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Battling the yucca....


We were looking at the garden as we had our breakfast this morning and T says " How do you feel about digging out those Yuccas as they hardly ever flower and they could go in the gravel area on the front". Ok I say. So armed with protective clothes and gloves (they are not called Adams Needles for nothing!!) we set forth digging down to the roots. We hadn’t bargained for the fact that the roots were over 2 ft down and into the rubble infill. There were three of them to remove. After an hour we had loosened one and were digging down to the roots of the largest one when I stood up to straighten my back and noticed a flower bud forming in it…

..flipping heck…its been about 5 years since it flowered…we decided to fill the hole back up and leave it until it had finished flowering….
We took out the other two but the roots were so deep and embedded we just had to cut the trunks off as low as we could reach. The original one was one that I found thrown at the side of a road and I brought it home and planted it to see if it would develop roots and grow for me. I shall plant the smaller ones in the front and see if they too develop roots and grow. We were thinking they may like it better here in the corner.

Removing two of them has opened up the view into the side of the garden and will give the Dicentra room to stretch it’s self. I think it looks much better now. When we have removed this one I will be off to look for plants that are low growing and maybe tumble over the wall.

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Now thats a nice story, i dont think the Yucca wanted to be moved so he quickly grew a flower to save his life! ive never been into Yuccas but now i know they have flowers i think ive changed my mind!

13 Jun, 2013


one of the best tap roots ever.

13 Jun, 2013


Phew! Well done for all the hard work, and all looking good :))

13 Jun, 2013


I wouldn't be surprised if the two yucca trunks that you sawed off didn't one day sprout again! Time will tell. Love the tree trunk on the right. Don't know how you get your Dicentra to grow so strongly. I think you must have very good soil

13 Jun, 2013


Love to see these flower, well done on your hard work to get them out.....

13 Jun, 2013


I'm not into Yucca either, but it does look a lovely healthy bud in there.

13 Jun, 2013


Thats the plant I used the Tree Root Killer on. Glad and thankful its gone.

13 Jun, 2013


Lol Sb...
Sounds like we have our work cut out to remove it all and stop it coming back. Oh! well, we will have to wait and see. I have changed my mind about planting them in the front. I would rather buy a nice tree or shrub that has year round interest instead. ( and flowers more than once every 5 they are the most gorgeous flower though, when they do.
Thank you for your useful comments everyone.

13 Jun, 2013


We have a flower bed on our front,with a Yucca with a variagated leaf, and I'm always finding new ones coming thru everywhere in there! Fetch the small ones out, at the moment there are 2 smallish ones one side of the bed, and the same the other side. But.... they flower every second year without fail, so I don't mind them, nowhere the size of yours tho :-)

19 Jul, 2013


We found one of the small ones flowering last week. It must be our year for yucca flowers. I wouldn't mind if they flowered even alternate years Gralew but five to seven years is taking the Mickey I

20 Jul, 2013

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