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Copied from a FB page today…I know that some of you like poems…

“Garden Fever”
By Shawn Elizabeth

March is here, and none too soon
For I am growing anxious
For smiling little pansy faces
And crocus, so tenacious!

How I miss the smell of the ground
And the dirt beneath my knees
The sun on my face, weeds to chase
And the buzz of the working bees

It’s just a little longer
Surely I can wait
No. I must have DIRT.
The temptation is too great!

I will start some seedlings
That will get me through
Some early risers to ease my heart
Just a few will do.

Okay…maybe a few more…
I have some soil still
There’s still that little spot
On the kitchen windowsill

Now, it’s the second week in March
And I think I have gone mad
There is not an empty pot in the house
I’ve used every one we had!

There’s no seed left unstarted
Or a spare inch in the window either
I could not wait for June to come,
For I have Garden Fever!

Copyright 2006 Shawn Elizabeth

I never make it to March before the fever hits myself!

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Ha ha ...yes, we all know that feeling Karen, of not being able to restrain ourselves. And then end up with loads of leggy seedlings when it's still too early for them to go out.
I do manage to control myself a bit better these fact I struggle to get it all done in time.i seem to get busier as I get older.
But, I am going to start some perrenials grass seeds off in treated propogator on window sill in a few weeks time..probably mid Feb so they are big enough to go out this year as they tend to be quite slow getting going, I think.

18 Jan, 2016


this poem is brilliant

I already have lots of things on the go outside and in the greenhouse. Not started any seed off except for the Centaur macrocephala that had seeds sprouting in the seed heads. so I have pricked those out . oh and the Libertia grandiflora seedlings that were growing next to the parent plant.
then I found some Ajuga 'Sparkler' seedlings .........

need I go on?

18 Jan, 2016


Lovely poem ... makes me want to get outdoors even more now

18 Jan, 2016


Me too Shirley but am full of cold and looking after Lottie for two days so not getting outside that much. Nose is sore and very runny lol. I blame Lottie she had it first. lol. and kissed her Granny a lot so no wonder I have it now lol. :O(

19 Jan, 2016


Karen like the poem :O)))

19 Jan, 2016


This year I am Not Going to fill the Conservatory Floor With Seed Trays, I Am Not....

19 Jan, 2016


No Stera......I believe you!! Like the poem Karen very apt!!

19 Jan, 2016


Barbara, what a shame, but Lottie was only sharing with her Granny! Get well soon. :o)

20 Jan, 2016


Oh dear, Barbara - I used to boast that I never caught colds until I started looking after our granddaughter one day a week. Now I'm delighted if I am cold-free for three weeks!

Good poem, Karen. I've got crocuses flowering in the front lawn, and daffodils are eight inches high - no flowers, though!

28 Jan, 2016

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