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Clumber Park near Worksop in Nottinghamshire.


We like to go walking in the park at Clumber, especially at this time of year as it blows the cobwebs off and does me good to be near the water for a while. It’s about 5 miles from home and when we were children and teenagers with a group of friends, we often biked it there to picnic and paddle in the lake or play ball games.
Here is a bit of information about the estate that you may find useful, some of which you can find on wikipedia. The Park was originally left to the people of Worksop by the late Duke of Newcastle but the National Trust bought it in 1946
Clumber Park covers over 3,800 acres (15 km²) in extent, including woods, open heath and rolling farmland. It holds a wonderful serpentine lake covering 87 acres (352,000 m²) which in the summertime you can cross on a ferry. If you are a cyclist you can either bring your own cycles or hire one there to get around a bit more during your visit or there is a caravan and camping site in the park if you want to spend a day or two exploring the area.

As you drive through the park there is the longest double avenue of lime trees in Europe. The avenue extends over three miles (5 km), and was created by the 5th Duke of Newcastle in the 19th Century.

On the way to the main parking area there is also a cricket pitch with a thatched roof pavilion in the style of a cottage clad in rustic split logs. I love this……

Today we decided to go to the other side of the lake first. To do this you must drive or cross the lake using this wonderful balustraded bridge…

….and just to the left as you cross the bridge you can take the track that leads to a car park beside the lake.
Here there is a shallow water fall that feeds the bottom of the lake from the top area. This is where the ducks and swans expect to be fed….

After a while we re-crossed the bridge and headed for the visitor centre to park up and take our walk down that side of the lake. The park is an excellent place for long walks and has several miles of paths and cycle tracks surrounding the lake. This is the hire shop next to the car park……

Which way shall we go?…….

Past the church of Saint Mary the Virgin. We can’t go inside today as they have closed it for cleaning and renovation. It will be open again in a few weeks.

Past the church and down towards the lakeside….

….from here you can see the Folly…

The wind had got up as we walked in the open by the lake and it was too cold for brass monkeys so we never got to photograph any….Glad we wrapped up well. Here we look down towards the end of the lake which is in Hardwick Village…..

A lovely seat to rest awhile. There is an identical one on the right hand side of the path, a perfect circle..

The lake then drops over the weir and becomes the river Poulter. This is the weir…..

Wouldn’t I just love to live in that house.

Heading back through the woodland sheltered from the wind, there are dozens of grey squirrels begging for food or scampering up trees and chasing one another. They are so used to people walking through they have very little fear of us. The sound of the birds lifts the spirits and it’s so peaceful you can feel yourself calming down and relaxing into nature.

There are hundreds of Rhododendrons in the grounds of varying kinds and so many beautiful trees of all shapes and sizes…

I thought these tree trunks were fascinating…

Almost back to the church and the visitors centre now. I was getting quite peckish. (starving actually)

Through into the walled area there is the cafe’ Hooray, food and a hot drink. It was only 12 45 so we had the “Winter Warmer”…Bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs beans and toasted muffin with a lovely hot cup of tea. It went down a treat.
Energy restored we strolled through to the plant centre via the area where they perform the outdoor theatre in the summer. Can you see the stone dais under the wall which is the stage…..

Then through the gate into the plant and gift shop area…

Didn’t see anything we haven’t already got…(Ha!!!) Wish I had gone in by myself..

On the way home through Carburton past the lakes where the herons come from to empty our ponds I snapped one of the lovely villas that are dotted all over the estate. They are all tenants of the duchy and work or have retired from work in the estate. How lovely it must be to live and work in these beautiful surroundings. I was lucky enough to visit this area as part of my duties as a D/Nurse.

This is the lovely horse water trough and drinking fountain on the road between Carburton and Welbeck. I have had many a drink from here as a child.We didn’t care then where the water came from but it didn’t do us any harm….

Well that’s the end of our few hours taking in a bit of fresh air. Calling at the Co-op for a bottle of milk as the one I got last weekend’s gone off.
Home and a good pot of tea and a nice bit of cake…… Thanks for coming with us. :o))
Here is the photo of the walled kitchen garden and glasshouse taken in the summer that I forgot to include…

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Lovely blog Homebird - and a lovely day for you - isn't it great having a snow free winter - being able to visit these places - love the church very much - and a wonderful place - hope your cake was nice ;))))))))))

26 Jan, 2012


Thanks Paul, it helps to get outside in the natural light and fresh air for a while. Doesn't half give me an We are getting away lightly so far with the weather aren't we. Thank goodness we are a lot nearer spring now. I have started ordering plants for the garden.

26 Jan, 2012


What a delightful place H.b. no wonder you like walking there, bet it looks quite different in the summer, you will have to do another blog for us all then!! Thank you.

26 Jan, 2012


Lovely blog Homebird! Some great shots

26 Jan, 2012


Thanks for looking Gm and Sheila, it looks beautiful when the Rhododendrons are flowering. We will take some photo's then.

26 Jan, 2012


That has brought back memories of some great days out when the family were little, we all liked Clumber park and yes we`ve had a drink from the fountain, no harm done here either, lol... Lovely blog Homebird...

26 Jan, 2012


Thanks Lincslass I am glad you know the area too. It's so pretty when the Rhododendrons are in flower isn't it.

26 Jan, 2012


I remember it too,but we didn't have time to see all this on your pics,Homebird..we went to that big Sunday market nearby..can't recall it's name now.wonder if it's still going ? I'm glad you have shown more of it,than we saw,as we might pay another visit,with being NT members since we retired..that'winter warmer' sounded good ! :o)

26 Jan, 2012


looks like a really lovely place to go Hb, love that chapel there :-)

26 Jan, 2012


Great blog Hb...really enjoyed it...:>)

27 Jan, 2012


Lovely blog! What a beautiful place! The architecture of the little house is amazing! Thoroughly enjoyed it - thank you for sharing. :o)

27 Jan, 2012


Thanks for looking everyone. I forgot to put the photo of the walled garden and glasshouse on. I will try and do it now.
The market you refer to is Thorsby I think, Bloomer, it's closed now untill Easter I think. We haven't been for ages, I had forgotten about it. It is massive isn't it. It's about 5 miles from Clumber on the Thorsby Estate.

27 Jan, 2012


This looks a wonderful place. You took some excellent photos. I enjoyed the tour. Thank you :o)

27 Jan, 2012


Thanks Homebird,that's the one..might make a combined trip,when it re opens..:o)

27 Jan, 2012


It is a lovely place TT and very popular with dog owners as there are miles of free running for them. Our Bo used to get really excited as we approached the gates even when we were only passing on our way from the A1 after our You must let us know when you are going to come Bloomer.

27 Jan, 2012


Yes I will,Homebird..that would be nice.:o)

27 Jan, 2012


Great ...... :o))

29 Jan, 2012


So, H. B. - do you live near Clumber Park ? I used to live in Worksop.

31 Jan, 2012


Hi Hank, Whitwell. Have you been to Worksop recently? I see you are in California at the moment and have been for quite some time lucky devil.

2 Feb, 2012


Yes H.B., went to Worksop just prior to my U.S. trip. Visited my ancient uncle who lives near the train station. Long time since I was in Whitwell though, about 60 yrs or so.

2 Feb, 2012


Theres been a few changes since you came

3 Feb, 2012

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