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Wildlife Pond Part 4 - The plants


I’ve been adding plants to the pond over the last few days. Most of them went in today. I’m still waiting for my Iris to come in the post, but at least now there is something in the pond and it doesn’t seem so ‘sterile’ any more. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before wildlife starts taking an interest. The puppy is learning that the pond is out of bounds. Thankfully she is quite biddable, unlike the Jack Russel Terrier. But Molly isn’t that interested in water unless a ball has been thrown in it!

While I was at the Water Garden Nursery, (Linden Garden Centre at Glencarse near Perth), I found two pretty ‘bobbing’ dragonflies in a coppery metal. So they came home too!

Plants for in (or margins of) the pond:-

Various native oxygenators (sorry, hopeless remembering the names of these)


Myosotis Palustris – Water Forget-Me-Not
Ranunculus aquatilis – Water Crowfoot
Lychnis flos-cuculi – Ragged Robin
Geum rivale – Water Avens
Hottonia palustris – Water Violet
Aponogeton distachos – Water Hawthorn
Caltha palustris ‘Flore Pleno’ – Kingcup
Iris Virginica Shrevii
Iris Pseudacorus Holden’s Child
Iris Louisiana Black Gamecock
Myriophyllum brasiliensis – Red Stemmed Parrot’s Feather

No Grasses or reeds so far, but perhaps I’ll add some later. I’m not a big fan of them tbh, they seem to get too big too fast.

Plants around the pond :-

Sambucus racemosa ‘Plumosa Aurea’
Corylus avellana ‘Red Majestic’
Cryptomeria ‘Elegans Aurea’
Larix japonica ‘Stiff Weeping’
Acer ‘Orange Dream’

In time these small trees and the turf seat hillocks will provide some shade for the pond.

So that’s it. All is done except for planting the Iris and adding some more floating oxygenators. Now I wait for the grass seed to germinate so I can re-seed the bare patches and in about three months I reckon we’ll be enjoying those turf seats and the evening sunset with a glass of something (probably sugar free Ginger Beer!)

Thanks for following my pond progress :) Karen

29th April

Added more plants in and around the pond, and more river pebbles.

Plants added to the water:

Ceratophyllum demersum – Hornwort
Lythrum salicaria -Purple Loosestrife
Carex acuta -Slender Tufted Sedge
Ranunculus flammula -Lesser Spearwort
Juncus inflexus – Hard Rush
Veronica beccabunga (Brooklime)

Most of these are in a pre-planted basket on the shallow shelf.

Around the pond, to give more shade I have added:

Cedrus deodara ‘Mr Blue’
Leucothoe axillaris ‘Twisting Red’
Hosta ‘Dreamweaver’
Rhododendron (Deciduous Azalea) ‘Klondyke’
Iris Sibirica ‘Lavendelwein’

The turf seats are beginning to green up nicely. I need to add more grass seed in areas, but it is too cold to germinate at the moment, so I’ll leave that until next week.

I’ve also moved several more plants to the border of the drive, behind the turf hills/seats to give it separation from the drive. In a few years, the drive will not be nearly so visible from the grassed areas.

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They look good! I've got the same marsh marigold/kingcup, water forget me not, and water hawthorn and they are all lovely plants and are quick growing and great to divide and make more plants from!!

14 Apr, 2015


Blimey Karen, you don't do things by half do you? Will your pond have room for all those plants you've bought? I'm so looking forward to seeing it grow and develop.

14 Apr, 2015


Plenty of room in there at the moment Julia! Thanks Dan, that's good to know. I tried to stick with natives as I know they will be hardy.

14 Apr, 2015


It will look splendid,K.....doesn't take long to mature.Do envy you starting a pool.

14 Apr, 2015


A great selection there Karen, we grow several of these plants in our bog garden, thought you might invest in a Gunnera, they do come in lots of different sizes now.......

14 Apr, 2015


Never thought of that Angela! Perhaps I'll bring TRex over to the pond side...that would give it some shade...hmmm...ideas....

Thanks Julia. Your pond is lovely! :)

14 Apr, 2015


It sure would, how is it doing?

14 Apr, 2015


Still looking dead! But I's not dead.

14 Apr, 2015


it looks lovely, well worth the hard work. As it isn't having fish in it it will not matter if it gets a little crowded the wildlife will love it all. Love the shingle beach. :O)

15 Apr, 2015


:) thank you!

15 Apr, 2015


Me too, looks like our beach at the bottom of the road!!

15 Apr, 2015


Well done Karen, I've enjoyed watching your pond take shape, it won't take long to lose the new look,now you get the pleasure, do you remember when I showed my daughters new one, it now looks as though its always been there, she has frogs and toads and last week she had a visit from a duck, I'll have to get one of her pics to show you.....

15 Apr, 2015


Oh, thanks Lincslass! The Iris are in now, so that's it. As you say...just enjoy it now. :)) looking out for that photo.

15 Apr, 2015


Its looking good Karen ! I'm pleased you wrote down the name of your plants as my friend has just put a pond in her garden and is getting confused as to which plant she should buy ! I will show her this and hopefully it will help !

21 Apr, 2015


It might do Rose! Thank you, I like to include a plant list in a 'project blog' and its helpful for me to refer back to as well. The grass seed on the turf seat hills is just germinating. I saw the first hint of green tufts yesterday. Have to keep watering it now!

21 Apr, 2015


Saw the first pond-skater today!

29 Apr, 2015


Nice pond but disappointing and not sorry to tell you that's not a wildlife pond. All those rocks are blocking wildlife from entering. The pond has too many large stones surrounding the pond even the beach area has steep side preventing wildlife fom entering in and out.

The best wildlife ponds are shallow with gentle shallow sides. There is lots of wildlife in the shallowest of water due to it heating up quicker.
Yes you have a shallow area and shallower than majority of made ponds but it's far too steep an angle for wildlife to enter comfortably in and out from the beach area. Also by creating a slope into the water you create different shallow depths.

Remove some of the rocks in beach area at foot of water and pour some river gravel into the water and onto the beach area, creating a very gentle slope leading into the water. That way frogs and toads, hedgehogs, birds and other small creatures and insects can enter water easily in and out and bathe. You will also attract, favour dragonflies by doing that.

Those big rocks are unsightly but will look better when the plants grow. The pond would look so much better with rocks for a third of area of pond and the rest with fine gravel and will attract much more wildlife.

8 Jul, 2016


Thank you Ginger beer. I have already done some of what you advise, in that I have added a slope of smaller rocks and pebbles at the end of the pond. Sorry you find the large rocks unsightly. I like them. But I take your point about wildlife being blocked from entering. There are, however, plenty of shallow access points around the pond. I have had a heron visiting, a vole hiding among the large rocks, and the pond is full of beetles and is a wildlife pond actually.

8 Jul, 2016


I originally built my pond (rigid formed pond liner) for fish when the girls were small and over the years it has developed into a wildlife pond. It has no slope into the pond it was quite deep but has silted up over the years. I have very large stones and rocks in and around the pond and you would be amazed at how much wildlife is in there. Frogs, toads, newts, waterhens, damsel fly and dragonfly not to mention hundreds of tadpoles which have now developed legs. Amazingly they find their way in and out of the what was once a fishpond and was never intended to be a wildlife pond but it has now become one. I think yours will be much better at attracting wildlife once it has got established, it is lovely.

8 Jul, 2016


Thanks actually has a lot bigger rocks now, as I've added them as they've been excavated out of the garden. :)

8 Jul, 2016

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