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Apple and mint jelly


My family love this mint jelly and I made more today as the garden mint was getting leggy and needed cutting back. It was a shame to waste it and as I had a lot of windfall apples that needed using as soon as possible it seemed sensible to use up what I had. I will put the recipe on as it’s really nice and is easy to make. So here goes and I apologise if I am ‘teaching my grandmother to suck eggs’ as they say……..
You need…….
6lb of cooking apples (I use Bramleys)
granulated sugar
120ml lemon juice
2 tbs chopped garden mint
A jelly bag or a muslin cloth ( I use a muslin square from when the grandchildren were very small)
It makes 5x 1lb jars.

I chop the apples roughly without peeling or coring them and put them in a large pan with the lemon juice, adding enough water to just cover the apples.

Simmer these until they are very soft. They take about 1/2 an hour. Take them off the heat and mash the apples.

Pour the mixture into a jelly bag or the muslin and tie the top to a support so that you can hang it to drip into a bowl.

Leave to drain into the bowl without squeezing the bag at all for about an hour and a half or until it stops dripping.

Meanwhile rinse the mint well under running water.

and chop it up finely.

Discard the pulp in the bag and measure the strained apple. Pour it back into the cleaned pan and bring it to the boil. Remove it from the heat and for every pint of strained apple add 1lb of sugar and stir till dissolved.

Bring this back to the boil and boil rapidly until it reaches setting point. (105c / 220f) or use the saucer test.
Remove from the heat and let it stand for 15 mins. The liquid will become clear.
Stir in the chopped mint and pour into warm sterilised jars.

Seal and label them.

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If you like a preserve with a slightly spicier taste - use chilli flakes instead of mint. 2 teaspoons should do the trick.

19 Aug, 2011


Well made blog on an original topic ...
Your photos illustrate the text very nicely... :o)

19 Aug, 2011


I am going to have a go at this, it sounds delicious, just need my mint to grow a little bit bigger as it's rather pathetic. My friend who is not a gardener at all grows wonderful mint, I wouldn't mind but she only planted it to put in her Pimm's.

19 Aug, 2011


Well, to me, that sounds a good enough reason to grow it Jenny...........:o)))
Thanks Nariz for that, I will give it a go. I think we would enjoy it.
Thanks Tt. :o)

19 Aug, 2011


Wish I'd had this recipe earlier, as I've had to chop my mint right back due to mildew.

19 Aug, 2011


that looked and sounds lovely Hb, i'll have to give that a try..

19 Aug, 2011


mmmmmmmmmmmm i love mmmmmmmmmint jelly.

19 Aug, 2011


wot do you eat it with ................. it does sound yummy !

19 Aug, 2011


Lamb would be good but I love it on any green veg, or even on roast potatoes.

19 Aug, 2011


It's a shame yourmint had gone mildewed Gran.Theres still time if the mint comes back as quickly as mine does.
Sl I bet your children would like it.
Cristina it is yummy and a nice alternative to ordinary mint sauce.
Sticki, we have it with lamb, beef or pork dinners normally. It doesn't last long whith my lot coming most weekends for Sunday dinner.

19 Aug, 2011


your lot are very lucky! hope they appreciate it!!

19 Aug, 2011


I feel at a loose end when they don't come and there is only me and T. thankfully thats a rare occasion. lol We are usually 8 adults and 4 children at the table. T made an oval board to overhang my round table so we could get everyone round it plus the 2 in high chairs.

19 Aug, 2011


i know exactly what you mean homebird! we had builders here this year ~ i liked that cos i had someone to make cakes for!!!

19 Aug, 2011


Aren't we daft...... we had been looking after our children all those years we just enjoy doing it again for a while don't we :o) It's very satisfying to see them enjoying what we make isn't it?

19 Aug, 2011


it is but my children dont live nearby and they seem to have a lot on :-(

19 Aug, 2011


Families are so busy these days, usually both working and trying to get things done on the weekends. My son-in-law supports Chesterfield football club and they all come to stay for the weekend when they are playing at home. Hurray for the Spirites I get to see the babies nearly every weekend. lol

19 Aug, 2011


Thanks I shall add this to my favourites looks great

19 Aug, 2011


Your welcome Sixpence......:o)

19 Aug, 2011



19 Aug, 2011


That sounds very nice to make and then eat. I shall put this in my favourites and remember it next year.:)

30 Aug, 2011


We only have 2 jars left now it is so popular with friends and family.

31 Aug, 2011

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