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For last! The bike came out!


I finally got my tyres pumped Kath, and off I went on my bike across the farm tracks and up the road behind Wellbank. It was stunning up there….the views across the Tay Estuary are incredible. I was also amazed to see that they are growing several large fields of Maize on the farm just down the road from here. I felt like I was in France! Then at the top of the hill (yes, there was pushing!), it was like the highlands, with sheep grazing and white cottages dotted across the fields. Just lovely and I enjoyed it so much! :)) Happy sunny day! :))

Just a pic of the Maize….this was right at the start of the journey. I didn’t take any pics after that, it was so hazy and I was concentrating hard on gear changes and traffic noise! Next time….

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How many miles did you do Karen I just did a short cycle today of 8miles

But a nice warm day so lovely

Pleased you got your bike out

Now keep doing same route then add another bit

You get weight loss cycling without dieting.

10 Sep, 2014


Well done K......we are in the Alsace at the moment.....maize everywhere.......what an area this is....will do a blog on return....

10 Sep, 2014


Great Julia...look forward to it!

Kath, I don't know, not as many as it seemed i think! But I've looked at the map and it is possible to go a bit further up the hill and then come down again in to Monikie, so that will be my next route. After that, it is right up to the Glamis Road, which is a bit of a distance. But I'll get there eventually. I enjoyed it SO much! :)

10 Sep, 2014


Karen I am so pleased you are back on your bike.

Its so enjoyable

Not sure where but tomorrow its time for longer bike ride

Our bike trainer machine arrived today so in winter if weather is bad we can use our bikes indoors

Or in the garage.

10 Sep, 2014


....I definitely WON'T be doing that Kath....I can't stand indoor exercise of any kind. I'd rather put on my waterproofs and go outside...but it's the length of days that get to all our good intentions isn't it....dark until 10am and again at 3.30pm. It doesn't leave much time for getting out and about. Good for you'll keep your fitness level up!

10 Sep, 2014


After all our cycling we need to keep our muscle toned Karen

We still put on waterproofs and go out walking in any type of weather

But the type of cycling we do would never start in heavy rain but its different if you get caught in rain coming home

And hubby has cylked 1800 miles since he retired in April so he does not want to undo all this good health workout

And the indoor exercise will be in conservatory

10 Sep, 2014


Sorry mistyped cycled.

And we have

10 Sep, 2014


No, I wouldn't start out in heavy rain either Kath. But tbh, we don't get that much rain usually, it's more the cold winds that are the challenge isn't it?!

10 Sep, 2014


Don't know about that Karen we can get heavy rain where we live when it comes

And as we have not had a lot of rain this summer we may get a very wet Autumn

Anything can happen.

Just tried out the trainer machine on the deck

It's an impressive work out.

10 Sep, 2014



10 Sep, 2014


Just back Karen left car in Edzell and biked to the retreat did cycle 16and half miles had I got to the top it would hav been more than 22 miles

But something happened to my chain so did not want to cycle any further up.

But it was hot over 20 deg

11 Sep, 2014


Yes, it was hot once the mists cleared Kath. I've been weeding in the wildflower corner, which has been a disaster...not the wildflowers, which were lovely, but all the bloomin weeds that grew with them. I think its going to have to be a gravel mulch in that corner. It was a right mess.

11 Sep, 2014


Well done on the bike riding, that is much better for you than the diet :O) Keep up the good work, get a cushion made for the seat that will help. :O) Hope you are wearing a helmet when you go off on your bike too :O)

12 Sep, 2014


I so hope you wear a helmet as had I not had a helmet when I had my accident I may have had more wrong.

I just had a wee dent on my helmet and it was only 2 weeks old as I thought it was time to replace my helmet

But took no chances sent it back to where it was supplied and got a replacement

Get the gell undershorts Karen they certainly help.

Agree with your Mum as you loose so much with biking you burn so many calories that you can still have your cake:)

12 Sep, 2014


I do wear a helmet....of course I do! What do you two take me for?!! ;))

12 Sep, 2014


In our house we call it a 'lemon' because Rachel's first bike helmet was yellow and she always referred to it as her Lemon!

12 Sep, 2014


Have you been back out on your bike Karen?

16 Sep, 2014


No, not yet Kath. I am quite busy looking after a recuperating dog, and planting bulbs at the moment. I also feel the need to be in with Callum to ensure he keeps applying for jobs and doesn't give up hope and spend all day playing computer games. Life will change when he finds some work!

16 Sep, 2014


That's a shame Karen as been a grand spell if weather I am just back cycle run of 16 miles

Think hubbÅ· run will be over 30 today

20 Sep, 2014


What....good grief, It's been dreadful here all week. Today is the first sign of real daylight we've had all week Kath! That must mean that you escaped the terrible fog that's been hanging over us all day every day...and the drizzle?! Lucky you! I never realised that it was so much nicer a short distance away, or I'd have paid you a visit! :)

20 Sep, 2014


We went to Pitlochry then Blair Athol then Dunkeld in Thur just searched the met office and found sunshine 20 deg

A walking day no bikes that day

Infact our weather been good all week.

20 Sep, 2014's been so horrible here, but today was quite good. Scott off next week, so we'll be getting out and about. Planning to visit Bruar, Falkirk, Edinburgh etc.

20 Sep, 2014


We went to Bruar to

It was so very hot and busy there.

20 Sep, 2014


How is your cycleing going Karen?

5 Oct, 2014


Good for you, we went cycling a couple of years back in France, neither of us had been on bikes for over 30 years........great fun.

9 Oct, 2014

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