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Last of the November colour....


There are still a few plants lingering in the garden sporting a bit of colour I am pleased to say and as I walked around I was surprised how many plant leaves look good. This time last year there seemed to be nothing much left alive in the garden. I have been so happy with the Gladioli this year and there are about 10 yet to flower.

The berries on the Sarcococca are lovely colours.

I like to see the yellow and gold leaves around and in the pond. They are bright and even though it means they are dying down they are a lovely colour.

The hardy Fuchsia are waiting for further frosts before they settle down for the winter.

Hasn’t it been a great year for the Penstemons. Although they started to flower late they have more than made up for it with loads of flowers.

It’s been far too wet and dull to suit the wall flower but I am grateful for the few flowers it produced.

I love to look at this border in it’s autumn colours. With the Copper beech leaves glowing so russety red and the deep red of the Sedum flowers it looks so warm and pretty to my eyes.

The yellowing leaves compliment the flowers I think.

I usually cut the spent flowers on the Agapanthus but they got left on this year and I noticed today the seed pods beginning to open. I have saved the seed but I don’t know when or how they should be sown. If anyone has set these seeds before please let me know what to do with them.

I failed dismally with the Cosmos this year and the 3 little plants that did come should be pulled up now but I can’t bear to pull them out until the frosts finish them off altogether.

On the other hand these pests seed themselves all over the place and although I like the leaves and flower colour I have to be really vigilant and pull all the seedlings out when they pop up anywhere but here under the trellis.

The Dahlias that survived the attentions of the s&s have a few flowers on…

The blackbirds are feasting on the berries of this Cotoneaster that grows up and across the trellis. It’s actually the only reason the trellis hasn’t fallen down by now. lol

I cut down all the other Lavender in the gardens last month but missed this bit. It’s nice to see it flowering still.

The old Hydrangea that I thought had died last winter and I cut right down to the ground has recovered this summer and produced this one enormous flower as big as a football. It used to produce pink flowers and is the shrub I have taken all the cuttings from over the years. I have 4 more cuttings in the greenhouse from it that have taken.

No one could be more surprised than me that this Heather has settled into this border near to the conifer hedge. I had them in a container and they were so poor even though I had them in ericaceous compost, fed them with ericaceous food and watered them with rain water. I had thought of chucking them on the compost heap in despair. Then decided to stick them in the border and leave them to expire….Wow they obviously like it there.

I wonder how much longer this Lavatera will continue to flower…..

We all like an evergreen or two in the garden through the barest months of winter and I am so glad I have this spotted Aucuba

There have been some smashing photos of other peoples Heucheras. Mine have been a bit hit and miss this year but they have survived the poor summer weather. Maybe they will fare better next year.

I think the tiny yellow flowers of this Sisyrinchium are so pretty but it doesn’t usually have any flowers out at this time.

I was going to make some crab apple jelly this year but with one thing and another I never got around to doing it and besides the blackbirds are helping themselves to them now.

This Ajuga looks nice and seems to like being in this planter. I love the dark leaves. The pansies were brought by the birds or on the wind….

The fish are still asking to be fed….

I thought I had lost these last winter but thankfully they have come back at last. Smaller than usual but at least they haven’t disappeared altogether.

Finally here’s the job for tomorrow…..Leaf clearing again. Not a job I like but has to be done I suppose.

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Hi Homebird.
Your November garden is looking very pretty.
Those gladioli are lovely :o)

13 Nov, 2012


Lovely blog Hb....If i remember correctly sow your Agapanthus seed as soon as you have harvested them in well drained seed compost and cover with grit.. i would keep them in the greenhouse until germinated and the seedlings in a cold frame for their first Winter...:>)

13 Nov, 2012


Interesting to see your autunmn garden :o) You've got such a lot growing there.
I think that Cotoneaster looks lovely on the trellis :o)

13 Nov, 2012


I love the leaves on the lawn Hb. like a nice wilton carpet pattern! Autumn is still going on in your garden its crazy how some plants are still flowering isn't it?

13 Nov, 2012


Lovely blog Homebird love those Gladioli mine has yet to flower.

13 Nov, 2012


Everything out there is looking great and your gladioli are the most lovely colours - how healthy they are.

13 Nov, 2012


Lovely blog Homebird, still lots of colour about in your garden. What are your " pests " called, i think they're quite pretty! my pests are usually "weeds "!!! whats the s&s on the dahlias?

14 Nov, 2012


Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments. The gladioli have been brilliant this year. I will sow the agapanthus seed today Moti, thankyou for letting me know. It's a good job the cotoneaster is wound round the trellis Hywel as its so old it would have fallen apart by now...
Grandmage I can't honestly say I like the leaves on the garden as there are just so many of them but you are right they do look like a colourful carpet at the moment. It's just the constant raking up I don't Blimey Sixpence, I thought my gladioli were late flowering but yours are even later. I hope yours come out as well as mine have. I have been really lucky with them Wildrose. Gralew I meant the slugs and snails which have been a nightmare in everyone's gardens this year. The invasive plant is Valerian. It can self seed prolifically.

15 Nov, 2012


Looking a lot more healthy than mine flowers HB - all flowers died - and I agree ajugas have lovely colouring - handy for me as they like shade too - my garden fights to carry on in the muchly detested winter by me. Your garden is very nice - bowles mauve doing very well too for you

9 Dec, 2012


Hi Paul, looking back at this I realised it wasn't as bad as I thought it Roll on spring and hope its a lot warmer next summer than it's been this year. Can't be doing with wearing layers of clothes in the garden especially as I have had to this year. The Bowles mauve is flowering better now than it has all summer....

9 Dec, 2012


yes the flowers did well very late on HB - my Mauve didn't get going this year at all - maybe next year :)

9 Dec, 2012

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