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I have to share this story with you.


My Mother-in law has been saying for months now that she is not allowed to have eggs in her diet. I couldn’t understand why. She wouldn’t even eat cake because they usually contain eggs. She was slowly losing weight. T went to the doctors last week with her for her routine test results. She told the GP she had not had any dairy products for over 2 months. When he asked why, she said another Dr had told her not to eat dairy products and she really missed her eggs and cheeses. He said that she was harming her health by cutting out eggs and dairy products and just because eggs often come from farms they are not dairy products. She is 86 now and fit as a fiddle normally.
I wish Gp’s were more careful how they give information to older people, they sometimes take everything they recommend as ‘the law’ and instead of moderating their diet they tend to cut certain foods out completely which results in a poor diet.
Ok grouse over…

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so lpleased you mother-in-law is doing fine again H/B, and no your not grousing, I wish the Doctors were more careful also, I was very ill with blood pressure for three months, OH took me to a walk in surgery one Sunday and I took the three lots of tablest I was taking with me, the Dr asked when and how serious was the heart attack I had had, I said I have never had a heart attack, he asked me to go see my GP the following day, had to see a different Dr who again asked when I had had the heart attack, the Dr said if you have not had a heart attack why are you taking all the pills, I said my Dr had put me on them for blood pressure, he went mad and destroyed the lot, gave me new tablets and within days I was fine, the Dr told me that all the tablets I was popping down daily are only prescribed for people who have suffered heart attacks,

31 May, 2012


Well hope all gets better soon HB, sometimes we don't know what is healthy or not . hope all gets very much sorted for her :)))

31 May, 2012


Just shows that it pays to get a second opinion.

31 May, 2012


Oh! yorkshire, what a cock up. Good job you saw the 'out of hours Gp'. Glad you feel 'normal' now.

Paul, thankyou. She is back to a normal diet now. Everything in moderation. She should soon regain the weight she lost along with her strength.

I will be asking more questions in future that's for sure Cinders.

31 May, 2012


Yorkie thats awful!, and your mum Homebird.....I,ve taken to reading everything that they give me.....and why...they are so very busy, the amount of people they have to see in just a morning and then all the new info coming out all the while it must be exhausting........

31 May, 2012


They do work hard Pam and the majority are really good Gp's. I have worked with Gp's for years and there are (or should be ) many safeguards in situ from the computer to the Pharmacist to prevent mis- prescribing.

31 May, 2012


Pleased to hear your Mum's doing OK HB. I agree, doctors should be more careful how they word things with the elderly as quite often they are taken literally

31 May, 2012


Thanks Sheila, that is just what happened.

31 May, 2012


You would think that they would take more care with the "more mature" patients, wouldn't you...? lot...not quite as mature as our older generation, are quite "on the ball" about most things - but, my 83 year old mother believes that everything the doctor says is gospel...although, she does have a really good one...

...but, it's a small (for these days) surgery and there's still the personal touch.

Very glad that you got it sorted and that she's feeling better.

...and you too, Yorks.

31 May, 2012


It's not just 'mature' patients who think eggs are dairy produce - even though, if they thought about it at all, they must know they're not because they come from hens, but there's an assumption by a lot of people that they're classed as 'dairy'.
Certainly, cutting out, or at least restricting, cheese is no bad thing though - contributes to high cholesterol because its saturated fat, unfortunately.

31 May, 2012


really pleased your mums doing ok Hb, i agree doctors need to be more careful, we had an experience down here through careless diagnosis...

31 May, 2012


Hmm, well I think the days when we all thought doctors as a breed were infallible are long gone... I had 25 years with brilliant GPs, they retired, practice has changed and now I have terrible GPs - 3 wrong diagnoses in the space of 18 months... and I know I'm not alone.

31 May, 2012


It's not just older folk who don't quite get what the dr tells them.
Many years ago - my mum was showing signs of blood in her urine - went for tests etc as it was not the usual causes. She went back to GP for results.
The GP told her 'that there was nothing more they could do for her' and promply ended the appointment with a goodbye. Mum went home absolutely distraught as she couldn't believe that was how they tell people this kind of news. I was away on holiday and when I phoned home the same night - I couldn't get a word out of her. Had to call a neighbour to go in - it was agreed that the neighbour would go along to give the surgery a piece of her mind and complain about mums treatment that day....then I could go along with her when I returned.
It turned out that the condition mum has means there is no treatment and there is nothing that the doctor can prescribe!
Just shows that whatever else the doc said, all she heard was 'nothing more we can do' and was oblivious to anything else!
Glad your mother in law is now aware and has the full facts :)

31 May, 2012


I have found lots of proffessionals have no way with them :o( You'd think they'd use their sense, but I sometimes don't think they've got any ... they have many qualifications, but no sense at all :o(

I hope your motherinlaw will be all right now ... it's such a worry with old people ...

31 May, 2012

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