick and freeze the runner beans and mow the lawns, it’s just been left to get on with itself. When we got home yesterday it was a joy to see there were still a lot of flowers looking good and colourful.
I wanted to get in there and tidy the borders up this morning. The weather though had turned so grey and misty, as you can see at the top of the garden and everything was dripping wet from the rain we had last night that within half an hour I too was dripping wet, my trousers were wet through up to the knees…and my hands were caked in mud….lol. I didn’t expect to see anything worth photographing but I was pleasantly surprised as I deadheaded the geraniums…

and the Bishops Children are being extremely well behaved you would expect …..

These pretty little Cyclamen were flowing under the Astilbe leaves…

I would have expected the leaves of the pond Iris and Arum Lily to have been droopy and discoloured ready for cutting down by now, but they still look pretty fresh so I can leave them for a little while longer.

and I was surprised to see a couple of Marsh Marigold flowers peeping out from this clump of leaves..

The Rudbeckia Toto, Rudbeckia Cappuccino, Zinnia Sprite Mixed are lovely and colourful on this grey day…

Isn’t it strange how some of the Zinnias are double deckers…lol. I can’t think of a better way to describe them…

Rose hips have developed on the Pauls Scarlet, I haven’t seen it do that before…

..and there are several roses still in bloom, although they are so wet they are looking a bit bedraggled.

You can see spiders webs everywhere now with the dew on them. At least it’s stopped me walking through them, surprising me when they crackle in my hair and scaring me to death….!!!

These are the Asters I bought last year and were looking decidedly crap until a few weeks ago, they have bucked up no end now. I think I will get a few more plants for next year.

Haven’t the Clematis done well this year….flowering for months.. these are still going strong.

It’s great to see the Chrysanths flowering. I planted these too close to this apple tree but they do look lovely and match the colours in the apples…lol These are the most delicious apples and I usually have enough left on the tree to make toffee apples every bonfire night. Fingers crossed I will this year. It wouldn’t be the same without them…lol

The Gladioli are just about finished flowering now, the heavy rain in the night hasn’t done them any favours but they will look good in a vase indoors for a day or two.

It’s great to see more flowers forming on the Hydrangeas and the Acers, Sedums and this ‘thingamajig’ are providing some smashing autumn colour.

There are plenty of berries for the birds to enjoy too…

The Spirea is producing more new red growth and what looks like flower stems and this shrub is flowering again.

This is my one and only Chinese lantern…

…what a flop those seeds were…lol
It’s been a great year for the Penstemon and the cuttings I have standing in water are developing roots well. When I cut the rest down in the garden I will take some more.

T is putting vine eyes and wires up on the garage roof to support this Clematis that has gone mad this year…..

It’s looking so dull, wet and murky today it’s nice to find some colour lingering in odd corners of the garden isn’t it.

There are a few Geums in flower too.

and the pots are still looking good…

The cones on my Christmas tree are still there…I love this old tree. She has grown at least a foot this year, the most she has grown in any year previously. I am going to need a ladder soon to put the lights on it….lol

Meanwhile in the greenhouse there are still baby cucumbers struggling to grow and some more ready for picking as well as tomatoes..

I don’t think that these peppers are going to make anything now though…

In the conservatory the cacti that always flowers for my birthday has plenty of buds on and the Phals continue to flower…

..and the plant from Lindak is opening up more. Still not sure what it is….lol

How on earth am I going to get this money plant back into the house, and more importantly where is it going to stand now that it’s grown so big this summer. i will have to try and cut it back a bit without showing too much of the trunk….

The Fig is fruiting and the Lemons are changing colour now. There are oranges growing on the tree now I have brought it in from it’s summer break in the garden…

I tried growing Winter Squash up the trellis this year and I am quite pleased with the results. I will start them off earlier next year and grow them like this again. They only take up a fraction of the space as they do when grown as normal.

We will be picking the last of the beans this weekend I think…..these flowers won’t have time now to come to anything….

It’s Friday now and been tipping down with rain up to now at 9.30. and I have made the beetroot chutney.

I have to nip out now and collect the crab apples so I can make the crab apple jelly I have promised the family…

No rest for the wicked….lol. From the posts I have been reading while we have been away it looks like you’ve all got a lot of flowers in bloom and some lovely autumn colours around your gardens too. Lets hope it lasts for another month or so…..

Oh! I just remembered seeing this yesterday..

I’ts got a long walk back from wherever it landed after it’s free flight……

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Wow HB so much to see in your garden, and as you say it has fared very well, and still loads of colour, what a busy bee you have been too, made me fell quite tired !!
Loved the blog interesting and amusing too, happy motoring in your new home on wheels lol

4 Oct, 2013


Goodness HB what a busy garden, so much still going strong. It sounds as if your garden is going to have to get used to looking after its self a lot more in future, while you're off on your travels. If the pics here are anything to go by, it will do just fine!
What about a blog about your travels?

4 Oct, 2013


You have a beautiful, colourful garden Hb....LOVE that Savitalia, still flowering so well...:>)

4 Oct, 2013


looks good to me All...i like the Chinese lantern…

very much enjoyed you blog...

from Jane.....

4 Oct, 2013


All looking really nice Hb, :-)

4 Oct, 2013


You've colour a plenty HB :) Glad to read that your garden took good care of itself. A motorhome - brilliant!! You'll be off at the drop of a hat now ;0)

4 Oct, 2013


It looks great, Homebird, and good to know that the garden has been looking after itself so well. You obviously enjoyed your travels - it sounds a very good way to spend the time!

4 Oct, 2013


What a lovely garden Homebird - like Jane I did like the pic of the solitary Chinese lantern! You should have plenty more next year anyway.

4 Oct, 2013


Enjoyed looking at your garden HB. loved the pic of the clematis with the web on. The thingamajig is a Verbascum.What's the yellow daisy flower in a pot? Great idea to get a motorhome. You will get endless pleasure from it I'm sure. Bon Voyage!

4 Oct, 2013


All looking good in your garden... hope you have some great travels in your motorhome....

5 Oct, 2013


The Paintbrush [Haemanthus albiflos]plant that Lindak gave you is looking very happy. I have had one for yonks but have never come across anyone else growing them before. I suppose they are a tad quirky. Mine hasn't produced a flower for a while now so I repotted it in the Spring, I hope it is happy enough to bloom again this winter.

5 Oct, 2013


Your garden is a delight Hb and doing quite well by itself it seems now you are swanning around the country in your new home!! Brilliant idea, have fun, we have been 'thinking' about the same thing for ages but haven't had the nerve! Lol.

6 Oct, 2013


Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. Sorry it's taken me a while to thank you all. We have been to Norfolk for a few days. The wind became quite strong as we walked along the cliff path to West Runton and it nearly blew me off the cliff edge. Lol.
Xela thank you for naming the plant. I googled it and the flower does look like a paintbrush or shaving brush as it's also called. I do hope your's flowers for you soon.
Feverfew, thanks for reminding me about the Verbascum. The yellow flowers in the pot are Sanvitalia. They are annuals. I don't know if they will seed but I will definitely grow them again next year. They have almost dried out a few times but I have given them a good drink of water and within an hour they have straightened up and looked lovely again.
After being disappointed with the poor germination of my seeds at the beginning of the year followed by the extremely slow growth of the ones that did come I am so pleased with the ones that did eventually grow to flower. I'm especially pleased with the few Dahlias, Rudbeckias, Sanvitalia and zinnias. I shall try them again next year. Thank you again everyone.

7 Oct, 2013


Wow Your Garden And Photos look Wonderful.

8 Oct, 2013


Your garden looks great Homebird, sooo much to look at. I didn't know you could put penstemons in water like that. Do you put them in pots after to grow on or just into the ground? Your apples look delicious too. :)

10 Oct, 2013


Nice to see your garden doing so well. I love your money plant !

12 Oct, 2013


Lynda thank you very much, everything is droopind and dripping today with all the rain we have had last week and today.
Jane, I will pot them up grow them on.he apples are delicious. I only eat apples when I pick them from the garden.
Thanks Hywell, the money plant is still outside.....

13 Oct, 2013


Loved looking at your photos

13 Oct, 2013


I'm on 'catch-up' as ever Hb! Lovely to hear you have a motorhome ... my OH always calls them 'bacon sandwich vans' as that's what he'd be cooking at every stop! He would dearly love to own one ... just to be able to set off anytime to anywhere!

Your garden is looking fabulous with so much colour and interest ... long may it last ... :o)

19 Oct, 2013

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