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A visit to Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre


We decided to take the family for the day out to this center about 20 minutes drive from where I live. It is a lovely place to visit for adults and children alike. It’s an educational and pleasurable experience for everyone.There are small petting animals such as guinea pigs and rabbits, ducklings to stroke, a Shetland pony, goats and llamas. There are lots of hens, ducks and geese, turkeys and peacocks roaming free. Then there are the falcons, owls and parrots. There are also marmosets and meercats to feed. There were chipmunks in a long run along the side of another path with food in bowls for the children to give through the wires. There’s a skunk and field voles and I really cannot list everything there is to see and interact with. There are falconry exhibitions every so often too.
In the tropical house there are leaf cutter ants and terrapins, snakes, tarantulas, a crocodile, stick insects of all kinds. Poisonous frogs and toads and glow in the dark scorpions and other spiders.Flying free are butterflies as big as your hand and some were see-through others were so colourful they were amazing and beautiful exotic birds. Bats hanging from the vines and Parrots you can feed with a spoon and fish galore in the pond. The children really enjoyed it and so did the adults…lol..
I didn’t take many photo’s as the camera kept fogging up in the humid atmosphere, but here are a few of the ones we took……..

Bouffant or what…….

Ga-day mates………….
These are Australian black swans, they are very friendly
and don’t hiss at you.

Christmas dinner……..

The beautiful Peacocks displayed for us their gorgeous feathers too.

Just before we left the children played for a while in the playground and then flaked out in the hammocks……..

They will sleep well tonight…….
Heres a link to their web site……..

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lovely photos HB looks like you all had a fun day out, i checked out your link it really does look wonderful.

19 Jun, 2011


It's lovely for children Sl. Emily and Matthew were fascinated by the Meerkats and Phoebe just wanted to follow the turkey every where.....

19 Jun, 2011


Sounds like you had a great day out:-)

19 Jun, 2011


We really did K. :o))

19 Jun, 2011


Sounds a smashing place for a visit, I love them , although do avoid spiders , scorpions and creepy things, lol, can stand and watch the meercats for ages they are so family orientated.
Thanks for sharing your day Homebird.....

19 Jun, 2011


Plenty to keep you all interested, the bouffant made me laugh, talk about a bad hair day!.

19 Jun, 2011


Now that Emily and Phoebe are 2 and matthew 5 we thought they would be old enough to enjoy it and they really did...I forgot to take photo's of the Meerkats, always one standing on lookout, and they had babies tucked securely under them.
That chicken was so funny it followed us around and I really wanted to bring her home with me.....

20 Jun, 2011


Nice for the kids to see the animals.
Sorry I had to fast forward past the
birds :( But the butterflies were exotic

20 Jun, 2011


I used to love Butterfly World on the I.O.W. has anyone been there...
Love all the pics thanks for sharing... :o))

20 Jun, 2011


Glad you had a lovely day Homebird, enjoyed the pics. How has your beloved Cherry tree got on this year? Remember your concern last year after the chop. x

20 Jun, 2011


Thanks for looking you not like birds.....
I have never been to the I.O.Wight Crissue, we keep saying we must go ....maybe next year. Members of our family who have been say it's lovely.
Well, my Cherry tree did survive the massacre and grew more folliage and more flowers than I would ever have believed. I still don't like to look at it though....I don't think it will ever look nice again. I will put a new photo on for you to see Dido. Thank you for remembering...xx

20 Jun, 2011

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