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By davros


Here are a few of the tools I use: I particularly like old ones;I love the quality and feel of them.

3 hoes: the one on the left is like a big draw hoe,very useful for earthing potatoes up.Has anyone seen one like the small one on the right before?

That old fork looks older than I am,lovely patina on it,a pleasure to use that

Just an old shovel,but useful at times.I remember when I was a kid a shovel was about the only tool we had;we used to use it for digging the garden,fetching coal,and with a sheet of newspaper across it drawing the fire.

Not so old this spade,a good buy for 2 quid at a car boot ,my being on the tall side the long shaft suits me.

Don’t see many people using a mattock but I find them very useful

When the grass on the site grows long I’ll get my ‘grim reaper’ scythe out and do my ‘Poldark’ impression-If there’s no one about I might even take my shirt off.

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I found this very interesting as I have some posh new tools and some really old ones. One fork with the outside tines broken off is really useful for prizing out stubborn roots. My late Father's hoe which is really tiny, having been worn away over the years, though I must replace the handle as he put it on a square one and it's not the most comfortable! The long handled sugarbeet hoe from the decades ago when I used to work on the land, is also small and nips round plants nicely. Even an old bread knife is useful for prodding down to get to stubborn deep roots. I like my new border fork and spade as they are smaller and lighter than some of the older tools which were definitely built to last! I should know what the one on the right is, but can't remember unless it's for root delving - someone will know.

6 May, 2015


I'm all for the short handles, being a bit of a short a..s myself Davros. I love the stainless steel tools - OH gave me a fork and spade for Christmas a few years ago and they are great - so easy to clean after use too. Never seen that tiny hoe before. I got a very old draw hoe from a car boot sale - not often used but irreplaceable when that's what you need! My dutch hoe has a very very soft handle which is all rough and nasty - time for a new one there I think. I also have a three tined cultivator which is good for quick weeding of larger areas.
Snoop I am being tempted by that backsaver..

6 May, 2015


Snoop, that's the patina of age!

6 May, 2015


Snoopy! !!!

6 May, 2015


I do like gardening tools, some of mine I've had donkeys years and others have been added to over the years, its a fact I'm not in any danger of getting any of them dirty at the moment unless someone is willing to build me a nice strong waterproof windbrake, lol....
Davros I wouldn't dare use that grim reaper tool, knowing me I'd end up legless with no evidence of empty bottle around..

6 May, 2015


I've used a smallish scythe but most of them have the handle set for somebody taller than me so i'd need to stand on a stool...

6 May, 2015


Stera, you should have eaten all your porridge up when you were a youngster like I did!

7 May, 2015


That's probably it then - I still hate porridge.

7 May, 2015


All in perfect condition :-)

10 May, 2015


Thanks Klahanie.

10 May, 2015


You have some lovely old tools there.
I use a Mattock regularly.mine is quite old but I couldn't do without it.....ideal for grubbing out roots of shrubs, weeds, etc!

10 May, 2015


Thanks Paulspatch, you're spot on there.

11 May, 2015

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