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Help with Mature Apple Trees please!


Hello! I inherited five apple trees when I moved here in October. The two big ones right in front of my house were extremely congested, so I thinned them out during the winter to allow air to circulate.

One of them was absolutely festooned with blossom in the spring, it was so beautiful, but now it is dropping a lot of it’s leaves, and hardly any fruit has set. The foliage is curling and turning black.

There is new growth which looks healthy enough, so I don’t think it is dying, but it is clearly not well and needs some help. Last autumn it had a lot of small fruit which all had black pits in them.

The other tree is pretty much in the same condition, but didn’t have many blossoms and isn’t nearly so ‘full’ of foliage. The leaves on it are looking similar, but again, there is plenty of new growth, which looks healthy.

Would really appreciate some advice. I have no idea how old the apples are, but they look quite old and I’d hate to lose them.

p.s. they are growing in the lawn, so not easy to feed from the surface, but I would give it a go if you have any recommendations!

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Wish I could help Karen it would be such a pity to lose such old trees. Could it posibly be Apple Canker? good luck hope you can find an answer.

14 Jun, 2014


It could be Stroller. Thanks for looking in. I shall look up Apple Canker now!

14 Jun, 2014 obvious lesions on the looks fine.

14 Jun, 2014


Looks more like Apple Scab now that I've done a bit of to buy some control.

14 Jun, 2014


I have read that it helps trees to have a ring of grass-free ground around them. Is that just for new trees? I have recurring problems with my pear tree from what I think is codling moth, but that only affects the fruit after it has set. Spraying in early winter or spring usually solves it. I hope you solve the problem, Karen. Old apple trees are worth saving!

(If you haven't already done so, posting this in the questions section might reach a wider source of knowledge.)

14 Jun, 2014


Thanks Melchi, I have. :)

14 Jun, 2014


Do you belong to the RHS? because they would be able to help you, as I have no idea, also depends just how old they are K!!

16 Jun, 2014


Yes, and I have no idea on that Angela. But no, I didn't renew my membership last year. I did find a photo though, of fruit with apple scab, and it was exactly the same effect as our apples had last year. Also, they were so congested, ideal for fungus to thrive. I sprayed them today, so I'll keep you updated on progress.

16 Jun, 2014


Please do, it would be a shame to lose them....

16 Jun, 2014


I'm determined not to. Might give them a good prune this winter to try and reinvigorate them, but keep spraying too. Systhane (Fungus Fighter) is very effective on all kinds of nasties.

17 Jun, 2014

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