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Got rid of more than half my plants, so at last I had room to reorganise things.

I had one table made of two kitchen cupboards that someone had thrown out, with a door across the top. Now I could put the plants that had been there on the end table, then lie the cupboards down to make a much lower table for my bigger plants, which were too small to be on the ground but too big (and heavy) to put on the higher platform – thought laying the cupboards on their sides would be about right.

Would have been, too, if the ground hadn’t been so uneven as to make it impossible to get them even vaguely balanced. So I tried putting them on their backs, which worked; not as low as I’d wanted them, but not as high as they had been, and the smaller footprint wasn’t so unbalanced as to be a risk.

But still too high for the bigger plants that I’d intended to go there, and no room for them with this lot on. So they went back to the end tables: I’d used inverted milk crates with wood across to make a raised level at the back, but fancied a change, so tried inverting plant troughs in an E-shape, to give two smaller bays – bit more interesting than one step at the back, rest all the same level. Besides, this layout meant I could cram pots in a bit tighter and so lessen chances of squirrels knocking them over.

That bit of blue is a baby bath accessory, which I’m using as a bird bath, at least I hope it will be used for that (of which more anon). I did have it on the table, but remembered reading or being told that birds like a clear view all round so I moved it to a more open space.

Got rid of the kitchen cupboards and door, and nearly all other scrap wood I’d rescued on “it might come in handy” principles. Then brought out the plastic shelf units I had no other use for (or, no room for indoors) and eventually decided on this:

It’s not exactly what I had in mind when I started reorganising, but it’s what I’ve got now, at least until I think of something else

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Fran so are so ingenious!

6 Jul, 2013


I keep moving plants around too. It drives my oh mad ;o)

6 Jul, 2013


Hi Fran,
I can see what your doing but to be honest there is a very simple way to do what you want and have a lot more storage space year in year out,

Have a think to this idea (one ive done for years)

Old planks and a few breeze blocks,
all you do is have a breeze block at each end of the plank and one in the middle,
put the plank on the blocks and this is your first storage shelf,
the next shelve is just a repeat of what you've done,
but on top of the first plank,
this is a good strong shelf/storage area with plenty of space for pots/trays etc,

Used builders planks from the builders yard are cheap and will last for years.

6 Jul, 2013


thanks, Steragram, lol it's amazing what can be done with next to nothing but some time and effort.

I try not to move them too much, Seaburngirl, it's just finding the right place for them, or at least a place that's less wrong than the last place I tried them in.

All this stuff is "found", Dungy: I only have to get it home from the communal bin area. I'm disabled with no transport, so getting stuff home from shops is problematical - if I can't get it on a bus or can't carry it in one hand or over one shoulder (walking stick in other hand) then I can't get it.

I have to buy potting compost from the hardware shop four bus stops down the road (smaller bags and higher price than supermarkets) because it's all I can do - and then I have to walk them home one sack at a time on a shopping trolley cos I couldn't get that load on and off a bus.

I've checked B&Q and other emporia, but they don't deliver the kind of stuff I want to buy. I had to hire a van and driver to get some wood from a local timberyard home for a shelving project, and that was nearly £100 without the cost of the wood.

Sp I tend to use "found local"!

6 Jul, 2013


I feel for you is there no one around that can help with deliveries
As for paying nearly £100 for delivery that is a rip off .
B&Q and Homebase will deliver all you would need for a year for £30.00 and that is dear enough.

7 Jul, 2013


HI Bjs, there's no one around on a regular basis apart from the handyman from the local Age UK office (and he's the one that cost the ton! the "charity" has decided to be profit-making, and charges £30 an hour for handyman services - took us nearly three hours to go, sort out the wood, bring it back and stack it more or less out of the way indoors)

not long ago someone gave me a link to Homebase, wooden planks and other stuff like that, they do deliver; so that problem's solved! havne't checked out their compost-delivering capability yet, but B&Q has them listed as "home delivery not available"

Main prob with ordering a year's supply is where to put it - especially somewhere out of the weather outside. and having got rid of the table, that's one undercover storage space less (or is it fewer?)

still, if i wanted them enough, i'd find somewhere to put them, een if it meant putting a dustbin bag around each one!

7 Jul, 2013


Tesco do home deliveries but our branch doesn't sell compost - the big London ones might though.

7 Jul, 2013


I have probs supermakret shopping online - because my pc rexolution has to be set at 600x800 the colums overlap or block each other, half the information is missing; it's like trying to write a shopping list by looking through a keyhole! at least the others allow the pages to take the whole page, so I can get most of it if i keep scrolling sideways back and forth.

sill, I'll try Homebase, see if i can get one that they will deliver. lol if all else fails, i can stack them in a row and build my self a chaise longue!

7 Jul, 2013

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