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Early Summer in my Garden


Having woken up at 4.45am this morning to a blazing sun and a very cold morning, I decided to get up and enjoy it. Of course, the sun had gone by 8am, and the cold stayed. So here I am, needing a nap after swimming 40 lengths of the Golf Hotel pool, with the heating on! So in spite of the gloominess, I decided to take my Goy friends on a short tour of the garden.

Let’s start at the front door. It’s a bit miserable to be honest. I’ve reduced the pots because I needed some for the tomatoes and lilies, and my Rose ‘Warm Welcome’ isn’t flowering. Poor thing has been shifted around far too much. But the planter is cheerful at least. I need to sort this door step out and get it cheered up quick!

We’ve come out of the Front Door for a reason…to walk up to the Greenhouse and visit the crops.

Look how much everything is growing up there!

Mini Carrots in a basket planter…..

Beetroot and Lettuce in the other one…

Inside the Tomatoes are growing and flowering really well too…

And Mini Cucumbers developing in the hanging baskets.

My only Melon plant. No sign of any flower yet though.

Behind the Greenhouse I have my semi wild area where there are lots of poppies coming now and my strawberries and blueberries, a Plum Tree etc. And on the back of the greenhouse, some more crops and my pot of sweetpeas just starting to bloom. Spencer mix…great scent!

And around the corner are the Cabbages! Aren’t they doing great? I think we will be enjoying home made slaw and sauteed cabbage very soon! The variety is ‘Greyhound’.

And my courgettes have had to come outdoors as they weren’t self-pollinating so couldn’t develop in the greenhouse without insects to help them along. I don’t think they will do well. It’s far too cold for them out there, and I’m having problems with rot.

Jut the tatties left to see here…waiting for these International Kidney plants to flower before harvesting. This is the Jersey Royal variety, so that’s something to look forward to in July/August! :)

In the front garden there is plenty of colour now, and tons of it still to come as well.

The pond has settled well and has now turned crystal clear which is a real novelty. I’ve never had a clear pond before! :) As you can see, the weather is not ‘au fait’ with the human construct of months of the year, and thinks it is still May!

The patio garden is mostly Roses and shrubs, Dianthus and Annuals this year (the lovely Erysimiums having perished in the cold winter winds). So it is slow to get going. But there is colour up close and the roses are now starting to are the Dianthus and the Scented Stocks I grew from seed.

The Golden Border lights up even on the dreariest of days, and Heuchera corner is always interesting to see. The Heuchs are starting to flower now, so we are getting more Bees in the garden at last! Hurray!

Heading back across the grass now and pausing to look at the corner under the Bramley Apple tree. The raised beds are full of herbaceous perennials and shrubs. There is some colour in here, but this will be best in September I think.

Now we’ve reached the future wildflower garden with my mini-orchard containing the Quince Tree, and four apples (dwarf vars mostly). At least we have some good apples set and growing well this year.

And here we find the wildflower ‘edge’ under the hedge on the left and the path toward the Garden Pod with the Herb Garden to the right.

The Herb Garden is coming to life now with Thymes creeping and apple mint bursting to life. Lots of culinary herbs in here and some perennial violas and a few nasturtiums for later on.

At the pod, things are growing and I try to be patient…the Sambucus will be huge in a couple of years, so just hang on in there Karen! But there’s already a few starry highlights in this (less cottage, more modern) gravel planting scheme..

..Including the Aquilegia ‘Ruby Port’…

….and Iris Chrysographes.

Opposite the Pod is where we find BBQ corner. Hasn’t seen a flame yet sadly, and is all covered up. But the herbs and salad veg are doing well enough….

And from here we access the Green and White garden, which is lovely now….

And the breakfast Deck…a lovely place for an early morning moment with your cuppa and a field of Barley slowly turning gold.

On the other side of the deck is the Fernery with Hostas and the Cardiocrinum Giganteum reaching for the sky.

And the final feature is my little trolley with the lovely Fuchsia ‘Tangerine Cream’ that Kath gave me last year, and my Begonias on the bottom.

Molly and Willow say “Thanks” for visiting! :)

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It is all looking just fabulous Karen......and all those lovely vegetables too.

23 Jun, 2015


That was a lovely tour, Karen, thank you! Those veg are very impressive - some good meals to come, I reckon. Everywhere else is establishing so beautifully. It really is an achievement ?. (Fabulous black iris!)

23 Jun, 2015


Thanks for the tour Karen. Everything is looking so lush and well established. I wish I had somewhere as nice as you have, to sit and enjoy the view of both the garden and beyond. Your blog has helped me forget how cold and un-summery it is outside. Will it ever warm up sufficiently long enough to call summer do you think?

23 Jun, 2015


What a brilliant tour Karen - and how do you manage to keep that garden weed free ! - your veggies look amazing - what a bumper crop - our courgettes are feeling the cold too they are out down the allotment ! - Jane

23 Jun, 2015


I love the way Molly and Willow have appropriated the grass mounds!

23 Jun, 2015


Love it all but that Iris is amazing and love Molly and Willow on the mounds its all looking good despite the cold. We have been cloudy until late afternoon then the sun came out and it warmed up well. Forecast not good for the end of the week though for down here. Have you started to pack yet? not long to go. Found Walk Farm its on Upton long lane.

23 Jun, 2015


Well thanks everyone. not packing yet Mum, but pressie shopping for Lottie today, which was great fun! :) I've paid my accommodation this week. I hope the weather is good for the long haul down. It was the same here today as at you, but probably much colder! At least we did have some sunshine. It was beautiful at 4.45am!

Thanks for appreciating my veggie efforts. i am really enjoying my foodie corner, and I shall cut a few small courgettes for lunch tomorrow. Scott has more energy than me...he's just gone out to cut the grass! But then I did give him a good dinner ;)

23 Jun, 2015


What can I say Karen other than it is all wonderful and looking so well established, and that Iris is a stunner.

23 Jun, 2015


Think your photo of the Iris is spot on!

23 Jun, 2015


Karen it's looking stunning. Hard to believe you've only been there a year or so (memory's going is it 1 year or 2 now)

Hehe love Molly and Willow on the grass mounds.

23 Jun, 2015


20 months now Sam!

24 Jun, 2015


Good grief, it only seems like 5 minutes. How time flies eh.

27 Jun, 2015


It does Sam, but I have been busy! :)

27 Jun, 2015


I have added this to my "favourites" Karen as I must look again and again ! Its absolutely fabulous ! I couldn't pick one part out as it is all good ! I'm soooo have a hammock ! Now all you need is the warmth of the sun so that you can relax and look at all your good work ! You should open it to the public !

28 Jun, 2015


Thanks Rose. Thats a lovely comment. I think we will be using the hammock this week.

28 Jun, 2015


Already hot here Karen ! At last !

29 Jun, 2015


Cold and cloudy.....again...and raining now.

29 Jun, 2015

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