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what a difference a couple of weeks make ...


lobelia urn – six lobelia “shrubs” and four “trailing” lobelia left over from the corners of the Buddliea and Sungold conifer planters – the “trailing” are round the edge




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Looking really pretty. They do grow quickly don't they once they get going.

11 Jul, 2014


Another lovely blue Fran and another rainy day. Garden well watered. Got spoilt by all that sunshine.

11 Jul, 2014


thanks @Waddy. I was a bit worried about "crowding" the plants - lol if I had my way I'd have one plant per pot! - but they don't seem to mind. They'll be gorgious when they come up a bit more.

sorry to hear that @Dorjac - been glorious up here, just to rub salt in the wound! had a paddle in my pool earlier today, only got out cos the gardener's due today, and thought I ought to dry off before-hand. Hope this weather's heading your way

11 Jul, 2014


Your pots are really doing well. Like Dorjac, we have had heavy rain here today so I was paddling too! Very cold and wet all day.

11 Jul, 2014


I love blue in the garden Fran. We have had fantastic weather here in Glasgow but, it will all end tomorrow. The garden needs a bit of water. :0)

11 Jul, 2014


sorry to hear that @Gee - hope the sunshine's heading your way - lol Dorjac would get it first, hope she passes it on!!

I had a bit too much sun over last couple of days - also a bit too much digging - but then I was doing that at "high noon" wiht no shade and no breeze to take the edge off.

me too, @Linda. For some reason it's a "cool" colour to me, makes me think of forest glades or woodland edges, I did want to make whole "blue garden" - but not like the "blue garden" seed box, proper plants!

12 Jul, 2014


Our weather has gone very variable Fran. At the moment it is hot and humid. Rained some overnight and then a bit of sunshine. The pigeon has constructed another stick nest in the same place in the Hawthorn. Apparently they nest any old time they feel a bit 'eggy'. I think they get fed pigeon milk on the nest, as it is never left unattended. Bits of sticks all over the path again.

13 Jul, 2014


had a bit of rain here last night, but not enough to make any appreciable difference to the level in the water butts - i hand-watered everything yesterday, adding some general plant food.

wonder why pigeons don't have a breeding season like "normal" birds and animals? maybe they've been around humans too long! the nest does't sound very secure, but if they're raised broods already, must be doing something right

13 Jul, 2014

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