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Today Feb 5th I just went out onto my balcony


and pulled a lovely bunch of fresh picked Carrots.
Sown in old potting compost in a planter, they would not
win prizes in a show. They are worth gold to me, steamed
in the microwave for my dinner.
I always buy 2 packets of Early Nantes. One to sow in April on the garden in sooted soil, to keep the Carrot Fly off,
as they have a very strong sense of smell, and Onions in the next row are not always effective.
One to sow mid June when the Carrot Fly have been taken by all the nesting birds, to feed their young, – to grow over the Autumn and winter.
I have read that Carrot Fly can smell Carrots from 7 miles
away. Outwitting them is something gardening beginners have to learn to do. When pulling Carrots in May, always
recover the rest of the row with a 3" high layer of soil.

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If you have chimneys that need sweeping in your area
Snoopy, the contractor will be glad to get rid of the soot,
as their wives hate it being trodden into the house !

5 Feb, 2015


Bouncing with good vitamins then Diane ?
Well done , what a treat !
Snoop , you could try some parsley too , I've heard that is also good .

5 Feb, 2015


Hi, carrot fly only fly at a height of about 18", so if you put a fine mesh all around your bed of carrots, at a height of 2' you should be ok, Derek.

5 Feb, 2015


That's what they say Derek, but, they got ove a barrier that I erected a few years ago with mesh. I try to grow resistant varieties. Resistafly were not successful for me but Flyaway have been a few times!

6 Feb, 2015


That's wonderful Diane, who would have thought it in February? I bet you really enjoyed them.

6 Feb, 2015

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