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Long Acre Plants Worst I have ever bought on the internet


I went to their site as I wanted some instant colour in a shaded area, hence I only ordered ones in flower now.
The plants are no more than plug plants, no flowers and the lily of the valley ( Convallaria majalis Prolificana) is any thing but, it is just a pot of soil, on my reporting this to them, they claim that it is dormant but has roots and it will come up in 2/3 weeks, strange that their site states it is in flower March / April. now end of March!
They are choosing not to respond to further emails, I feel that they are breaking adverting laws. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

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My lily of the valley are barely showing above the ground yet. It's a late spring this year.

25 Mar, 2015


Same here, probably got something to do with the sharp frosts we keep getting, the poor Camellia flowers are a wee bit brown round the edges and I fear for the magnolia as its just showing.....
Some ads are very unreal, you see summer bedding flowers in with daffodils and crocus, not good.

26 Mar, 2015


I've been very satisfied with Long Acre Plants. I think you misunderstood - you don't normally get plants actually in flower from nurseries mail order. Once Convallaria begin to shoot they develop very quickly and you should have flowers in April from those roots. Mine aren't showing above ground yet either but they won't be long.

Flowering may not be spectacular that first year of planting though as some perennials take a season to really get established.

I would imagine they aren't replying to your emails because they have told you what to do and if you don't do it it's not their fault.

26 Mar, 2015


They *are* a reputable Nursery, so be patient.

27 Mar, 2015


I have never had a duff plant from them. but you rarely get mail order plants in flower. they are nearly always dispatched dormant or as active plugs.

28 Mar, 2015


They had a stall at the plant fair yesterday and they had some really lovely ones!!

29 Mar, 2015

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