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It's time to tackle the overgrown border.


The border to the left of the slope lawn was really getting beyond control so we decided it was time for a radical makeover. The shrubs were taking all the moisture from the soil and shielding any plants from the rain. We had ended up with just a foot of border that any plants would grow happily in.
This is the hedge on Thursday morning before we made a start.

At first we had intended to cut all the shrubs down to about 4ft but when we started it was obvious that it was mainly all top growth with nothing new growing lower down. After a quick discussion I (lol) decided to cut everything down to a foot or so and hope that the shrubs would generate new growth from the base. It would be almost impossible to get the roots out without destroying the trellis and creating massive holes which would need filling with new soil. I had put these shrubs in about 10years ago after we erected the trellis as a quick cheap divide after the neighbour cut down a very tall conifer hedge and left the gardens open and we needed to keep our dog safely in the garden.
We filled the side of the house with the branches and T will take it all to the dump next week. We tried to shred it but our shredder wasn’t strong enough to tackle all the greenery and kept blocking.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that we had gained about 4ft of useful border now the shrubs were down.

This is what it looked like after the massacre…

I dug the soil over and replenished it with manure and compost. Then I set off to my favourite garden centre to buy a climbing rose for the trellis.
Unfortunately the tree section of the centre was closed for building works and they didn’t have any roses at all !!.

But……. there were some very nice plants that took my eye and I just had to get them. These are what I bought….

Hypericum ‘Elite Chocolat Lion’……

Sambuca ‘Black Lace’………

Cistus Florentinus which has lovely white flowers with a bright yellow centre……….

Cistus Incanus ‘Creticus’ a pale pink rock rose……..

Gaura Lindheimeri ‘Pink Dwarf’………

….and last but not least another Lobelia cardinalis ‘Queen Victoria’

Well … say I only went looking for a climbing rose!!… can’t visit a garden centre and come away empty handed can you?…

On the way home I called at our local garden centre about a mile away from home to see if they had any roses. Yep….loads of shrub roses….. but only this ’Paul’s Scarlet’ climber. It was a good price so I got it……

along with a
Potentilla frut. ‘Goldfinger’……..

There was a lovely rose bush I saw there called Chocolate something and T said he would go today and get it for me. Bless him.

I enjoyed putting all the plants in yesterday and the rain held off until I got them all in. Then the heavens opened and it will have helped to settle them all in.
This is the end result…..

You can see how all the plants that were in before are close to the edge of the border as this was the only place to put them when the hedge was so overgrown. I can move them further into the new border at a later date.
I have a couple of small evergreen Clematis I can put in the border later in the year and also a couple of clematis cuttings I took earlier this year from the C. Montana ‘Tetrarose’ , which I will put in to clothe the trellis when they are big enough.
I hope you think we did a decent job of taming this border. I am looking forward to it filling out for next year…….

…..and here is the rose T bought for me this afternoon…..2 in fact as there were two bushes and he didn’t know which to bring……… so brought them both……… :o)))))
Floribunda Rose ‘Hot Chocolate’.

I am a happy chappy……… :o)))

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Wow, quite a transformation HB. Well done both of you, its going to look great when it gets established

25 Jun, 2011


Oh! thanks Cinders, I was worried we had maybe gone a bit chain saw It's something to look forward to seeing next year, fingers crossed we don't have such a cold winter and the plants survive..

25 Jun, 2011


Good work ...
it will be fun watching the new plants grow :o)

25 Jun, 2011


What a huge difference you've made ... it looks lovely already ... imagine how it'll look in another year. Well done to you both. I love the Sambuca and the Roses too. : o )

25 Jun, 2011


oh wow looks great, the roses will look good up the trellis, all your hard work was well worth it....

25 Jun, 2011


Nice work Homebird - more pretties to see , you bought great plants to fill with - hard and rewarding work for you :))))))))))

25 Jun, 2011


Thank you all for your nice comments. I feel better knowing it doesn't look like a pigs

25 Jun, 2011


that's an excellent job done HB nice selection of plants too.

25 Jun, 2011


Thanks Sl, it will look better next year when everythings settled in hopefully..

25 Jun, 2011


i look forward to the Photo's..

25 Jun, 2011



25 Jun, 2011


that looks great .................... and i love the choc.... rose yummmmy one more to look for i think

25 Jun, 2011


It's got a lovely strong scent Cristina.

25 Jun, 2011


Bet that took some work!!! Looks lovely now HB and when they fill out it will be a picture :o)

25 Jun, 2011


Thank you very much Sk. Next year should see an improvement.

25 Jun, 2011


Just sacrificed some more lawn for a similar reason;-). My shrubs weren't quite as tall as yours and I need them for privacy, but they sure know how to take up a border.
After all your hard work your reclaimed border is like a breath of fresh air, and isn't it lovely to see a little bit of bare soil minus weeds? I bet you just wanted to stand in front of it and stare at it to take it all in.

25 Jun, 2011


Thank you Poodle, I am really pleased now that we bit the bullet, so to speak. I really should have kept the shrubs better controlled. I thought it might take the privacy away but thanks to the trees that have grown on the neighbours side it's not too bad. Hopefully when the rose grows and I get some clematis in, the trellis will look more pleasing next year. Although it's on the north side of the garden it looks much lighter now, probably because it isn't a dense green hedge any more.

26 Jun, 2011

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