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Recently flowering plants around the garden on 11th June


We had a good day in the garden today, mowing the lawns and tidying the borders. It was nice to find more plants starting to flower. These are the most recent….
The runner beans….


Dianthus ‘Indian Pink’…..

Paul’s Scarlet rose….

Hot Chocolate rose….


Heuchera Sweet tea and Chocolate Ruffles…

Heucheras Green Spice and Sweet Tea…..

Delphinium Pacific Hybrid….

Russel Lupins…..

Yellow rose I believe it’s Golden Holstein…

Pink rose without a name…..

More Lupins…

Sweet Williams….

More Alliums….Ostrowskianum….



Cape Fuchsia…

Canterbury Bells….

London Pride….


Thornless blackberry….


Lavender Munstead…..

Hebe, Rose and Clematis…..can’t find the labels…

Verbascum ‘Snow Maiden’ and Knautia….

..I am gradually filling the top garden with cuttings and plants split from the other two areas….


Blue Iris …

Yellow Iris


Black Lace…

Pond Irises…

Well I think that is just about everything newly flowering. I am amazed how much there is now. Gardening is such a pleasure 99% of the time isn’t it.

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Lots going on,I like the top garden it seems to go on forever.

11 Jun, 2012


Your garden is beautiful, you have a lot going on in your garden. Lucky you, you have had a dry day, it has rained all day here, I am getting desperate to be in the garden but I don't think it is going to happen this week :((((

11 Jun, 2012


It's ideal for playing ball games when the family are here Pim. It's the last borders to be sorted and filled.

11 Jun, 2012


We have been so lucky here for the past 3 days Michaella, no rain. It's been really bad for you all further south hasn't it.

11 Jun, 2012


You've got loads comming on there HB, it all looks amazing. Absolutely love your poppies and lupins, they are gorgeous.

11 Jun, 2012


The brute whose name you don't know is Valerian ...

The hydrangea you sent me is flowering now :o)

11 Jun, 2012


Thankfully the plants keep growing even with all the rain and cold winds that has been thrown at them this past month or so...They like it better than I doSamjp. Thankyou I love the poppies and the Lupins too..:o)

11 Jun, 2012


you have so much in flower,Homebird..much more than roses have still only got small buds..just one is showing some colour..and my Delphiniums have massive amounts of foliage but shorter flower spikes than last might be all the rain,responsible for that..
,as I haven't done anything different...thanks for showing us your lovely garden in's wonderful :o)

11 Jun, 2012


Thankyou Bloomer for your really lovely comment. It's been so cold for weeks now that it's holding a lot of things back isn't it. Your's will be looking great when mine are going over then I can enjoy looking at yours...:o)

11 Jun, 2012


Like PimpI just love the top of your garden, no houses, just perfect, it is a very pretty garden you must be really pleased with what you have achieved, lovely HB.

11 Jun, 2012


You have a lovely garden HB. Would love to have as much room as you, and I love the dianthus.

11 Jun, 2012


Beautiful flowers HB - shame the weather not treating us more. Lovely garden though HB

12 Jun, 2012


You have such a lot to interest you Hbird it must be a pleasure to discover what is flowering each week. I love the long shot of the garden looks as if you could just carrying on walking into the great beyond.

12 Jun, 2012


Lovely garden HB and so many plants flowering. I'm amazed to see your runner beans in flower and looks as though you will have a nice crop of blackberries, the flowers look really pretty. I have the same cistus but the buds on mine are still firmly closed. It seems folk in the north of England are further ahead with their plants than those of us further south.

12 Jun, 2012


very nice Hb. a beautiful garden you have. :-)

13 Jun, 2012


garden looks lovely homebird, so pretty with lots of colour, i love the brute and seen it growing in all nooks and crannies near me but dont know the name, but it adds lovely colour ;o))

14 Jun, 2012


So sorry Hywel I missed your comment. Thankyou for reminding me of the valerian. What colour has the hydrangea tuned out to be in your garden?

17 Jun, 2012


Looks wonderful Homebird, very neat and tidy not a weed in sight !!!!!, I've grown the verbascum 'Snow Maiden' you've just reminded me to sow some of my collected seed :-), love the yellow iris, lovely garden...........

19 Jun, 2012


Thankyou very much Sinbad. Weeds are successfully hiding under the plants.........

19 Jun, 2012

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