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Back to our own garden after a week away.........


It was so nice to see our garden again after the week away and to see all the plants that have come into flower during our absence. Here are just a few…..

Sarah Bernhardt, full out beautiful, even though she had been blown over by the strong winds we had 2 weeks ago……

the roses continue to bloom like mad……

I was really surprised to find the pinks flowering as they had been in tight bud when we went away and they have a lovely scent..

….. the Hebe are a mass of flowers too……

….I don’t think it will be long before the honeysuckle is giving out it’s lovely scent ………

These alliums seem to have taken forever to open but they are quite pretty now……

…..just a few days ’till these delphiniums are open, I love the different blues…

…its nice to see the lavender starting into flower. I put these plants in last year and they have come through the winter well..

and the crop of wheat the birds sowed is almost ready for harvesting……

……with a bit more sun perhaps there will be enough strawberries for the middle of the week……..better get a net over them if we don’t want the blackbirds helping themselves first……

……and last but not least the clematis cuttings I took in march and kept on the windowsill in the conservatory have struck and have new top growth. I think I can take them out of the plastic bag now and put them in the greenhouse. I am so glad I had a go at propagating these.

Well I am off to saunter around your gardens now to see what you have in bloom…..Ta Ta for now….

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You have a lot of lovely blooms there HB. It all looks very nice. The peony is beautiful, and the delphiniums are going to be great. Clever girl to get the clematis cuttings to root. I have tried so many times but never have any luck. Whats the secret.

4 Jun, 2011


Glad to see everything's 'blooming,' for you coming home, those peonies are staggering!

4 Jun, 2011


lovely blog Homebird, Your garden looks lovely as always. Hope you enjoyed your week away, how did the weather treat you? we have really strong winds here and its getting stronger as the days go by. Its ridiculous for June. I noticed you've been taking fushia cuttings aswell. I've taken so many, this year and nearly all of them have taken, I did them in water on the windowsill. I bought a lovely fushia this year called Shrimp Cocktail, its just come into bloom, its a beauty. I must get a cutting from that one. Another one I bought is 'Betty' its a lovely small flowered fushia. You're lucky to have wheat growing so well, the poor farmers can't get theirs to grow!! I have a sun flower growing from the bird seed and some funny looking grass, perhaps I will land up growing wheat ah!

4 Jun, 2011


Its lovely going away but oh so good to arrive back and see the flowers doing so well in ones own garden, yours are really lovely, especially the peony, I saw how bashed it was in the other photo`s but its gorgeous now.
My Delphiniums are going over now but were lovely, the Hebes however in your garden are way ahead of mine, I noticed the white buds earlier today.
I`m always weeding around my feeders, we get some weird and wonderful things growing under them....
Lovely photo`s Homebird......

4 Jun, 2011


It looks really lovely

5 Jun, 2011


looks great - always nice to come back to the garden - the delphiniums look superb as it all does :):):)

5 Jun, 2011


Everythings looking lovely in your garden Homebird...

5 Jun, 2011


your garden is looking great, did you enjoy your week away, will send you fig cutting next week, the one I did did'nt survive so going to send you a woody cutting,

5 Jun, 2011


It's lovely to go away for a bit, but at this time of year wonderful to get back when one is lucky to have a garden and yours looks beautiful. Hope you got to the strawberry's before the blackbirds.

5 Jun, 2011


I bet you looked around your garden before you unpacked the cases ... I know I would have! Everything's looking good and colourful ... love those little Alliums. : o )

5 Jun, 2011


Thank you everyone for looking at my blog. No matter how lovely your holiday has been it's always a pleasure to come home to the garden isn't it. The neighbors next door said they had a bet on with each other to see how many minutes I was home before I was up the
Thank you Val for going to all this trouble. There was a lovely fig tree in the garden of the villa and I was so tempted to take a few cuttings but they probably wouldn't survive in England.
Lins you have done really well with your cuttings I will give that method a try.
Cinders I took cuttings from new growth in early March and shortened them to a leaf Axel, cut the leaves to half their length and put them in moist potting compost then into a large stiff plastic bag. I sealed the bag and left them alone on the window sill above the radiator in the conservatory until last weekend. It's the first time I have have succeeded with them and I think it's because I left them alone.

6 Jun, 2011


Welcome home and what a welcome you were given from your lovely garden. Your peony is giving you a very good show.

Lovely to see you've had success with your clem cuttings. I hope they continue to do well as you plant them rewarding :)

6 Jun, 2011


Thanks Wlass, Sarah B is obviously tougher than she It looks as though there are signs of roots through the base of the pots so hopefully I can pot the clematis cuttings on in a couple of weeks. I am really pleased I gave it a try again. :o)))

7 Jun, 2011


Sorry ... I'm a bit late reaching this lovely blog..
...beautiful garden :o)

14 Jun, 2011


Thank you Tt, there is so much going on in everyones gardens it's hard to keep up isn't it.

15 Jun, 2011

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