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Cucumber Glut? Try this....


Here’s the recipe from the BBC that I use. I love Ginger, so this is heaven for me! You don’t need to keep them..a couple of hours and they are ready to go….which they do…fast!

The frilly skin thing is very pretty, but I never bother as the skin doesn’t give me indigetion and I love it, and it just takes too much time. In the jar I have a mix of mini green and round mini yellow cucs. They look pretty enough just as they are.

Fabulous just with crusty bread or cold meat. Yum!

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looks yummy - Paul doesn't do ginger lol but I do them in Malt vinegar with sliced onion and they are good too. lol. anything pickled and it gets eaten here. lol.

5 Aug, 2015


Older OH s can be so fussy, I blame their mothers not making them remain sitting at the table until their plates were clear!

5 Aug, 2015


This oh is so fussy as he says 'I don't eat any of that foreign food' lol. I love curry and Pizza and Chinese food but he hates it all. lol meat and three veg man. He was brought up on a farm and they had meat with every meal. lol. you still love them though even though they are fuss pots. \;o)

5 Aug, 2015


...I heard a rumour he ate a curry once! ;)

5 Aug, 2015


lol not a proper curry though Karen lol. what is he like!!

5 Aug, 2015


Hello Karen - yes that certainly looks like a good recipe - I suppose you don't have one for courgettes do you - our plants have gone berserk - I have cooked them in garlic butter - yum! - boiled them and covered them with mint sauce - put them in a veg lasagne - ratatouille (spelling)! and roasted them in the oven - is there any other way - they don't seem to freeze very well for me - have a good weekend - Jane

7 Aug, 2015


Sorry Jane, I can't help you there except to say that I love courgettes raw in a salad!

8 Aug, 2015


I will try that - perhaps I could slip one in to OH lunch box sandwiches - well actually he has Warburtons Thins - !! Happy Gardening - Jane

9 Aug, 2015


Slice em thin then Jane! Lol! I have those too. I find if you try really hard you can get a whole chicken breast in one! Lol!

9 Aug, 2015


Jane, I make a sort of ratatouille with them which does freeze well, I put runner beans in it too.
Basically, fry off onion, add garlic,courgettes, splash of red wine vinegar, 1/2 teasp of sugar, tin of chopped tomatoes, herbs of choice (basil), & simmer till thickened - you can add or leave out beans & tom puree or anything you fancy really.

I also make a veggie medley by sweating any root veg off, plus anything you have a glut of, put in casserole dish, cover with savory white sauce, sprinkle with cheese (parmisan is good) & bake for 25 mins in hot oven.
Goes well with sausages or chops or anything that doesn't have sauce or gravy.

12 Aug, 2015 I'm hungry GF! :)

12 Aug, 2015


LOL, the smell of onions frying always does that especially if I have some green peppers in with them.

13 Aug, 2015

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