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Bird quiz......Garden birds are back in abundance ....


For weeks and weeks there have only been a few birds visiting the garden and it was so disappointing last weekend when the bird count was on, but blimey they have all come at once this weekend. Sods Law isn’t it!!!
T showed me how to set the continuous shooting thingy programme on the camera so I have managed to get a few decent photo’s. Here they are, I hope you like them.
Trouble is …I haven’t a clue what some of them are so I was hoping you could enlighten me….my Rspb book has gone walkabout so I am well and truly at a loss to remember what they are. T’s out so he is no help, never around when I need him…a per usual…….Anyway here goes…

First there is the Blackbird that everyone knows and who never seems to go far away. I love to see him pulling up the dead grass and twiggy bits from the mud at the edge of the pond when he decides it is time to build a nest for his sweetheart.

Who is this strange looking chap with a grey streak down his back and a feather boa around his middle…

Here’s another of him/her…

..and another…

4) The one that got away….

5) This is a cutie, but what’s her name…..

You have to be pulling my leg when you say you don’t know who I am…

Don’t you just love it when the seed falls out of the feeder……

8) …… disguise………..

9) WARNING…may contain nuts….

10) This little chap is here nearly every morning all year round to wish us a good day……

11)..rare in my garden but fortunate to see him …

12) I take care of the crevices under the water pump…

…Anyway that’s a few to be going on with.. I hope you have plenty of lovely birds visiting your gardens. I have ordered a bird feeding station and can’t wait for it to come.
Thanks for looking in.
Take care in this crappy weather. xx

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Lovely selection of birds in your garden, Hb ... I think number 2 is a Fieldfare (Winter Thrush) ... number 6 is a Great Tit ... pic 7 are Finches and Sparrows ... and is pic 12 a Dunnock? ... really should know number 5 but cannot think what it is! ...

5 Feb, 2012


Some excellent shots there HB. Sorry, I dunno most of them, I only know the common ones!!!

5 Feb, 2012


I call no. 2 red wing, could be fieldfare, they are similar.
no. 4 Starling
no. 5 wren?
no. 7 chaffinch + sparrows
no. 8 frozen flamingoes!!
Lovely pics. Hb. well done.

5 Feb, 2012


i think 5 is a female black cap, pretty little thing isnt it.

lovely pictures. i love to see the birds.

5 Feb, 2012


Lovely blog Homebird, you've had a lovely variety of birds visit haven't you? wish I had as big a variety as you. We mainly get Magpies, pidgeons, blackbirds the odd wren, robin, starling, finches , odd chaffinch. ....and TRILLIONS of seagulls!!! Oh , and I nearly forgot the odd wagtail. The bird in your photo 5 looks like a wren, they are little cuties, delve into crevices for insects ect. photo 11 is a woodpecker,not sure what 2,3 and 4 is, but could it be one of the 'lark' family.Had a look through my bird books but not quite sure. No 2 definately looks like hes had half his feathers plucked from his back, what do you think? sorry I haven;t been much help, but I'm sure someone will know what they are.......OH,! what it must be like to have Brains, I'd certainly love a few more!

5 Feb, 2012


some lovely photo's Hb. number 5 may be a young female wren losing winter feathers as lin says :-))

5 Feb, 2012


Whilst I don't think that 5 is a wren, I cannot id it. Why not post the picture on our sister site "I spy a bird". There are several experienced birders on there who will give a positive id.

5 Feb, 2012


you dont think female black cap bulbaholic? i looked it up on google image but the link is too long to put on here

5 Feb, 2012


You have a grand lot of visitors Homebird and the photo`s are really good, I feed the birds daily and get very cross when they take a day off, guaranteed to coincide with my birdwatch day, I cheated this year and I was away instead, lol.
My little book hides itself regularly but I check on the RSPB site, the good side of having a laptop to hand, sometimes too handy as one can get sidetracked too easily as well....
Smashing blog..

5 Feb, 2012


I have never seen one, Sticki, do the females have a lighter cap than the males? The RSPB site only shows one with a dark head.
But yes, you are right. The RSPB book of Scottish Birds shows both and number 5 is a female blackcap (I think).

5 Feb, 2012


yes Bulbaholic the female has a brown hat on by the looks of the google image picture

5 Feb, 2012


here we are, I found another link:

5 Feb, 2012


Thanks everyone it's becoming a bit clearer now. Still haven't found my bird book (thinking that maybe one of the grandchildren have taken it with other books I give them). So far we have ...
1 Blackbird
2 /3 Fieldfare
4 Starling
5 Female Blackcap
6 Great Tit
7 Chaffinches and Sparrows
8 Frozen Flamingos and duck that's green with envy...
9 Pheasant
10 Robin
11 Woodpecker
12 Dunnock
I will put a photo up on I Spy a Bird, thanks for reminding me of that, I had forgotten.

5 Feb, 2012


I'm no good with bird names, but you've taken some great photos. I like the one of the robbin.
No 7 - Bullfinch ? (or some finch) I haven't seen any since moving here. There were lots in the other garden.
I think Blodyn frightens them away ...

5 Feb, 2012


lovely birds - already named now - lucky to have them HB :)))

5 Feb, 2012


i think your right there Sticki, female blackcap..

5 Feb, 2012


12 is a dunnock.

5 Feb, 2012


Thankyou so much everyone, you certainly know your birds, not just your plants. I have edited the list so I can refer back to it as I need to. Hywell I am not sure whether No 7 are - Bullfinch or Chaffinch. It's dificult to tell as I didn't get a close enough photo.
Thanks again to Shirley, Sheila,Granmage, Sticki, Lin, Bulbaholic, Hywel, Paul and Surrylad you make a great team....... :o))

5 Feb, 2012


Ah, I would have struggled for ages to name number 5 ... another variety I have yet to see in my garden ... so pleased you have named all of them now ... :o)

5 Feb, 2012


It's fun finding out together! Thanks for putting the lovely photos on.

5 Feb, 2012


Thank you for sharing your pictures, they are lovely. I'm no good at naming birds. I only know the common ones. I will keep this on favs for reference. Some of these don't visit my garden :(
Had a woodpecker stop by last week - neither myself, son or Sister in law could get a picture. I'm sure he/she knew we were trying and hid behind the leg of the bird table :))

6 Feb, 2012


I could just imagine the woodpecker playing peak-a-boo-round the leg of the bird table, Lol Scottish. :o))
Shirley and Sticki, it didn't take long did it to sort them all out, thanks very much......:o))

6 Feb, 2012


:-) looking forward to the next set of pictures, wish i could get some nice ones, they are mostly a blur!!!

6 Feb, 2012


Lol, Sticki ... I have almost given up trying to get a decent pic of the garden birds ... far too cold to get close to them today ... :o(

7 Feb, 2012


i only try getting them through the window!!!! although i did get a robin today ~ not very close though.

apparently you need a zoom lens ~ mine isnt good enough. :-(

7 Feb, 2012


Wow what a selection how lucky are you? so you will have even more with your feeding station wont you?

14 Feb, 2012


That's what I was hoping for Dd but there are only a few who will feed from it yet, and they don't hang around long enough for me to focus the

15 Feb, 2012

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