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November Jobs - Dahlias and Roses


Hello again gardening friends! So here we are…a third of the way through what is usually my least favourite month of the year. I don’t generally enjoy November much. Its all mud and work with little immediate reward. At the weekend I spent one entire day cleaning the inside glass of the greenhouse, once with soapy water and then with Algon to prevent algae. That was very hard work indeed..but at least it was warm in there! Now its fantastic …no spiders (for now) and everything is spick and span. The heater is on constantly and we are still getting as low as 0.5C some nights. Last night 1.5.

Anyway. I was in there again today, removing all the Dahlia tubers from their pots in preparation for winter storage. As you know, they need to be kept dry and frost-free over the winter, so once I had rubbed off as much of the spent compost that I could, and disposed of it in various spots around the garden, I then popped the tubers in to the cold frame, inside the heated greenhouse where they can stay under old blankets and newspaper to keep the light out until the spring time. I was amazed how huge the tubers had grown. They were filling up their large pots. I think next year they will need something a bit better than multi-purpose compost to grow in. It dries out so fast and doesn’t have much body to it. Maybe John Innes no.3 next year, and even bigger pots!

Anyway, once that was done I had a little rest in my meditation corner wrapped up in a blanket and as I looked around in the winter sunshine, there was still so much colour to enjoy. November isn’t that bad really is it….this one anyway. So far we’ve had very little rain and lots of sunshine. Lots of the roses are still flowering but it will soon be time to prune them. I prune them once in the autumn to prevent too much wind rock damage over the winter as we are so exposed here. Then in late winter I prune them hard back or lightly for some of the shrub roses. Anyway, here are some lovely November roses to cheer you. Have a good weekend..we will probably have gales here, I’ve just seen the forecast.

Warm Welcome, a miniature climbing rose that has good scent and repeats well all summer…

Lady of Shallot Standard Rose new this year for me and doing superbly well.

Not a rose, but a spring flowering Camellia which didn’t flower in spring but has had two lovely blooms this month…

Bridge of Sighs, a lovely peachy climbing rose with great health. It never gets any disease and the foliage is super shiny.

Showmeesunshine, a ground cover rose but it actually makes a medium sized and very floriferous shrub. Its also very disease resistant.

Graham of my favourites

Purple Rain, a lovely patio rose that grows outwards rather than upwards and flowers its socks off all summer. I love this rose.

Sir John Betjamen, another new one this year. Packs a punch of colour very similar to Purple Rain.

Lovely scented patio rose ‘Dream Lover’ a new rose this year. It has flowered well and seems stronger than other ones with this lilac colouring.

Another lovely scented patio rose ‘Designer Sunset’

This one is a stunner. True red rose ‘Trumpeter’. A compact rose with great flowers and very healthy. Hardly any detectable scent, but you can’t have everything. And at this time of year, looking like this….brilliant!

Rambling Rosie is another new rose for this year and it has not disappointed. It just goes on and on and on…

And finally, in the white garden, the vigorous climber ‘Iceberg’ is still doing her thing. Next year it will be covering the whole arch that supports it.

Ah….next year’s Roses….so much to look forward to! :) Have a great weekend everyone! I will try to get the roses pruned before the gales arrive…

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Thats a very useful list for any members going to the GC
Autumn sales. Getting recommended species is half the pleasure of buying Roses rather than worrying about the names.

10 Nov, 2017


Your garden looks fantastic! My garden was shocked already with first freeze overnight. It drupes & dahlias went black. It's time to make caramel apples I guess!

10 Nov, 2017


Your Roses are fantastic, Karen. Great to have late blooms.

10 Nov, 2017


climbing iceberg is a brilliant rose. I usually have flowers at Christmas from it. Vigorous but such a good doer.
you have some lovely roses going on there Karen.

I am part way through clearing and shredding the apple tree that blew over back in August. Hard work but so enjoyable.

Spent this afternoon blanchin apple segments and puree-ing apples and putting it into jam jars. I have 30 jars of puree now. Any one for apple sauce?

Not that keen on cleaning the greenhouse glass so I may leave it until spring. unless you fancy a trip to east yorks?

10 Nov, 2017


Lol SBG...I would love to visit E. Yorks...but not to clean glass! Must admit, one of the worst jobs ever. My house windows are rarely cleaned inside. The window cleaner must wonder why I bother to have the outsides done!

10 Nov, 2017


Thanks Linda,Diane and Bathgate :)

10 Nov, 2017


Breathtaking, literally. And yes now we know which ones to look out for :)

15 Nov, 2017


Aw, thanks Pamelaanne ?

16 Nov, 2017

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