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Botanic Gardens, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


La Orotava Acclimatisation Gardens was created by Royal Order of Carlos III on the 17th of August, 1788. At that time there was a need to cultivate species from the tropics somewhere in Spain with a suitable climate.

It has major collections of tropical and sub-tropical plants from all over the world, especially the South Americas, India and Africa. There are many plants and trees that are interesting because of their beauty, size, age, rarity or remote place of origin.

The gardens were only a very short walk from our hotel, so it was easy for me to spend a few hours there while Scott played golf. :)

Tibouchina granulosa

Tetrapanax papyrifer

Strelizia juncea – note the narrow leaves…different to S. reginae.

Persea americana flowers

Pandanus utilis

Justicia aurea close-up

…and further away…

Erythrina rubrina…

The northern part of Tenerife is quite different climatically to the south. The vegetation is very green and lush as more rainfall falls in the north, and the temperature is a few degrees cooler than in the south all year around. There are a lot of vineyards in the area where we were which is the main agricultural land on the Island. It definitely had a more ‘tropical’ feel….

Dombeya x cayeuxii

Cycas circinalis

Crinum x amabile

Crescentia cujete – Calabash Tree

Clerodendrum speciosum

Citrus paradisi (Pomelo)

Calliandra haematocephala Alba

Calliandra haematocephala

Beaucarnia recurvata

I’ve loads more pics…but I think that’s enough for now…I might do a part 2 :)

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Wow Karen, what amazing plants! I had a Tibouchina once - it was OK in the greenhouse; but that Clerodendron is absolutely stunning . . . I wonder if we could grow it in the UK? I'm very impressed that you know all the plant's names - or were they labelled?!

Yes, please do a "part 2" your pics are so cheering, and that blue sky is giving me a big smile :))

22 Jan, 2014


Fantastic blog. Thank you.

23 Jan, 2014


absolutely stunning. Plants and trees in a very special place, you must have been in plant heaven in that garden. Oh it must be so nice to live and work in a climate like that. The pictures are stunning thank you and yes please do a part 2 I love to see them all, they are so amazing.:O)))

23 Jan, 2014


What a beautiful place to visit,Karen..I love the Justicia..and all the others too..Sadly,we have only ever flown into Puerto De La Cruz twice,and only seen the Airport or Port..with only the time to have a quick look around the town area,near the Port..I would have loved to have gone glad you took photo's of this..stunning :o)

23 Jan, 2014


Hi Karen, yes it's nice to see these plants growing in their natural state, rather than in a conservatory in a park somewhere, and blue sky overhead as well, what more could you wish for, Derek

23 Jan, 2014


Yes, that's the thing...seeing things growing where they are happy.

About the Clerodendron...I don't know if we could grow this one here. But Keith (Meanie) would be able to tell us. I have a different kind of Clerodendrum, but I know they are not the hardiest of shrubs. The one you see here is everywhere in Tenerife...but there they have Hibiscus hedges!!

23 Jan, 2014


btw....sorry to say...I had an awful day yesterday, something in the stars was bad for me. Everything went wrong, and not much better today. But upshot is, during the disasters of yesterday I accidentally erased all my photos. :((

23 Jan, 2014


Oh dear Karen, that is bad news, hope you still have them on file so you can put them on again, trouble is it will take ages, Derek.

23 Jan, 2014


Nope! :(

23 Jan, 2014


Hi Karen, sorry to say that unless you can give C speciosissimum a minimum winter temp of 50 - 55 f you wont be able to grow it in the uk, Derek.

23 Jan, 2014


Thank you Derek!

23 Jan, 2014


Stunning pictures Karen and haven't heard of half of them, especially the Calabash ! What a shame about your lost pictures. I hope there wasn't too many !

26 Jan, 2014


The Calabash is the national tree of St Lucia Rose. Thank you..there were a lot, but never mind. Worse things have happened! :)

26 Jan, 2014


Hi Karen ..
those are beautiful gardens...
thanks for sharing the tour :o) x

27 Jan, 2014

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