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A lovely week in Lanzarote.


T and I decided we were ready for a week away before the new grandchild arrives at Christmas, and everything goes bonkers here…
The villa we booked at the last minute was perfect and we spent a whole week just lounging about soaking up the sunshine, swimming, eating, drinking and enjoying the lovely plants and flowers. The only worry I had was that T would forget what side of the road he should be driving on…….. or drive too near the side of the road and barrel us down the shear drop off the side of most of the roads………
I hoped you would enjoy a few of the photo’s I took while we were there. These are the plants and flowers in the villa gardens…………….

A flower was forming on one of the palms…….

We only took a run out to areas we particularly liked when we had been there before,
the south west side of the island is truly, amazingly wild and yet beautiful.

The lava field is really inhospitable. but a must to see.

Sunrise on one of the particularly nice days……….

Sunset on th esame day……….

The cacti in the garden fascinated me and I would love to grow some as big as these…….

There is a garden of cacti in the middle of the airport and we sat here while we waited to board the plane home. Much nicer than inside the stuffy departure hall.

One had flowered and you could see the seed pod, I was very tempted to take a few of them but I thought I had better not……

It was the seedpod you can see in the front, middle area of this cacti…………

These shrubs had very nice seed puffs..

…and this was the plant label in front of it……..

…there were sage plants too which T said he thought always looked leggy and ‘had it’….lol

I would love this in my back garden………..

I hope you enjoyed the brief look around at the things that interested me, there was so much more to see but I didn’t want this blog to turn into a travel guide……
When we arrived home late last night I had never felt so cold, what a difference, I am glad to be home though and I will have to have a shufty round the garden this weekend when I have thawed out……..

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That was interesting Hb. Lovely cacti, and I like the Bouganvilia also. I used to have one that I brought in for the winter but it got so big I had to leave it in the greenhouse, covered with fleece, but it still got frosted, such a shame as it was beautiful. Glad you had a nice restful holiday. All ready for that new baby now.

26 Nov, 2010


Really looking forward to it Cinders. It's a shame about the Bouganvilia, there just isn't room for all the plants we would like. Mores the pity.

26 Nov, 2010


Homebird, I glad you had a lovely break away.....and some beautiful photo's you took...I personally would have "nicked" the seeds.....tut tut ....That gorgeous mauve plant looks like a bourganvillea....which you can get here, but they arent hardy....shame......glad you had a nice time ....what a shock coming back must have been.....pile on the fleeces lol

26 Nov, 2010


I was so cold last night I looked a right sight in my winceyette pyjamas, socks and cardigan in

26 Nov, 2010


Welcome back to Winter with a capital W.....pleased you had a good time, loved looking at your pics, I would have pinched some seeds too.....naughty I know!!!

27 Nov, 2010


I bet it was nice to see sunshine and be warm and it's just unfortunate that you've had to come home to all our cold, frosty and snowy weather.

I've never seen cacti growing like that...and one of your photos looked like it could be an aloe you think so?
If it is, it makes our aloe vera household plants look a bit puny.

Welcome home...brrrr!!

27 Nov, 2010


Thanks Dd, we were worried that we might not get back after listening to all the reports of very heavy snow in a lot of places. I would have been very brave and put up with an extra week or so there though.

27 Nov, 2010


Hi Whistonlass, the one with the flower stalk looks like it may be a type of aloe vera doesn't it and I wondered if the white edged plant was one too. There is a dusting of snow here this morning, I thought it was too cold to snow last night. We seem to be in for a long cold winter this year as it has started early. I can't believe the change in the temperatures in just one week. It was 6-10c at night in the greenhouse when we went away. Now it's -2c. Brrrrr
I hate the cold.

27 Nov, 2010


I loved those cacti. I wish mine could stay outside all year. Pitty about the seeds. It would have been interesting to see them grow.
Glad you enjoyed your holiday.

27 Nov, 2010


Thanks Hywel, I am wishing I had taken a few seeds now.

27 Nov, 2010


Next time ;o))

27 Nov, 2010


for a 'homebird' you certainly had a good trip ~ lovely photos, hope you enjoyed a rest!

27 Nov, 2010


I wondered where you have been Homebird, now I know, wonderful photos and a great blog, so glad you had a lovely time,

27 Nov, 2010


Pleased you had a good time but can understand the shock to your system upon arriving home, the jimjams sound cosy, lol, lovely photo`s and thanks for sharing, shame about the seeds......

27 Nov, 2010


Thanks Sticki, Yorkshire and Lincs, I have thawed out and my fingers are working again........ lol. I am really regretting not taking some of the seeds. (Silly girl)...

28 Nov, 2010

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