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Our Chelsea Day Part 2


This is the more colourful part of the Chelsea Blog. The planting in the show gardens this year was generally very subdued and gentle, with lots of green, white, blue and yellow. I love these colours of course, but it is a pity that everything is becoming a bit ‘samey’.

Anyway, there’s always LOADS of colour in the Grand Pavilion…let’s go there …

This would warm me up on any grey day!

Vicky’s Plantagogo stand…always so colourful.

This veg. plot was just so perfect, not a blemish on anything. I love that about Chelsea…the quality of the blooms is just perfect, especially the Roses…they are never like that in ‘Real Life’ when they have been exposed to all the elements. I mean, who can grow a cabbage with no nibble holes?! :)

And this is what it would be like if the gardener left… this case, to go to war….but of course it wouldn’t really look like this, it would be all Nettles, Dandelions and Docks!

I fell for this Rose ‘Simple Peach’ from Harkness when I saw it on the telly and Scott loved it when he saw it in the Pavilion, so I bought it mail order and its now in my Patio Border.

South Africa..

I always head straight for Hillier’s display. It’s my favourite thing at Chelsea….all those wonderful shrubs and they are very creative with their plants…what’s more, you can walk through it!

I always come away inspired and with a wish list!

What’s more, they seem to demonstrate every ‘kind’ of garden in their display and every colour scheme. I could spend all day looking at their plants!

This one was one I wanted to take home!

And these two Roses…they will need to wait until the autumn though because Boscobel is a real hit and seems to be sold out everywhere!

‘Red Letter Day’


Now, lets make our way over to the Orchids….you wouldn’t want to miss these!

And this plant cropped up here and there…I loved it! Nectaroscordum ‘Tripedale’ a type of alium (bulb).

My Colours!

Oliveoil’s Colours!

The Cacti were flowering for Chelsea!

Bath and N.E. Somerset Council did an absolutely wonderful display this year, it was just brilliant. Clever, colourful, and included these wonderful characters which took me right back to my childhood. Who can forget ‘The Herbs’? It won the President’s Award…rightly so!

Bayleaf the Gardener

…and Dill the Dog

City of Birmingham also went to town with colour and forms…

Fantasy Floral Gowns…

Exotic Garden with Exotic Lawn….

Scarecrow…Chelsea Style!

Now, I can’t let you go without showing you the Carniverous Plants. I am always drawn to them because of their wonderful forms…they look so ‘other worldly’.

… I never see them in ‘Real Life’ so it’s always a highlight for me when I see them at Chelsea. I hope you enjoyed them.

I liked this bit of upcycling! :) I have a pallet beside my garage…might do something with it!

Now, I did promise you a bit of shopping….what about this…poor dog!

A lovely lily from the Pavilion

More shopping….pretty things…

Here’s a lady caught on my camera…awestruck at the Clematis…

Flippin Eck, it’s Dinner Time…thank Goodness for That!

Now, before I go, I realised that I missed one of the best showgardens off my first blog, so indulge me….Here is the ‘Positively Stoke on Trent’ Garden, which for me, had the best planting by a long shot. The design wasn’t for me, although I liked the concept, but the position of the garden at the top of Main Avenue, fully exposed on all sides didn’t help, and the seating area was hideous…sorry, but it was. But the planting…! I’ve never seen such perfect Roses (from David Austin) and they had commissioned globes from Moorcroft (my favourite pottery) which were heavenly and absolutely priceless! The Paeonies, wow! Every plant in this garden was perfect and perfectly placed.

Enjoy…until next time….Goodbye Chelsea!

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One glorious photo after another....I went years ago ........breathtaking,
expert photography I thought.....thanks Karen x

2 Jun, 2014


I have never been to Chelsea Karen, but I've been to Hampton Court a few times. You said you prefer Chelsea. Personally I like Hampton Court because it is in July and many plants can grow more naturally and not in a totally artificial environment. Unless I am wrong.

2 Jun, 2014


No, that's a fair point Costas. :)

2 Jun, 2014


Thanks Pam, glad you liked the photos.

2 Jun, 2014


Those globes from Moorcroft are certainly my sort of thing....wonder if they will have them at GW show.....your pictures were very interesting, K....thanks for showing them.

2 Jun, 2014


Excellent. Lovely photos Karen, and I really enjoyed your blog, thank you.

2 Jun, 2014


Now that is more like it, colour beautiful colours. Lots of stunning photos. Great blog Karen, you are so clever with the camera. :O) Oh and that rose, Boscobel, I will be having that in my border. Amazing colour, bet it doesn't look like that though in my garden. lol Beautiful beautiful roses. :O)

2 Jun, 2014


That was a joy to behold, and no mistake! I just oohd and ahhd my way through everything. I think I love all of it. That rose which you've ordered is a beauty in its simplicity and I love the garden which you wanted to take home, As for 'The Herbs' - happy days, I loved that programme. Birmingham CC has done a great job too and Hilliers' display was stunning - those globes are irresistible. Agree with you about the Stoke-on-Trent planting and I want that nectaroscordum to go with my nectaroscordum siculum - gorgeous! Thanks Karen.

2 Jun, 2014


Lady Marjoram......and a lovely little lion called Parsley?

2 Jun, 2014


Yes to the adorable Parsley, but I thought it was Lady Rosemary and Sir Basil, then there was Professor Onion and all the little Chives, Sage the Owl and an Indian gentleman called something like Pwshana Bedi, tho' that's not a herb that I recognise! There were others, who did cameos from time to time - ooh yes, just remembered Bayleaf the Gardener. Do you remember all the little songs they had?

2 Jun, 2014


I've scrolled up and down to look at those last two pictures umpteen times - isn't the planting perfect!! I'm in love!
I think the gardens from Bath and Birmingham end up at Gardening Scotland. I'm sure I remember seeing them.
Thank you ever so much for sharing with us.
The roses you have chose are lovely - I hope they are happy with you.

2 Jun, 2014


Wow! Wow! wow! What fabulous photos Karen. I just love the colours. That first Rose is amazing.

2 Jun, 2014


OF COURSE it's Parsley the Lion!! I remember the song for Dill the dog, but I'd forgotten what he looked like! I don't remember any of the other songs at all. I remember the Owl called 'Sage' who was very wise of course. Thanks for jogging my memory! So glad you enjoyed the blogs as they took quite a while to compose, but I do love to share my Chelsea days! :))

2 Jun, 2014


Lovely virtual visit to chelsea karen. I agree with scottish as i was sure i recognised bayleaf before i,d read the comments and confirmed it!

2 Jun, 2014


Hi Karen ..
Thanks for sharing your lovely pics :o)

3 Jun, 2014


Hi Terra, haven't seen you for a while! Thanks for looking in! x

Thanks Sarah, isn't Bayleaf just wonderful? I wanted to cuddle hime! ;)

3 Jun, 2014


Great blog K we followed Chelsea on the box every one of them and the red button too.......
We do well with Alliums so I will look out for the Nectaroscordum we do grow one but this new one looks as if the flowers look up instead of down...
Hilliers are such good plants people, love their gardens...

4 Jun, 2014


Two lovely blogs, and photos, three counting your own garden.

11 Jun, 2014


Thank you both! :))

11 Jun, 2014

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