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My garden at the end of June.


Looking around the garden today I noticed that there is an awful lot of pink just now, so if you don’t like pink switch over now…lol

The Peony are looking gorgeous at the moment despite, what feels like, gale force wind we have been having lately..

….and the Clematis are putting a real effort this year to flower well. This is an un-named one my daughter bought me a couple of years ago and it’s never flowered so well.

Dr Ruppel is just coming into flower..

..and Empress is phenomenal this year…

I bought this Fuchsia last year and although it said it was hardy I decided not to risk it outside through the winter. I dug it up and potted it and have had it flowering on and off in the conservatory until this month when I stood it outside for the summer.It’s in an old stew pot… So I am looking for a nice hanging planter for it for this year.

The Penstemons are only just showing a few flowers. Most of my plants have been around 4 weeks late to get going this year. Lets hope the summer lasts 4 weeks longer to compensate…..

I’m nuts about Dianthus and they flower so well as a rule in my garden for months on end. I am gradually spreading them further up the garden as most of them are in the slope lawn borders where I can see them all the time.

I try to plant them behind a low retaining wall so that they can drape over it as the flowers drop forward with the weight. They seem to enjoy that.

It’s the first time this one called ‘Passion’ has flowered and I love it.

I planted this one called Haytor too far away from the wall so as you see it’s sprawling over the bed. I will move it forward when it’s done flowering.

Are you sick of Dianthus yet?…..Just one more photo!! No only kidding….
These Snapdragons that the birds bring are lovely this year in the front garden.

This one is growing out of the wall….

..and the Red Hot Pokers have come and gone really quickly this year. These have spread from the main clumps. They can stay, so long as they behave themselves and don’t go rioting on my front garden..

The roses are lovely too and the scent is beautiful right now. I love these really old ones in the front garden.

The Lavender is doing a grand job keeping the aphids away from them.

The roses in the back garden don’t do so well. I think it’s because they are crowded by the other plants. I don’t really want a dedicated rose border so maybe they would all be better off planted in the front garden. The trouble is I don’t often look at the front garden I’m always enjoying the back garden.
This Hot Chocolate does well though and this Mountbatten….

The others are wispy and tend to droop a lot.

I like these Astrantia that I bought first many years ago but the deeper coloured ones I got a couple of years ago are prettier…

…. a few of the Geraniums ….

I really like this new Delphinium…

..and the Yucca spike, I can’t wait for the flowers to open.

No I wasn’t laying on the floor to take that photo….it’s over the wall from the
I think that’s enough for now of the pink..phew. I will try and capture all the blues and yellows next. Oh! and then there’s the reds and oranges. I’ve had enough for now…lol and I expect you have too.
It’s turned windy and grey here after the weekend. I hope it’s nicer where you are and you are not being harassed by the wind. Happy gardening..:o))

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I'm a big fan of pink Hb! The unnamed Clem looks a lot like my 'Pilau' :o)

1 Jul, 2013


I love Pink flowers Hb. and you have a gorgeous selection there. Can't possibly choose a favourite.

1 Jul, 2013


Everything beautiful! I like your roses most.

1 Jul, 2013


Wow what a fine display of flower you have !

1 Jul, 2013


Beautiful, especially the roses of course..:)))

1 Jul, 2013


Looking very colourful and healthy Hb, I too love dianthus too, your Haytor looks like the one I've got(a freebie from B&Q shh) that sprawls. Do you take cuttings from them? You've shown us more than pink, with the roses and whats the name of your Delphinium, very delicate looking, like it very much. Never get fed up with your blogs:-)

1 Jul, 2013


fantastic array of pinks (and others!) Lovely photos, I especially love the roses.

1 Jul, 2013


Your June garden looks very pretty in it's pink get-up HB. I must admit to be drawn to pink flowers - don't know why, I'm not a girlie type of girl!!

1 Jul, 2013


Thank you all for your lovely comments, they are very much appreciated.. I'm glad I didn't bore the pants off you...
Thanks Annella, I will look up Pilau and compare it. It would be nice to give it a name. I was just struck by how many pink flowered plants there were when I looked at the photos I had taken.
Thank you very much Costas. I haven't seen any recent photos of your garden yet. Must look and see if you have put some on.
Thank you very much too Kidsgran. The weather has helped so much this year.
...... and why am I (not) surprised that Michaella liked the roses most!!!! It's not as if she has many in her
I have split several Dianthus Gralew and also taken some cuttings over the years. I will take more this year and let you know which ones have taken. The Delphinium is Magic Fountain. It is delicate looking. It's producing lots of flower spikes.
Thank you very much Louisa, I was worried I had put too many photos on.

1 Jul, 2013


It all looks beautiful, Hb. Your peony is gorgeous. Mine is somewhat restricted by ties just now. Despite having been staked, it was battered by heavy rain a few days ago. The blooms are still fabulous. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with any of your roses! I agree about the front garden - I find it hard to get too enthusiastic about mine (though I'm rather enjoying the mini-meadows at the moment!) I love the snapdragons - they are a favourite of mine.

1 Jul, 2013


great colour pink, lovely aray of plants.

from jane!!!!

1 Jul, 2013


I liked your pink garden, and Dianthus are one of my fav flowers too :o) I hope the weather brightens up soon for us all.

2 Jul, 2013


Thanks for sharing all your pink blooms as they are absolutely gorgeous.

2 Jul, 2013


Your garden certainly is 'in the pink' and looking splendid, HB. I love dianthus too and have just bought a chocolate one - a barbatus - which I've never seen before. Love the roses too and that first snapdragon is a beauty. Over the last couple of years I've really worked on my front garden, as for one thing, it is sunnier than the back and now I'm really enjoying it and the occasional nice remark from a passer-by.

4 Jul, 2013


Really enjoyed looking at all your lovely pics Homebird, you have some fantastic plants and I could never get tired of dianthus, fell in love with them a few years ago. I agree with Annella re your unnamed clematis, its other name is 'Little Duckling' a fantastic clem:-))

9 Jul, 2013


Thanks so much for taking a look and for all your lovely comments.
I didn't realise just how much pink there was Scottish until I looked at my photos. I am very pleased how everything is coming up this year.
The garden is enjoying the lovely summer weather now Hywel and so am I.
It's great to have a name for the clematis. I looked it up and compared it. Thank you Annella and Ba.
I'm afraid I leave the front garden to T to see too Tbear. I haven't seen a chocolate coloured Dianthus, I will look that one up.
Melchi I had to put extra stakes and ties to keep my Paeonia up this year. Must look and see if you have put a photo up of your front garden meadow...
Thanks Jane and Sixpence, I've been buying, begging and pinching plants for quite a while to fill up the borders as I hate to see a bare Cram em in is my thinking as far as planting is

12 Jul, 2013

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