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Update re Huddersfield Hotspot


By bloomer


We now have a more detailed account of the after effects of the awful Chemical fire,I posted on my last blog.
Samples from the River Colne are still being analysed,and efforts are being
focused on this now,as air quality "suggests"the impact on the atmosphere is minimal.Anglers have reported seeing lots of dead fish,as far as the town centre,which is a major blow.There was another chemical spillage 2 years ago,by another Company,which killed hundreds of fish,and they were fined
£4.500 after admitting liability.It is so sad,as for years theAngling club have worked so hard ,alongside the Environment Agency,to turn this river,into one of the best in the country,for trout and grayling.The Huddersfield narrow canal has also been closed,along with the Calder and Navigation,which is on the other side of Huddersfield,as pollution has spread along these systems,so they are working to prevent the input of water into the canal system.A very sad time,and apparently,it will take about 20 years to regenerate naturally.
Health and Safety Executive are still on the site of the fire,and expected to be there for several days yet.My cousin filmed the fire,along with lots of others,and is now on YouTube,and various other sites,so I have been having a look,and it was horrendous.I can’t believe that no one was hurt …which is the most important thing at the end of the day..

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After reading your blog about the fire there was an article about it in the paper it did look bad, such a shame about the river.

26 May, 2010


Oh Bloomer, like you said, this is so sad. Fish are so susceptible and they can't hide or escape from toxins. We humans can be so careless!
I'm sure all the different groups will get together to put it all right again. 20 years is a long time for us but nature will always overcome whatever we do to her. Perhaps it won't all be bad news, after all the flora and fauna have survived Chernoble, nature has reclaimed again. At least you don't appear to have atmospheric pollution, that's a big plus.

26 May, 2010


How dreadful Bloomer, fish have nowhere to run when the waters are polluted. I hope it won`t take too long for nature to repair the damage.

26 May, 2010


I also hope it dont take mother nature to long to put things right.

26 May, 2010


Glad we all think along the same lines.Our wildlife are so very important to us all,and so sad it has happened,but ,nature is a wonderful thing,and always fights back,one way or another.Just wish it wasn't going to take so long,as they suggest....I keep thinking of all the other creatures that depend on the river,such as the pond life,Herons,kingfishers,ducks etc,the list is endless,isn't it?....

26 May, 2010 ripples on a pond. Everything that happens affects something else.
Sometimes we try to make things better and they just get worse but we can't destroy nature. Even when we turn forests into deserts nature will find another way and something else will thrive.
Lets hope they can contain the pollution and minimise it and whoever caused the problem should not only pay but get their hands and feet wet putting it right too!

26 May, 2010


So much damage is done to the environment by carelessness. I don't know what caused the fire but I wouldn't doubt calelessness came into it somewhere.
I hope the river can get help to regenerate it's fish population, and it's probably affected micro-organisms and invertibrates aswell as birds and mammals that feed on these things.

27 May, 2010

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