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The last week in February in the garden


I have had a lovely day in the garden today. It was a bit cool first thing but I had the roses to plant that I bought 2 days ago and the ground was just right for digging. As I prepared the places I had decided to put the roses, it was nice to see new growth popping up. I took a few photo’s to record the new growth.
It was nice to see the primroses flowering again at the back of the trunk seat after Phoebe had picked all of the flowers off at the beginning of the month to give to my daughter-in-law, bless her.

This Heather struggles a bit in the pot but my soil just isn’t suitable for ericaceous plants. It’s valiantly flowering though.

At last the Tete a tete daffodils are opening. I love these little ones and there are usually quite a few in the garden. I could see the rest in bud and they will be joining these soon I hope.

There are signs that the wallflowers I grew from seed last year and planted out in the autumn are going to flower for me soon. I love the scent of these.

This Day Lily is shooting up.

This was a surprise as I have no idea where this large crocus has come from…..

It looks nice I thought under the copper beech , the snowdrops have done well and there are quite a few daffs to come.

I can never remember the name of these lovely bright little flowers.

Last year I took a root cutting from my daughters massive bamboo and it looks as if it has settled in and new growth is evident now.

There are just 2 miniature iris open so far but more to come.

Something has had my Hellebore flowers for a snack…

I thought this little Pulmonaria is a lovely colour..

My favourite shrub is doing it’s best to give me a record number of flowers.

The snowdrops in the Lt hand side slope lawn look so bright now.

I have taken a bucket full of blanket weed from the pond. It is time to start adding the concentrated Barley extract we tried for the first time last year and it worked a treat.

The yellow crocus are coming out well now we are getting more sunshine.

and the Hebes are still looking good as they have right through the winter. So cheerful.

Well that’s most of the plants that are making a move in my garden now. I have really enjoyed being out there in the fresh air, seeing the promise of spring. I hope you had time to have a good look around your garden and found some pleasing things growing. Not long now to lovely bright spring days. :o)) Happy Gardening :o))

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A very interesting blog...
the rock area in the first photo is so pretty ...
and the pulmonaria is such a lovely colour ..
and, wow, lots of snow drops :o)
Glad you enjoyed such a happy day in the garden :o)

25 Feb, 2012


All looking very nice HB

25 Feb, 2012


Lovely blog. Lots happening in your garden already. Glad you had a lovely day. I got out for a couple of hours, too, and really enjoyed it, although there's far less to look at here.

25 Feb, 2012


Lovely HB - especailly like choisya and the Christmas box - looking up for you :))))))))))))))

25 Feb, 2012


Thanks Tt and Cinders. I only got pulled out of the garden twice. Once when my mother -in-law called to see T. (he had an operation last Tuesday and Mums do worry don't they) and I had to provede tea and cake, then an hour later when my Mother called to see what I was up to. Further tea and cake later, I was dying to get back to planting. Then I felt guilty for wishing they would have left it until tomorrow to call. lol.

25 Feb, 2012


Thanks Ojibway and Paul. Glad you managed to have a few hours in your garden too Oj. It is a lovely splash of colour the Choisya isn't it Paul all through the year.

25 Feb, 2012


oh yes Homebird I think they're gorgeous :)))

25 Feb, 2012


looking wonderful Hb, full of colour, the flower your not sure of looks like Ipheion uniflorum sometimes called tristagma.

25 Feb, 2012


Enjoyable wander around your garden Homebird, its great to see all the bulbs coming out, really galvanises one into action.
I too often resent visitors turning up if I`m gardening, I know one shouldn`t really feel like that but heighho one can be honest on here, lol....
Lovely pics...

25 Feb, 2012


That's all looking good - you have plenty going on :)
Isn't it a pain when all you want to do is get going , the trouble is sometimes when you stop it takes you ages to get going again!!

25 Feb, 2012


Those snowdrops and the pulmonaria are beautiful.

26 Feb, 2012


Your garden is looking good Hb.not long now and we can all venture out and 'do something'! I am very jealous of your snowdrops!! a lovely clump you have there! I love your virburnam tinus, I used to have one but each year its leaves used to get eaten by a million creatures, so I took it out, shame. Its a beautiful day here today, i might even go out into the garden myself. Lol

26 Feb, 2012


Lovely blog Homebird, enjoyed the wander round your garden, love your pond :-),I have the viburnum too mines been flowering since last September and is still covered in flowers,great shrub, I had a good day too moving a few things around and planting a few new plants, dug out a pink geranium that I had far too much of and put a heuchera in its place.

26 Feb, 2012


All looking good Hb

26 Feb, 2012


Thankyou Sl I looked up Ipheion uniflorum and you are spot on.
Lincslass I am so glad you said that and it's not just me. lol. Thankyou...

Thanks Scottish, it wasn't so bad when they could get up the garden to talk to me while I continued working but now I have to break off and try not to make them feel like I am in a hurry for them to go so I can carry on.

Thanks Stickie I need to find the label for the Pulmonaria as I want to get some more.

Thanks Grandmage. I am sorry you had to take out your Viburnam. It's my favourite shrub. Thankfully the bugs haven't taken a fancy to mine up to now. They eat my Helebores instead!!

Thanks Simbad, glad you had a good time in the garden too. Does you good to get out there and alter a few things doesn't it. I love Heucheras. You all got me hooked on them the year before last. I bought the Viburnum 2 years ago and I love it. It looks good all year round.

Thanks Sheila. I have been planting new bulbs today.

26 Feb, 2012


I've been planting today too Hb. Went out to plant up one smallish strawberry pot. Two hours later, also had done a bit of tidying up and planted 36 dutch irises! Most of these (30) went into a deep pot (the packaging had a hole in for hanging up right over where the height of the bulbs were, so I don't know how tall they grow) and the remaining six bulbs I planted in two clumps of three in the front garden. Are dutch irises very tall???

26 Feb, 2012


Sheila..They are up to 18 inches tall I believe. I have a pack too so will look at the label in the morning. It's so easy for the time to get away from you once in the garden isn't it. Always find something else to I want to try strawberries in a hanging basket this year as some members have had good success growing them that way. Worth a try I thought.

26 Feb, 2012


I would still be out there now if it hadn't turned cold! lol

26 Feb, 2012



26 Feb, 2012


Sheila the label says height 100cm. Plant Feb-May. Flowers June-Aug.

27 Feb, 2012


OK Hb - thanks for that:0))

27 Feb, 2012

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