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Accident's and Myth


By dungy


As ive not been intouch for a while I thought i’d tell you of a few gardening things thats come my way this past few months,

Now we all know about stories or Myths when it comes to gardening,
You know what im talking about!!!
The tales from old on things to do to help your garden produce grow better, "Sing to your plants, or give them asprin daily, or even urinate into mole holes etc etc!!!!

And then we have the “Myths” in gardening and this is we’re the problems arise,
Whats a Myth and whats a story????

Well ive found one Myth,
Let me explain i did something stupid a few weeks ago
ie I stood on the forks of my rake and knocked two front teeth out,
(oooch I hear you say)
Yes im now one bottom tooth short & one front top tooth short,

Now the truth about that “MYTH

Inspite of putting both teeth under my pillow for a week
Ive recieved "NOW’T from the tooth fairy.
She’s taken the teeth, But left me Now’t in return.

So fellow gardeners dont waste these cold winter evenings pulling your teeth out because the tooth fairy is a load of “MYTH

PS But im saving a small fortune on both toothpaste as i use so little these days due to lack of teeth,
And If anyone knows of a supplier of a shampoo called “shoulder’s” I’ll save even more as my hair line is getting less & less as the years go by so Head & shoulders shampoo isn’t needed anymore.

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My late Mam always sang to her plants Dungy.

Have heard of an aspirin in a vase of flowers but not tried myself.

Re rake oh no not your teeth :)

Had a wee chuckle re the shampoo

4 Feb, 2014


Shame about the teeth Dungy, but as you say you'll save on toothpaste!

4 Feb, 2014


In a bad way , Dungy !
Good job that we can laugh at ourselves , isn't it ?
What a sneaky fairy , by the way .
I think that the rake thing is one of the worse night-mares .

4 Feb, 2014


You're not behaving yourself Dungy, you have to be a very good boy to get your sixpence, lol...
I do chat to my plants, shrubs etc, give them a telling off if they're not growing well, apologize if I stand on them and my seedlings I give them a stroking as they grow as someone told me it strengthens the stems, not sure whether thats true or not but I feel better, lol....
Garden tools are lethal and we all lecture the young ones but very often do harm to ourselves, our own worst enemy.

4 Feb, 2014


I thought I could hear some one singing all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth lol. Yes garden tools are lethal weapons even elctric lawn mowers which chopped my sister toes off some years ago.

By the way Lincslass it is no longer sixpence its a pound now a days the fairy is suppose to leave inflation.

4 Feb, 2014


We really are toof faced us gardeners, just after i'd had the rake hit me "I looked around to see if anyone had seen what had happend,
A bit like if you walk into a shop glass door without opening it.

Ref talking to plants,
I refuse to do that after i was caught talking to my car phone "it was one that you just pressed a button and it was then hands free"
I'd pulled up at these traffic lights and i was talking away when i noticed two women looking at me,
The window was half open and i said im not talking to myself,
One lady replied "thats ok love wait until you start answering yourself thats the time to really worry!!!

So unless its human i dont talk to it.

4 Feb, 2014


I'm sorry to hear about your teeth.
Shame there are no tooth fairies in France. We have them here in Wales ;o))

4 Feb, 2014


they have Dent du Sourie [tooth mice] apparently. when the girls and I went to Disneyland Paris 10yrs ago the youngest girl lost a tooth and she was telling the receptionist she hoped the tooth fairy would find her pillow. I explained and she said they had a mouse that did the same thing. as my daughter found an envelop with 5euros under the door [and we didn't put it there] that must be true.

5 Feb, 2014


That's your mistake then Dungy - execting a fairy when you should have sent for the mouse. I hope your mouth isn't too sore.

5 Feb, 2014


I think I prefer a tooth mouse to a tooth fairy ! Maybe I should live in France ...

5 Feb, 2014

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