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2009 Scotland holiday: St. Andrews Botanic gardens part 3.


I have just found these other photos taken in the botanic gardens. Hope you all enjoy them!

Yes I know this isn’t a plant but it is an anemone, all be it a sea dwelling one! This was taken whilst we were doing our environmentally friendly rock-pooling on the Mull of Kintyre: not taking or moving, just looking and photographing.

And here is the poem I wrote about rock pools!

Rock pool.

All is quiet, sunny, and bright,
My peace is shattered by a horrible sight.
What’s stirring the water and moving the sand?
It looks like a net in somebody’s hand.

I’d better hide quickly to avoid being seen,
Buts it’s really quite tricky ‘cos this hand is keen.
I hope it’s the crab that ends up in the net,
But its always the starfish the hand tries to get.

It looks like it’s me; oh where can I hide?
How I wish for a really fast incoming tide.
But now it’s too late, I’ll end up in the bucket,
Just another dried ornament: oh sod it!

Happy gardening!

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I havent stopped laughing yet GD but Im a bit worried about saying I like this blog, cos they might ban me! LOL!

27 Oct, 2010


by the way what is that colourful thing in pic 3?

27 Oct, 2010


Thanks for the comments!!
The colourful flower is Fuschia procumbens. It was growing all over the temperate house.

I have just realised: please don't ban me Mr Moderator!
I won't do it again: honest!!!

27 Oct, 2010


I enjoyed the blog and photos. :)

28 Oct, 2010


I liked it too,Gdad,and don't think you will be banned..Lol.
I love the Vialli ,mine finished ages ago..

28 Oct, 2010


LOL!!! If they ban you we will protest!! :)))

28 Oct, 2010


Great poem......very funny!! super pics too.

29 Oct, 2010


Thank you one and all for the kind comments!
My poems will never be up there amongst the greats like wordsworth, keats, ayres (Pam), but if they make someone laugh or make someone smile, then I will be happy.

29 Oct, 2010


they do Gerdad...and now you are a legend in your own living room!! ;)

30 Oct, 2010


Fame at last!

30 Oct, 2010



30 Oct, 2010

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