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Chelsea - hoping for better coverage.


I am not getting old and irritable but I am fed up with BBC wallahs focussing solely on the show gardens at Chelsea, and the Marquee displays – choice blooms all grown in heated polytunnels, or imported from abroad. Dont they ever think of anything else thats there, that ordinary people grow ?
I watch it with the sound turned down, always hoping for an improvement in the syrupy descriptions.
They ignore the Flower Arrangements, nothing about the Alpine Garden Society stand, nothing about the trade stands etc.
Just drooling about celebrities and their 3rd rate
(“I have a man to help me”) gardens, Dermot and his latest mad idea. One of these days he will actually grow something himself !
I look forward to Goyers photographs – to cheer me up.
Some photographs on our site are better than Chelsea !

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I have to agree, they don't show things that we want to see do they. I have missed some of the programmes, and I used to watch them all. It really doesnt bother me now if I miss them. I would have liked to see the alpines, and Vicki's heuchera's, (I suppose I might have missed them) but it doesnt hold my interest now.

26 May, 2012


Nariz wrote a blog earlier in the week expecting to be shot down in flames......if you takea look....he wasn't!.

26 May, 2012


I have to agree with you Diane, its not as good so I don`t feel bothered if I miss it, we have been getting far better from our friends on here.
I was pleased to see our local man Adam Frost has won gold yet again, mind you I found that out from the local paper..

26 May, 2012


You are not wrong local nursery was at Chelsea for the first time and won a Silver Gilt - I watched every programme just to see if they were mentioned or done a feature on them. Well he got a tiny wee mention from Carol Klein and that was about it!!
I managed to catch the tail end of the highlight show this evening and Chris Beardshaw(?) said similar - how they should be moving towards real gardens and not all those showy expensive ones. But then I wonder if he only said this because of the garden he help create this year!

26 May, 2012


I also agree. I found it boring and only watched a few snatches.
And I think Alan Titchmarsh is very irritating :o(

26 May, 2012


I think he's been using hairspray.......;0)

27 May, 2012


Pam .... I'm a laydeeee ... not a 'him.' I know the avatar could be confusing - it's Spanish for 'nose' - a nickname my Partner gave me years ago. But, to get to the point, I was quite worried about 'dissing' the Chelsea Flower Show as it's such a high-profile event, and now I'm glad I did as you all seem to be 'with me' on my disappointment of the show and its coverage by the BBC. Hopefully these comments may be picked up by someone who knows a man who knows an RHS Official and a BBC producer and next years' CFS will be more interesting for all concerned. I've not been taken in at all by the interviewed Officials who merrily claimed how 'wonderful' it's all been this year! They're in denial!

27 May, 2012


Cinderella I put a photo of Vickys Heucheras on my blog on Gardening Scotland. The stand they had here of course, which judging from previous comparisons would have been similar to what they had at Chelsea. They were very busy. Bulbaholic in a blog, showed how the Scottish Rock Garden Club were constructing their stand so if you look at that and then at my blog you can see the finished article. The Alpine plants are lovely. Sorry Diane I did not get any photos of the floral arrangements. There were too many people in that area. I feel the same about TV coverage. In fact if OH did not get a free licence there would be no tv in this house. The majority of programmes are repeats or re edits of earlier ones but I' m sure you can do without the grumpy old woman comments at this hour of the night.

7 Jun, 2012


Thanks Sg, I will take a look

7 Jun, 2012

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