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Mid September garden.


It’s nice to see some colour lingering around the garden this autumn. Although the seeds I sowed this spring only produced a few plants I’m glad to see the few Rudbeckias, Dahlias and Coreopsis that did come are looking brilliant. The sloped lawn border is the most colourful now and I took this photo from the bedroom window this morning during a very short lull in the strong wind and rain we are having thrown at us today….

The Dahlias and Geraniums are giving us such pleasure still.

….and the Heuchera bed down the side of the hedge is glowing.

It’s been a great year for the Penstemons and the roses which are still going strong. I’ve taken several cuttings from both. I have tried rooting the Penstemons in water this time as I had poor success last year in compost. Roots are forming in the jar so we will see how they take to being transferred into plant pots in a week or two.

The crab apple has fruited really well this year and are almost ready to harvest so I will soon be busy making Crab Apple Jelly. It looks like they will make plenty to share around the family this year.

I love these bright Rudbeckias, Echinacea and Coreopsis and the pots of Sanvitalia continue to grow even though the temperatures have dropped quite low recently. The Zinnias are like little jewels.The forecaster said tonight that we had temps today that we would normally expect at the end of October. Brrr.. it was bladdy cold today out in the wind and rain.

The Asters are just starting to flower…

I have tried growing squash up the trellis this year and its been a reasonable success. I shall do this again next year as it takes up much less room than growing on the ground and the flowers look pretty through the trellis too.

I was surprised to see more flowers on the Osteospermums today, T thought they had finished..

..and the Rhubarb is starting to grow strongly again.

Now I look properly there are so many plants continuing, reflowering or just starting to flower around the garden. Here are a few more…

If the weather would just warm up a bit I would be in my element in the garden still. I think it’s forcast to warm up a bit for next week….Fingers crossed xx

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yes!!!! very nice lingers of colour :) thank you for sharing!!!!!

16 Sep, 2013


Such a lovely time of year in the garden. It's been chilly here today as well, and the wind...! The Air Show up on the front was cancelled yesterday because of wind and rain, but the Saturday crowds had wonderful weather. I think it'll get a bit warmer again soon. My sedums are just turning pink, and the cosmos is flowering its heart out - it's been great this year, as have the roses. My crab apples are ready to harvest, too. My main disappointments this year have been the fuchsias, which have never really got going and the penstemons. Where were they?!

16 Sep, 2013


It's been a great year for the garden hasn't it? You've some lovely Autumn colour HB. Will you report back on your penstemon results. I love them but they don't survive in my garden. Had to success with taking cuttings. It would be good to know if they survive once you pot them on.

16 Sep, 2013


Plenty of lovely Autumn colour there Hb. Is that your standard fucshia that you started growing this year? Looking Good, mine's not doing bad either, its a smaller leaf than yours, and the stems are shorter. Whats yours called? Scottish... I just dip my Penstemon cuttings in rooting compound and don't seem to have problems with them rooting, and surviving, the same for Fucshias. Whats the bush on the right hand side(lovely coloured one) in the photo below the standard, I like that one! :-)

17 Sep, 2013


Enjoyed the tour round your beautiful garden HB. Thank you for sharing. Your lawn looks perfect!

17 Sep, 2013


Thank you Jane. After a very slow start things eventually caught up and 'did their thing'....
Gralew, thank you, the little bush is a Nandina domestica 'fire power'. It's about 5 years old and is only about 2ft tall by 2ft round. The fuchsia have been slow to start flowering this year haven't they. I do hope the frost stay away so we can enjoy them for a good length of time.

17 Sep, 2013


That is lovely ,Summer seems to be hanging on only the fruits are a give away that it is September.

17 Sep, 2013


Such a busy garden and so many glorious colours! I think we've all benefited from the great summer we've had, but oh. hasn't autumn come with a bang?

17 Sep, 2013


Melchi, thank you. It's a pity about the cancelled air show but my goodness that wind has been so gusty. It's snapped a few flower stems but not as much damage as I expected. The Fuchsias were very late to flower this summer but fingers crossed we don't get the frosts for a long time to give us chance to enjoy them for a bit longer. My Penstemons were also late to flower but soon caught up. Maybe yours are taking a rest and will come up brilliantly next spring.
Scottish I will let you know how they respond to being planted in compost. Fingers crossed they will do ok.
Thanks Ff. the rain came just at the right time for the grass, just as it was beginning to look parched.
Brian, It's promising to be a good fruit crop for everyone this year isn't it.
Waddy it certainly has. I've been perished this last week. The old body hasn't had time to Straight out of summer clothes into jumpers, trousers and coats here. Hopefully the forecast is right and the temperatures are set to rise to a pleasant level from next week.

17 Sep, 2013


I appreciate a lot when people show pictures of their gardens too and not only single flowers. I don't know how many of you agree with me, but I like to see beautiful gardens more than I like to see beautiful flowers.
This year as many of you know, has been a disaster for me. I could easily show a few single flowers and mislead you. I won't do it. My garden is like a desert. The lawn has just started to recover.
Hope for a better 2014.

17 Sep, 2013


Homebird I never tire at looking at your garden it always has such lovely plants and its a treat to see just how much colour you still have, keep fingers crossed they will linger longer as we are suppose to be getting better weather in fact an indian summer.

17 Sep, 2013


My word HB so much lovely colour, how lovely all looking so healthy too, I too would be interested to know how your Penstemon cuttings go.
Although our garden is enjoying the rain, it is quite chilly and the wind has played havoc with some of the plants.....
Crossing fingers for a warmer weekend....

17 Sep, 2013


It is said to warm up for the week end. I hope it does. It's too cold for Sep.
It's nice to see your plants continuing to put on a good show :o)

17 Sep, 2013


Costas thank you. I prefer to see groups of plants, areas of borders and views of the overall layout of a garden. Nice to see a close up photo of specific plants though to decide if they are what you want to include in your garden. So sorry this summer has been so tough on you and your garden. We seem to have struck the right balance in our area. It's such a change in the temperatures lately here though, it feels so cold now. I don't like it.
Stroller you are very kind, thank you very much. I'm praying for a bit more warmth and for it to last another month or so. Lol.
Dd, thank you very much. I'm going to wait until there are a good amount of roots evident before I risk transfer the Penstemons into compost, but I will let you know how they fare.
Hywel I do hope it warms up soon. I shudder at the thought of the next 6 months if the cold starts already.

19 Sep, 2013

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