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Systhane withdrawn


Just to let you all know…Systhane ‘Fungus Fighter’ my preferred spray for roses, apples and Heucheras is being withdrawn this year. I’ve been trying to buy some, but it seems to be all sold put already. There is a new product now called Fungus Fighter Plus and Fungus Fighter Concentrate by Bayer, but it doesn’t contain Systhane. I hope it is still effective, but if its less harmful to the environment all well and good. I wish the powers that be would sort out the USA and Chinese industrial giants as vociferously as they are clamping down on the horticulturists! Then we might actually get somewhere!

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Its not only the garden products Karen, our Brynner has a problem with Yeast, his body makes too much ,one very nasty effect this has is to his ears and one is constantly infected, the amount of good earwash and drops that have been taken off the market in the last 2yrs is unbelievable, all the good ones that actually worked have been replaced with rubbish,also smaller bottles at twice the price, its absolutely ridiculous....

17 May, 2015


Ooh, thats not good is it. Sorry to hear that. :( poor Brynner.

17 May, 2015


Yes, poor Brynner.

The same thing's happened with cough medicines. The coltsfoot pine and honey balsam that worked like magic has had the coltsfoot taken out and that was the active ingredient. And you can't buy coltsfoot rock any more either, only the loose tea and that doesn't do much good.

And yet TTPI is being pushed through as hard as possible, so pharma can sell what they like...

17 May, 2015


We must all become amateur herbalists! I am growing eucalyptus citriodora from seed. And Sage is an incredibly useful and powerful medicinal..not to mention Garlic of course. Remember what happened with St Johns Wort..same thing..and Stevia the sweetener was also banned so the industrialists could make millions selling it as Truvia. This is the world we live in. The Dollar has become God...dont even get me started. I try to do my political ranting elsewhere!

17 May, 2015


Indian brandee is another one that is unobtainable. My mum is very upset about it lol.

17 May, 2015


Thanks for the info K.....

17 May, 2015


Hi Karen, I think the powers that be, just like to dream up things that they can ban us from using, unfortunately it seems to be all the best ones that get banned, DDT was banned years ago, and that worked wonders, not to mention the best weedkiller, the best fungicide, the best insecticide, it seems to be the better something works, the earlier it gets banned, Derek.

18 May, 2015


Wonder why they banned Stevia? I use Xylitol now which is actually nicer than stevia. Its made from birch sap. its probably only a matter of time before that goes as well...

18 May, 2015


I use this as well Karen ! Always have. I better see if I can stock up !

22 May, 2015

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