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Happy New Year


By bloomer


I would like to wish you all a very Happy,healthy,peaceful New Year.We had a lovely break in LLandudno,…ate too much,danced a lot,and won 3 prizes out of 6 in the nightly raffle ! we offered one back,as felt so guilty,but they wouldn’t take it,so opened the prize of the wine at the table with other guests we sat with instead.It was a bit too cold to do much walking,so hit the sales,and spent up as well.:o)) I was amazed to see what plants were still
flowering in the gardens there,variegated Hebes,some geraniums,and Hydrangeas.As well as bringing extra luggage home,I have brought back a
heavy cold ,so not the best end to the year.Don’t think I will be staying up tonight to see the New Year in,Most of our snow has gone now,but sounds as though we are in for some more.Brrr.Keep warm everybody,and speak to you all again next year!….Sandra xxx

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Happy New Year Sandra. Whisky and hotmilk for you tonight or is it lemsip!! Keep warm get well soon :0)

31 Dec, 2009


Hi Sandra hope you feel well soon, i'm not going out either, dont think new years eve the same as it was, All the best for new year.

31 Dec, 2009


Yes,we are due more snow in Yorkshire Sandra...brr ! You stay warm and hope feel better soon.We stayi8ng in too...not of the age or inclination togo clubbing in a seaside resort ! Lol.All the best for 2010 !

31 Dec, 2009


Hi Sueb...Lemsip or hot milk and honey...just the drink for New years eve! Don't mind,as usually only have Tonic and lemon anyway.!!How wild am I ?:o))
Thanks Clarice,will bounce back soon.We don't go out now either,as everywhere is so packed,and those days have gone where we stayed up till all hours....but used to love New Years eve,better than Christmas...

31 Dec, 2009


Thanks Bb,
oh,the thought of going clubbing now !! Scary,but lots of great memories though.At least we all wore a coat when we went out.They look frozen these days,but it makes me smile,as they try to look warm.Oh,well,part of their memories too,good luck to them.All the best to you and yours too....

31 Dec, 2009


Now you just take care you wild woman Lolxx

31 Dec, 2009


Happy New Year Sandra ! :o)))
From Hywel Beryl and Blodyn

31 Dec, 2009


And from a very sniffly me! (cough, splutter!) xxx

31 Dec, 2009


Pleased you had a good time, sorry about the cold and don`t blame you for staying indoors,we are seeing the New Year in at daughters house,its cosier and more to our liking, lol....
Happy New Year Sandra.......

31 Dec, 2009


Glad you enjoyed your break....but not glad you caught a cold Sandra......All the very best for 2010.....we won't be stopping up either!!....I remember the days when we used to go "first footing" in knee deep snow.....must have been mad.....well we were in those
Take care and chat soon

31 Dec, 2009


happy newyear sandra to you and your family,
love sandra xx

31 Dec, 2009


Thanks Hywel,Beryl and Blodyn,and the same to you too..
Sorry you have the sniffles too,Spritz,take care,and get well soon...
Have a lovely time at your daughters,Lincslass,nicest way is to spend it with loved ones...
Have a good night in,Louise,I remember "first footing"in Cumbria too.Did the first person have to have dark hair,and carry a piece of coal ?I can't remember why though...soooo long ago! Bet you were well chuffed with your pressies.:o)).
Thanks,sandra,same to you and yours too.
Oh,well,Lemsip time,and then I am going to really live it up,and have one(or two) take the taste away,of course,so purely medicinal.LOL
Night night everyone,tomorrow WILL be a better

31 Dec, 2009


awww get well soon xx

31 Dec, 2009


happy new year from me too, :o)

31 Dec, 2009


Happy New Year Bloomer :)X

3 Jan, 2010


Happy Gardening 2010 from me, Sandra!

5 Jan, 2010

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