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People in the Guildford area are so fed up with all the potholes that they’ve started making little gardens in them, planting them up with Primulas & rock plants, little gravel paths & model people. They don’t last very long, but some motorists drive round them & some have stopped to take photos! What are the roads like in your area? Could be a new type of garden, perhaps even make the local county show!

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Bad in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire too

19 Apr, 2013


We need a photo ff. it sounds great. Might cause a crash here in busy Glasgow tho'.

19 Apr, 2013


My road is full of really large potholes and the annoying thing is our local councillor lives in our Road .... Just don't know what we pay tax for !!

19 Apr, 2013


Report them all to your County Cllr not the local one.
They will then work out the route for repairs.

20 Apr, 2013


Thankyou for your replies. No pic I'm afraid as it was all in the Surrey Advertiser. They have a plan, which of course means they do the main roads first & the side roads get left till last, so the damage builds up year after year as they are constantly patching up holes rather than doing a proper job. It's going to cost millions to bring the country's roads up to scratch. Perhaps you could plant a little garden in a pothole near your councillor's house, as a hint Kidsran.

20 Apr, 2013


I did put a letter in the local paper suggesting all gardeners collect up the small stones that get stuck in garden forks, and fill up the pot holes with them. The CC contractors could always put the tarmac on top.
Some clown replied saying if we did that it would take lorry loads of stones in their road.
Not long after that their road was completely resurfaced !

20 Apr, 2013


Our potholes, in Glasgow, usually progress to the point of substantial damage caused to vehicles (who's owners sue the council) or complete collapse of streets, 'cave ins', which are closed off for weeks at a time.
One day someone is going to wake up & figure the current policy is not only short-sighted, but vastly more expensive than than running repairs.

20 Apr, 2013


Your pot holes sound worse than ours Mouldy! The council here tries every which way to wriggle out of paying compensation for vehicle damage.

20 Apr, 2013


The drivers here tend to take out class actions, Feverfew.
Individuals sueing is rare.
We're not just talking about side streets, but those bang in the middle of the city centre!
It's sheer folly & crass stupidity on the part of city councillors.
Still, that's nothing new with their ilk. Lol.

20 Apr, 2013

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