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Flowers 5th and 6th July in my garden......


I thought I would quickly take a few photo’s of the plants surviving the flipping downpours we are getting every day. It’s such a shame that the flowers are being weighed down or rotting from being too wet after the wettest June on record.. and what looks like continuing further into this month.
I got fed up of emptying rain water from the plant trays so I took them all back into the greenhouse before the little plants drowned.

The Sarah Bernhardt is so soggy it was almost touching the ground. The upside though is it’s scent. It’s is so powerful it’s a pleasure to walk past it and you can smell it half way across the garden.

I think this Rosa Ena Harkness is adorable. It was new this year. I had been trying to get this one for a long time.

Some more alliums are beginning to flower and I like this small blue flowered one..

I thought Paul’s scarlet would be darker red than this and is it suppose to droop???

Although I have lost the blue ones I had, these Penstemon Picotee Red are doing really well despite the soggy soil..

Despite me cutting it right down to about 18" last autumn the Deutzia is flowering well .

This unnamed clematis that Shelley bought me a couple of years ago has ‘Red Clematis’ on it’s label but it looks more white and pink to me…..It’s lovely though.

There are dwarf Iris popping up all over the garden. They were in a pack of assorted summer flowering bulbs I picked up for next to nothing…..

The summer Jasmine is covered in tiny pink flowers and I love the evergreen variegated foliage….

At last the Sweet Peas are beginning to flower….

The deep red of this Wallflower looks almost black until you get close up….

and the pink ones are a joy to see too.

I am fascinated by the Verbascum. It’s leaves and stems are covered in the softest down and I can’t help stroke the stem as I pass….

This Verbascum has ‘normal’ stems and leaves and it’s really pretty I think.

This hardy Geranium I bought from a car boot sale last year has it’s first flowers now. It’s a lovely pale pink.

I think there may be enough peas to pick for Sunday lunch….and maybe a few broad beans too…

Although slugs are a pain the Hostas are enjoying the wet weather and are flowering like I have never seem them flower before.

General Sikorsky has decided to turn his face towards the sky this year and you need a ladder to climb up to see it.

The young Hydrangea I grew from a cutting was pale blue last year as it was the first year in the garden. I think it’s going to be pink this year….

They don’t seem as sweet as usual, probably the lack of sun, but we are getting quite a few strawberries.

I love the flowers of this little pot of Osteospermums I bought earlier in the year after seeing photo’s of Paul’s…

The Bottle Brush Bush (try saying that quickly 3 times!!) It seems to be fairly protected in the corner of the garage roof. It’s flowering well now after sulking when the weather turned cold in May.

The Peiris are looking lovely still, on the steps with their new red leaves.

The black Bamboo has been in this little bed in the corner of the patio for about 5 years and has just decided to spread it’s self a bit. I don’t know whether to take the new shoots out or let it fill the space.

These Gladioli are looking so pretty in this bed with the pink Penstemons.

The stems of the Heucheras are almost draped on the soil but continue to flower there little socks off.

I was surprised to see this Day lily flower open even though its pouring down with rain.

It’s swelling the apples though…

A lot of the Dianthus were laying on the ground and after picking off the slugs…yuk!!!, I brought some of them in to the house to cheer up the lounge. Might as well have the pleasure of them inside I thought. The flowers not the slugs I hasten to add…..

I do hope your gardens are holding up well during this awful weather and you aren’t in the flooded areas I have been seeing on the news. Theres one good thing about living on a hill…the water would have to be 14 foot deep to reach my doorstep…..So long as the garden doesn’t slide down and end up in the lounge……lol

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You have some lovely colour going on there's breaking my heart to see all those Sarah Bernhadt blooms drooping like that. Mines is nearly open but most of the buds have gone yukky!!!!
Thanks for showing us around :))

6 Jul, 2012


Your garden looks beautiful despite all the rain Hb. What time of year did you take the Hydrangea cutting and how long ago please? :o))))

6 Jul, 2012


Despite all Hb. the garden is not looking too bad is it? I had to laugh at that snail in the 1st pic. hope you didnt put him in the greenhouse to dry!! I love that wallflower such a pretty shade of magenta, my favourite colour. Your Pieris are beautiful and that penstemon is a cracker. Its been a funny old year hasnt it? Still we could get a heat wave in August yet!

6 Jul, 2012


You have some lovely flowers and everything is looking extremely lush and healthy in your garden Homebird. Ive done the same as you with some of my smaller seedlings - put them back in the greenhouse to dry out a bit.

6 Jul, 2012


Thanks Scottish. The petals on the paeony are turning brown very quickly now. Seems we will have very short flowering periods this year on our special plants.
Hi Annella, I took the Hydrangea cuttings 3 years ago in late summer potted them up and put the pot in a plastic bag. Left it alone in the unheated greenhouse until spring when they had rooted in the pot. I kept them potted up until the following summer and then put 2 in the garden where they flowered last year and grew even more for this year. I have given the other 2 away.
Oh! Grangmage I do hope we do. The snail has joined his family and friends in the hereafter.....I love the wallflowers, they really scent the house and they last in water for ages too. Thankyou for commenting..:o))

6 Jul, 2012


Hi Poppy, Thankyou. It's the safest thing to do with all this rain. It's just stopped after siling it down all day here.

6 Jul, 2012


You have some lovely colours and plants Homebird despite our dreary days, good job really we need something cheery to admire even if its only a quick runaround between downpours, I also smiled at seeing mr snail, they get short shrift here as well.
My little plants have been in and out like yoyo`s, my bottom g`house has never been so full for July, its usually only cucumbers and spare toms but I`m tripping over pots at the moment..

6 Jul, 2012


Your garden is looking very colourful HB, and you have some lovely flowers in spite of the rain.

6 Jul, 2012


What a wonderful display of plants you have despite the rotten weather.
HB, I wanted to grow something through my young Magnolia "Heaven scent" do you think that pink jasmine would do the trick rather than a clematis.

6 Jul, 2012


Lol Lincslass, thanks. Fingers crossed we get some better weather soon although the forcast for round here is more rain every day next week. Hope it's only odd quick showers.
Thanks Cinders it is surprising really how the plants are standing up to the weather as well as they are.

6 Jul, 2012


Are those really wallflowers? I thought they were sweet williams as my wallflowers finished ages ago. Those penstemon are gorgeous aren't they - you have some lovely flowers in spite of everything the weather has thrown at them.

6 Jul, 2012


Thanks Stroller. The Jasmine is a bit dense once it gets going. I would say it is better grown as a backdrop or host for other climbing plants. Clematis look lovely through magnolia though. Have you seen mine. I have 2 climbing through mine and they extend the colour for months one after the other.

6 Jul, 2012


Oh! Steragram thankyou you are right. My brain must be waterlogged....It's surprising the plants are holding up as well as they are.

6 Jul, 2012


I was a bit puzzled with the 'Wallflower' too,Hb..:o)..despite this awful weather,you have some lovely colour...and the Dianthus are very pretty ..good idea to enjoy them inside ...

6 Jul, 2012


It's all looking very colourful and interesting. Nice to know you are not flooded out.

6 Jul, 2012


Lol Bloomer I could lie and say it was deliberate to see if you were taking notice, but thought I'd better fes up.
Thanks Hywel, I hope you and your garden are safe from the floods.

6 Jul, 2012


Thank you. The severe weather doesn't seem to have reached Carmarthenshire. I feel sorry for all who've had it.

7 Jul, 2012


Lots of lovely plants to look at here and they are so colourful and varied.

7 Jul, 2012


Thankyou very much Wildrose. I am slowly adding plants and hope they survive the alkaline soil, even though I have tried to improve it with homemade compost and bags of manure.

8 Jul, 2012

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