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Ploughing Day


Each year I look forward to the harvest, and the fields being freshly ploughed. Our house is so close to the field at the back so the Tractor comes right up to our kitchen window…

And the birds gather for a feast of worms…..

I’m pretty sure this is a juvenile Black-Headed Gull. They are the commonest inland Gull in the UK. But most of the birds here today were Herring Gulls…the big aggressive ones.

And I am always surprised at how steep some of the contours in the fields are when I see the tractor leaning precariously on one side as he goes along…..

I love harvest time! Happy Harvest Everyone!

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It's lovely to see Karen....we used to love seeing it out of our upstairs back windows( not so close as you but only 25/30 yards away) but at this new house we have farm fields a similar distance away but can't see them properly ( only out of one 2nd floor window) .I must say, I will miss watching harvesting and ploughing.

25 Aug, 2015


Lovely photos, Karen. It is a lovely time of year, even though Summer is drawing to a close (not much to lose this year, though!)

26 Aug, 2015


I have been watching the harvesting going on in the countryside in our village ! We also have a Harvest Festival soon where we take our own produce ! I love being back here ! The bad things that happened to us at Willow Cottage are very much behind us now !

26 Aug, 2015


Thanks Paul...a touch of sadness there for. You? I hope the positives of your new home will outweigh the regrets. For one thing, you are closer to Hyde Hall! And your coastal blog was gorgeous too!

Melchi, thanks. Its raining again. :( I feel the. Same as you. never arrived. In fact Spring didnt really happen for me either. i never did get that joyous feeling when you see all the fresh foliage in its rainbow of greens and purples and feel the warmth of the sun on the lilac blossoms. It never came, and that was the start of a hugely disappointing and disheartening season. However, its only bad weather. Nobody died of starvation here, no drought, no floods, no earthquakes. So we have a lot to be grateful for. And hopefully things will be a little better next time....

Rose, thats just wonderful to know how happy you are in your new home in a lovely familiar place. Enjoy your harvest festival! :))

26 Aug, 2015


I must admit Snoop, I can't recall the 2 furrow fergi! But I do come from the town that used to produce Marshall Fowler machinery, so I am not entirely ignorant of Farm kit! lol! But I'm glad to say I've had no problems with muck spreading so far...just a bit of hay dust at harvest. It took the ploughman all day to do this one field. Sadly, they decided to harvest all evening and into the wee small hours, which kept me awake. Scott was fine as he is going deaf and slept through it all!

26 Aug, 2015


Lovely photo's Karen, we cannot see the fields from our back garden but know the farmers have been busy by the amount of birds seen in the skies, we visited Ingoldmells last Friday and do you know there weren't any seagulls, I don't remember ever going to the seaside and not spotting any gulls, on the route home we spotted them doing exactly what you have shown in your pics, hundreds of them, better pickings obviously...

26 Aug, 2015


Hand that driver a cold beer from the kitchen window.

27 Aug, 2015


They've started harvesting here in E Anglia too but all has stopped now as the rains came. Altho we back onto a field barely 10mt away we can't see it except from an upstairs window due to the high dense hedge.
When they do start again, we usually get clouds of thunder bugs & a layer of dust over my car.

28 Aug, 2015

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