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Furry Invaders


By davros


Hallo everyone, excuse the lack of a picture-just joined growsonyou and can’t seem to fix a picture on,recently took on an allotment and can’t wait to get stuck in Had a problem with rats in my plastic dalek-shaped compost (as anyone else had that problem?) so I bought an old fashioned wooden trap and baited it with peanut butter-and caught eight of the blighters over a month or so;they were all ages so I think there must have been an extended family living in there.Isuppose to a rat compost bin with its warmth and plenty of bedding must seem like the Ritz,anyway ,I’m hoping I’ve seen the last of ’em for the time being. Bye for now.

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Oh dear......winter quarters I guess, rather pleased that there isn't a photo......

5 Mar, 2015


Welcome to Goy! Had a horrid suspicion I saw oned in ours a few days ago but for now am pretending I didn't. Maybe the cat will find it before I do...Fancy them eating peanut butter. I hadn't thought that if there was one there would probably be

Adding a photo is quite straightforward - what did you do?

5 Mar, 2015


Dont put cooked food in it. Suppose Peanut Butter comes
in that category. In fact, never put cooked food anywhere on the garden.
Hope you get some Red Worms chewing away soon.
There are books on compost, which are helpful.

6 Mar, 2015


Did have red worms-but I think the rats ate them!

6 Mar, 2015


Welcome to Goy, don't remember ever having any furry beggars in my bins but they do insist on making their home under my garden shed which unfortunately is next to one of my g'houses, I found the evidence during the winter as they feasted on my stored apples, luckily they were only for the birds and didn't mind sharing, didn't lose my bulbs and plants though as I overwintered them in the other house, learnt a hard lesson last year, with both cats and dogs I daren't put poison down so keep hoping the cats will sort them out.
Enjoy working on your allotment and lets home the rats have moved on....

6 Mar, 2015


Sorry about the Red Worms Davros. Hope some more appear in the summer.

6 Mar, 2015


I had a rat problem here and had to resort to using poison, which worked, but if it persists next autumn I'm going to try predator urine as a deterrent. Here we can buy powdered urine from coyotes, bobcats, wolves etc. and it's supposedly very effective. I really hate killing anything, even rats.

8 Mar, 2015


Interesting ,that about powdered urine;but if they are deterred they may become a neighbour's problem,I too hate killing anything-but I make an exception with rats ,which I abhor.However,I would not use poison,which is a slow and horrible death:traps are humane and quick. I hasten to add that when using traps outside,they must,of course,be covered with mesh or the like so that only rats can pass through to the trap.

10 Mar, 2015


I tried trapping with the battery operated traps that deliver a shock - I thought that would be the most humane. But eventually they learned to avoid the traps, even though I had good luck at first. I don't have a problem with rats outside - they're food for raptors and the like - but this time they got into the upstairs apartment, where I have a tenant (my dogs chewed a hole in the siding and that's how they got in). Unfortunately I was forced to do something, quick!

10 Mar, 2015


Everything in its place.....and thats not in the house, greenhouse or compost heap!

10 Mar, 2015

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