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My weekly visit to my daughter's to babysit. What a surprise the ch...


I was surprised as I pulled off of the M18 at the Thorne exit to see that there was several more inches of snow than we have had on the Notts/Derby’s border. Wish I had taken a photo there, as everything was white with a deep frost and there was at least 6 inches of snow. I took these photo’s when I arrived at my daughter’s…..
This is the side garden where we did the make-over last year…

Christmas puds!!…….

The Camellia is full of buds…

….and the flowers almost out…poor things….

The water feature looks lovely though now we have got it working. With the lights underneath it looks like a cauldron boiling over

The Buddha made me shiver……lol

It was lovely though to take the two children out to play in the snow. I really enjoy my two days with them.
When I got back onto the motorway down here last night, I couldn’t believe the difference…hardly any snow to see. Brrr it’s icy cold though….
There was a nice welcoming scent coming from a couple of Hyacinths in the kitchen when I got home. I bought them last week from Aldi and at only 35p each I thought they were a bargain I couldn’t resist.

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Yes suddenly hit us HB - my Camellia exactly the same - looks same type too - real shame - probably won't see it flower now :( love the Christmas puds :D

Real nice big cobbles - poor Buddah lol

9 Feb, 2012


mines the same Paul~Hb pink camellia is dropping buds all over the path...
the garden looks great Hb... love the chrstmas puds :-)

9 Feb, 2012


It's such a shame the weather has disorientated a lot of plants and caught us on the hop really. So long as the plants survive we will be grateful. The puds started off round but son in law is no gardener and they are gradually turning into rugby

9 Feb, 2012


Unusual for camellias to drop closed buds if it went into the winter healthy, is it in a pot,they sometimes dry out even in winter.

9 Feb, 2012


Love the smell of hyasinths , so spring -like .
Great pics . Ted and I had a great time in the snow on Monday , until his hands went numb from making snowballs !

9 Feb, 2012


Hi Bjs, no it's in the ground by the side of the house, it's healthy, nice dark green leaves buds are looking good too, it's reasonable old around 12-15 foot high to..

9 Feb, 2012


Daughters garden looks lovely Homebird, our snow is still hanging about here and it keeps giving us the odd flakes today, always used to say that if it hangs about it means more to come, how delightful, think I`m getting old as I really wish it would go, lol...

9 Feb, 2012


The garden is looking all neat & tidy HB ..i love the smell of Hyacinths too..have 3 in the greenhouse almost in bloom..just for the scent when i go in..:o)

9 Feb, 2012


Thanks everyone, there is hardly any snow here today and it just started snowing a bit after a hail shower about an hour ago. I had enough of deep snow and thick ice last year to last me a life time, but at least I won't have to trudge through it all day anymore now I'm retired.:o) I can just play in it with the grandchildren.
How old is your Ted, Driad. It's lovely to enjoy time out with them isn't it. Nice to be a kid again for a while.....

Lin we say that too. Hope it's not going to snow for long as there is a white coating all over already in the past hour.My daughter just rang and said it was snowing heavily there again.
Hyacinths are lovely Joanella, will you bring yours into the house when they open?

9 Feb, 2012


Ted is a very knowing 4yrs and a bit , but playing in the snow makes kids of us all again . They have the sledge that the children had when they were young , a wooden contraption that can take two people , waxed for extra speed . His mummy says that they get envious looks from the others when they' re on the "run " .
Hope that the white stuff doesn't stick , Hb .

9 Feb, 2012


Aren't they wonderful at that age picking up everything so quickly. Oh! happy memories Driad. Our old wooden sledge had runners made from the the metal strip from a hearth fender, and a bit of old carpet nailed to the top, but blimey could it shift..... More exciting than the plastic ones we have for the children now.

9 Feb, 2012


No they will stay in the heated greenhouse Hb..just for my pleasure,I am in there more than in the house during the day, like you i am retired...OH says he doesnt know what i find to do in there...:o)

9 Feb, 2012


They have no idea do they. I say I am just going to check on the greenhouse and hours later T is wondering where I have got too. I will begin my seed sowing next week so T will be nipping up and down to ply me with cups of tea I hope. I can't wait to get started.

9 Feb, 2012


My Camellias are like this too, such a shame., Hopefully though we will find that everything pops up in the spring as usual, bargain hyacinths i got some for 50p and thought that was good!

9 Feb, 2012


The blue ones I got from Morrison's I thought were very cheap but these were a give-away price Grandmage. I hope the Camellias don't get too damaged now with all the deep frosts. I only have one small one that I made a bed especially for, because my soil isn't suitable in the garden and I love to see them. It isn't big enough yet to have flowers I suppose.

9 Feb, 2012


Think most plants/shrubs adapt H/b. I shove ericacious compost around mine and dig it in, they seem to be fine.

9 Feb, 2012


Oops, be careful what you wish for. We`re completely white again Homebird, even more snow now, kept it up from teatime yesterday on into the night, garden looks brilliant, all neat and tidy, lol....

10 Feb, 2012


The eastern side of the country has been hit the hardest hasn't it. I am glad the coating we have will be all we get now. It's so cold though isn't it. I tried yesterday to pull up some dead geraniums but they were frozen solid in the ground.

11 Feb, 2012


No more snow in the east here , but we're near the coast , further inland it was VERY cold last night , Buckingham was said to have -18C !
A lovely day here today and yesterday , long walks along the beaches in brilliant sunshine , a real tonic .
The greenhouse is my Wendy house , OH says that I enter Nania when I go in ; aren't we lucky to be able to switch off like that ?
Good luck with the planting Hb , I'm thinking of organising an old duvet for insulation as the Wendy house isn't heated . Has anyone tried this ?

11 Feb, 2012


So far we have been spared the snow, but, I feel we are still not out of the woods as yet, your daughter's Buddha looks like the one we have, just moved it again, was not happy where it was........

14 Feb, 2012


Hi Driad.....-18 is COLD.....You are so lucky to be near the coast, the nearest coast for us is a 2 and a half hr drive away. Don't you get too snug in the Wendy house with your Do you think it will stop too much light. I prefer to use bubble wrap against the glass, it does keep it frost free.
Dd I am wanting one for my garden but have not seen one yet.

15 Feb, 2012

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