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Being a gardening fidget, and disabled by unwanted illness


I am now finding the Water Colour Crayons very useful.

Original notelets can involve all sorts of subjects and pass
the hours better than watching T/V.

An A4 pad of biscuit colour sketching paper for £3.99
gives me a large notelet. Lots of gardening and wildlife books on my shelves a grand choice of subjects to copy.

The crayons are easier to use, but damping the finished work has to be done carefully keeping the colours seperate.

To begin I took the advice of the Art Shop check out assistant and dipped the crayons in water. This was wrong.
The design should be completed with dry crayons, then carefully damped with a small fine brush wiped on a tissue to keep the colours seperate, and left to dry.

Recommend for any Goyers on the sick list.

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Hello Diane art work is very therapeutic and when you are not feeling to good it helps you to relax. Keep up your hobby
I haven't tried this method yet I will have to look into it.

21 Jun, 2017


It must be very therapeutic and give a sense of achievement with the end product.

21 Jun, 2017


I am thinking of making some to use as Christmas cards.
100 sheets at £3.99 = 3p each, + the cost of an envelope
to fit, + the Scout that makes economic
sense ! Have to think of an original Christmassy plant
or tree design.
I rather like the African baoaba tree. Its as if it is saying
' Look at me, I am here ! I want to be a Christmas tree
too !'
It can store more than 25,000 gallons of water in its trunk.

22 Jun, 2017


That's good value. It's also nice and personal. Much better than shop bought and something to treasure because you have done it.

26 Jun, 2017


Thank you everyone.
On the front I have done The African Baobab Tree
which is a natural water tank. It can store 25,000
gallons of water in its trunk.
Inside, ' A love and respect all trees Christmas greeting.'
Another one I found easy to do is the
Australian Onion Tree.
Lovely fun.

27 Jun, 2017


Hi Diane, I like to try doing art projects too, but my artistic ability is sadly lacking. I still have fun, and that's more the point for me. I think your Christmas card ideas sound wonderful. I would love to see photos!

1 Aug, 2017


Sorry Pamela I dont go in for the technical photos method.
Then found the Onion Tree is actually The Australian
Grass Tree so did it again.
The idea is now improved. I have done a nice one of
The Cinnamon Tree. The message is ' Look for Cinnamon on the Spice Rack when you go to the supermarket'.
Have also done the Allspice Tree, message is
'Allspice is not a mixture of spices, it is an individual tree that grows in Mexico.' Do you know where Mexico is ?Look for Allspice when you go shopping.
I have also done the Mediterranean Cyprus, The Pyramid
Tree (there is one in Kew Gardens), The Illawara Flame Tree from Eastern Australia ( didnt enjoy doing red leaves) strange that - am used to trees being green.
The Pong Pong Tree from India, The Custard Apple Tree,
The Boojum Tree from the Baja Desert, and am just
starting on the Sausage Tree !
All good fun.

4 Aug, 2017


:D I will have to look some of those up - they have such funny names, pong pong tree indeed! And sausage tree :D

4 Aug, 2017

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